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      Three words plastered across the world like an echo through the darkness, spoken in every language and drilled into the minds of billions on a daily basis. Metropolis, a once great city, left in ruins by the events of that day twenty-five years ago: the day the Man of Steel lost to the Clown Prince of Crime. His city lay in ruins, his wife battered and bloodied, and his child: murdered. For the first time in his life, Kal'El, "Superman", was vulnerable. They say that all of his rage and aggression turned to willpower, to strength. It helped him become more then just a Superman. It let him become a God.

      Joker was rightfully brought to justice, his corpse hung high over Arkham as a sign to warn those who would dare commit criminal acts in the wake of Metropolis. No longer would the heroes of Earth allow criminal scum to roam free and spread terror in the heats of the innocent: they would be punished, severely, permanently. Debates arose among the heroes on wether or not Kal'El's methods were beneficial to the world at large. Some sided with the Man of Steel, who saw that killing criminals was the only way to truly save the world, and some sided with the Dark Knight, who stuck to his principles: that if the meta-humans acted like Gods, then they would eventually become the very criminals they sought to defeat. The world was in turmoil, the people required new leadership in this troubling time: and they believed the Meta Humans held the answer.

      Thus, the One Earth Government came to be. Those who did not follow Superman were labeled Insurgents against peace and were hunted down. Batman and his Insurgents took to the shadows, striking at Superman's operations with extreme precision and expert timing. But as the years drew on, Superman's forces began to win. They conquered the planet, enforcing a government at which Kal'El placed himself atop. Batman and his Insurgents were outmatched, outgunned, and losing members fast. But they continued to fight even in the face of adversity. They would not sit by idly and let the mad Kryptonian take over their home.

      Now, with their numbers dwindling and old age catching up to most of the Insurgents, no one is quite sure wether or not they will succeed in their endeavour. Most of those who once resisted Superman have gone into hiding, or have been killed in the line of fire. There are still those who stand by Batman, and there are those who now side with the Insurgents. It is a dark time for the planet.

      But hope may yet lie within the legacy of heroes past. Bruce Wayne, now a tired old man struggling with the pains of his many mistakes, cannot go on for much longer. He and other like minded Insurgents now must put their trust in a group of young heroes and former villains who have their own reasons for aiding in the defeat of Superman.

      It's time to rise up, to prove that justice does not need to be lethal to be successful, to show that no good can come from hero worship, to free those who have been oppressed for so long... To reignite the spark in the flames of Justice, and allow the legacy of heroes to be reborn.

      It is time, to save the world.


    • Rules:

      1. No godmodding, metagaming, etc.

      2. Proper grammar is needed, this is an Intermediate level RP, I expect a solid two paragraphs per IC post. No one liners either. You can also work with collabs if you don't want to flood the IC with only one conversation, so use that to your advantage!

      3. Canon or OC-Canon characters allowed. No Mary Sue type characters, people have flaws, your characters do too.

      4. Maximum of two characters per player. If you want more, you'll have to give me a really good reason or kill off one of your existing guys.

      5. Characters can (and probably will) die. If they do, you can make another, should you want to fill that void.

      5 1/2. If you have one character and want to leave the RP indefinitely, we can collaborate on a creative way for your character to either leave or get killed off. This really only applies if you want to kill your character. If you don't want to, then ignore this rule.

      6. Try to be nice to one another in both the IC and the OoC. Everyone's here for a good time and even though I'm not a fan of confrontation (I personally don't like telling people off), I will intervene if things get too out of hand or if I'm requested to do so. Let's not have that happen and be nice ^^

      7. Keep swearing, violence/gore and sex to a PG - 13 level. Romance is cool, I love it in RP's! If you get to a mature moment, fading to black is your friend in the thread, but if you take it out of the thread please follow site rules on Libertine/Liberteen RP's.

      8. Please be active. If you're going to be unable to post for a while, then please notify me. If you lose interest in the RP and want to leave it then also notify me. I will remove your character from the roster and give them a good send-off. I won't kill anyone until I have official confirmation, but if you don't respond then I'll GM your character out of the IC until I get an answer.

      9. Although we're all working together and the main plot is pretty much dictated by me, I'm all up for collaborating with you all to make this a group effort! That being said, I might not approve every idea because I still have to make sure things make sense continuity wise.

      11. You just realized there is no "10" and went back to check :3

      12. Now that you're pissed at me because of "11", post 'Who watches the Watchmen?' in the "Other" section of your sheet so I know who read the rules. Hey, it works because DC owns them.

      Character Sheet:

      Image of Character: (Can be drawn/real, but feel free to use a combination of both if you want [ex. A drawn image and a real life faceclaim]. Be sure to include an image of their costume as well!)




      Race: (Human, Kryptonian, etc).

      Powers/Abilties: (Does your character have powers? If not, just say so).

      Skills: (What are they good at? If they don't have powers, tell us what they can bring to the table here).

      Weapons: (What does your character bring into battle? If they don't use any, just say so).

      Bio: (Tell us a little about your character. Maybe how they came to join the Insurgents, or how they got their powers. Minimum of 2-3 paragraphs, but more is always encouraged!)

      Weaknesses: (At least 3. We all have a weakness of some kind, be it physical, emotional, or psychological).

      Other: (include any additional information you want. Maybe a catchphrase that your character says, or any pets they may have).

    • Coming Soon
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  1. image.jpg


    Stands at 5'6", weighs approximately 120lbs (most of his body mass is muscle, there's very little fat/flab), and his brown hair is typically messy looking. He has messy, long chestnut brown hair and green eyes which are normally hidden behind large black-rimmed glasses (his mask has special contact-lenses built into the eye coverings so he doesn't have to wear glasses while in-costume).


    Matthew John Anderson (Adopted 'Wayne').


    Robin, the Dark Prince






    None, he's just a guy in a suit.


    • Trained extensively by Batman

    • Wields a wide variety of gadgets at his disposal (Batarangs, Grappling Hooks, Gas/Sticky/Frost/Shock Grenades, the works).

    • Hand to hand Combat - Matthew took fighting classes growing up, so he's a bit of a capable fighter. However, after joining up with Batman, his skills have improved almost 110%. When his skills are compared to that of the Dark Knight, Matthew shows that he was a worthy successor.

    • Hacking - Matthew is a pretty capable computer geek (having spent most of his high school years online), so he knows his way around a security system.

    • Stealth - Due to his low bodyweight, light-footedness, and training at the hands of Batman, Matthew is able to sneak around quietly and quickly. The darkness is his ally, just as it was for Bruce.

    • His Mind - Like his predecessor, Matthew is highly intelligent and utilizes his amazing memory and detection skills to figure out almost anything. Also like Bruce, he has developed a rather uncanny need to create 'contingency plans' for his fellow Insurgents, as well as himself.


    A retractable quarter staff with stun-sticks on each end (both electrical outputs are activated with a button on the staff, as is the retracting feature). He can also break the quarter staff into two solo stun-sticks.


    Like his predecessor, Matthew possesses a wide variety of gadgets and 'Bat-Gear' that assist him in his heroic escapades.



    Bullets, Knives, Mind Control, Having his life force sucked from his body, Explosions, and pretty much anything that would kill a normal human being. He's also a little cocky when it comes to fighting bad guys. His wise ass remarks normally get himself and those he cares for (or his teammates) into trouble, but aside from that he's not immune to anything.

    His training with Batman has given him considerable resistance against many forces, but he is still not completely immune.


    Matthew Anderson, born during the rise of the One Earth Government, had a relatively normal life. He lived in a modest apartment complex with his parents and little sister in Northwest Gotham City. Matthew was not born before the infamous Metropolis incident, but from what he was told, the man responsible was a sick, demented creature known as 'The Joker'. The city of Metropolis was destroyed by his madness. Many innocent people lost their lives, as did many of those who had allied themselves with the Justice League and its members. Matthew always wondered what it was like that day... What if was like to suddenly see the world you knew crumble around you, wether or not he would experience the soul-crushing despair that all others had felt when they realized their loved ones were dead and gone, buried beneath the burning wreckage of their homes while a madman laughed uncontrollably.

    While Matthew didn't exactly fit in at school, many said he was rather mature for his age. He was a prodigy and was always out to impress his teachers. The One Earth government kept him and his family safe, allowing for Matthew to live a harmless little life. Everything was going well for him up until his eighth birthday.

    Until the day that Matthew Anderson died.

    It was a small gathering, just a few family and friends. For the past few years, Matthew's parents, Eric and Natalie, had been rather reclusive. They would often pull extra hours at work and sometimes left Matthew alone to care for his newly born little sister while they spent the night out of the house. On rare occasion, Matthew's parents would have strange guests over for hours on end, taking to his father's study to discuss privately. It was not until Matthew's birthday was interrupted by the One Earth Special Operations Taskforce (O.E.S.O.T., pronounced 'Oh-Saw-T') that he discovered his parents were aiding the Insurgents. Eric worked at LEXCORP and had been secretly feeding the Insurgents top-secret intelligence and weapon designs to combat Superman's forces.

    Within seconds of the sudden interruption, Matthew watched on in horror as his parents were gunned down by the O.E.S.O.T's, who were given orders to kill anyone and anything connected with the Anderson's. Matthew managed to take cover within the bathroom, locking the door from the inside as he desperately prayed for his life. Screams of terror and the booming sounds of gunfire filled the eight year old's head as he closed his eyes and fought back tears. But soon, the gunfire was interrupted by more screams, this time belonging to the men who invaded his home. Confused and terrified, Matthew waited in the bathroom, cowering within the tub. Eventually, the door was busted down by one of the O.E.S.O.T's, who was quickly taken down by a set of large green fingers before he could attack the defenceless Matthew. More frightened then ever, Matthew reached for the toilet plunger and tried to defend himself, but the men who entered next did not attack him: It was a man dressed as a Bat, and a green suited woman with a ring on her finger.

    The two heroes, who Matthew eventually learned were Bruce Wayne 'The Batman' and Helena Jordan, 'Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814', key members of the Insurgent forces. They had learned that Superman discovered the whereabouts of two Insurgent spies and had done their best to protect them, but they were too late, as evidenced by the fact Matthew was the only one to survive the attack. Once it was explained, Matthew could only feel rage towards Superman and his One Earth government. They were supposed to be his protectors... Yet now he saw the true reality of the situation. There had not been a trial for his parents, nor had Superman demanded they be brought to him alive. It was a bloodbath, and the Man of Steel washed his hands of this madness as if he were merely discarding a piece of rotten fruit.

    Bruce saw in Matthew a replica of his own tragedy. Perhaps it was a moment of weakness or remorse for his loss that caused Batman to take Matthew with him, but whatever it was, Bruce knew it was the right decision. Having lost his son, Damien, to Superman's madness, Batman looked after Matthew as if he were an adopted son. Matthew had nowhere to go, so he followed Batman and the Green Lantern to the Insurgents HQ, eventually becoming an Insurgent himself. Bruce not only took him in as a son, but also as Batman's ward. Vigorous training of the body and mind eventually led Matthew down the path to becoming Batman's equal. He trained against the other leading Insurgent members and fellow recruits, honing his skills until he was on-par with Bruce. But, he couldn't be the Batman. Matthew felt he required a name of his own, a legacy of his own... So, in honour of his sister, Matthew would take her name as his new identity:

    Robin, the Dark Prince


    Matthew is the leader of the team and has been given clearance to assemble a group he believes is best suited for the fight against Superman.

    He also possesses several variations of his 'Robin Suit', each based around a specific function (flight suit, weather/elemental-resistant suit, power suit, (for use against Superman/tougher foes), and more. The outfit pictured at the top of this sheet is his usual suit).

    In addition to getting a lot of Batman's gadgets, Matthew also has an array of vehicles at his disposal, such as the Batmobile and the Red Bird (his motorcycle).

  2. Eh, may i ask. Can i probably make my own character, not from comics books, just my own?
  3. You would have to play as a DC comics character, either reinvented for this plot or just as they always were. No purely original characters, sorry.
  4. ? before I begin does the character have to come direct from comics or can I lean a little bit on a series like smallville ,or supergirl
  5. You can use the series as a influence point, but the character should be from the comics. I honestly haven't seen the show's so I can't say I know what they do, but if the character is a direct adaptation from the comics then it's cool. If they're just based/influenced on somebody from the comics, then you'll need to use the comic version

    Does that make sense?
  6. Oh, okay... Then i'll need more time to find a DC comics character that i love, and then optimize it for character sheet, right?
  7. Yep! That works for me ^^
  8. Wait, can i use Terra Markov, from Teen Titans?
  9. Yeah, she's a DC comics character ^^

    That's what I mean: they can be from the shows/influenced by how they are in the shows, but if it's a PURELY original character made FOR the show, then they can't be in this.

    But Terra exists outside the DCAU, so sure!
  10. Alec Abrams this kid got his powers from a comic that was infused with magic his character is almost identical to captain marvel and black adam
  11. True, based on what I read at the wiki page.

    I guess he can work, I'd just make sure he can fit into the story well.
  12. if you dont mind Im going to have him learn some magic since the time he parted ways with superman Im thinking captain marvels protege the one he trained !
  13. We have a member of the Captain Marvel family joining from the interest check as well, so maybe you two could collaborate on a story that inducts YC into the Marvels?
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  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Name:Alec Abrams

    Alias:Warrior Angel,Devilicus,Stephen Swift


    Race: Homo-magi

    Magic: Alec got his powers after reading from the first ever Warrior Angel comic book and became the character Stephen Swift under the comic's curse. Utilizing the effects of the cursed-comic book, he was later trained by the aged captain marvel in the ways of magic becoming a high level wielder.
    Super Strength.
    • Super Strength - Stephen could preform feats of superhuman strength. He caught a large planet display from falling
    • Super Speed - Stephen could run at superhuman speeds.
    Super hearing.
    • Super Hearing - Stephen could hear sounds from a distance. away.
    • Invulnerability is the ability to be impervious to harm and impact wherein most cases with characters with this ability are also immune to all diseases and ailments.
    • Flight - Stephen could fly in flight, he emitted a yellow aura.

    Skills:These skills are ones earned by being chosen and trained and not part of the core abilities thus can be lost if he loses favor .
    • Keeper of the Rock of Eternity: As the Guardian of the Rock of Eternity he is one with the Rock as it is a part of him. He channels the energies of the primal God-wave and the Greek Lords of Magic through the Rock of Eternity. As such he is infused with the duty to keep the power and the magic of the earth realm in balance. As keeper of the Rock of Eternity he also holds the dark forces at bay.
      • Inherent Omniscience: Apparently possessing the power to know anything that he chooses to know and can be known .
      • Teleportation
      • Telepathy: The ability to read the minds of others and project thoughts.
      • Sorcery: Nigh-omnipotent mastery of magics and mysticism.
      • Immortality

    Weapons: (What does your character bring into battle? If they don't use any, just say so).

    Not much is known about Alec Abrams other than his loss of both parents. His aunt then became his legal guardian. He was often bullied by kids at school and never believed the existence of real heroes until the young clark kent appeared in Metropolis. He grew great admiration to the hero and often dreams of meeting him in person.
    Alec stole a rare Warrior Angel comic book that no one in the world had ever read. He went backstage to read the book, but after reading the first page, magical sparks flew out. In the convention, the lights go out and a giant globe fell; it would have crushed Chloe Sullivan in the process if Alec, who now is a grown man dressed as a superhero, hadn't saved her. When Chloe properly meets him, he introduces himself as Stephen Swift. She tells him that she is in the business of helping heroes and offers to talk some more over coffee. When Chloe questions how he got his powers, he told her he got them from a chemical fire. All of a sudden, he hears a couple of bullies harassing a young boy in an alley way. He saves the boy while Chloe looks on in amazement.
    Chloe took Stephen to the Talon, where Stephen was playing happily on Lois' X-Box, while Chloe attempted to interview him. Stephen told Chloe that she never let herself have fun, and that if she joined him, he would answer her questions. When she agreed, moments later they both find Stephen flying in mid-air. Excited, Stephen took Chloe on a moonlit flight across Metropolis. When Chloe discovered Stephen was actually Alec from Clark and Zatanna, she tried to fix the problem on her own but made matters worse as Alec/Stephen felt betrayed and became the villain Devilicus. He took Chloe to the top of a skyscraper and demands to know where Zatanna is so he could stop her from reversing the curse or he would kill her. When Zatanna performed the counter-curse, Devilicus was transformed back into Alec.
    Alec was taken to the Kent Farm and Clark explained to him that being a hero is about doing what's right. Alec gave Clark a picture he drew when he was still the Red-Blue Blur. They both agree the "S" shield is better than the one on the drawing. Clark later took Alec to the Planet where he was reunited with his aunt.

    Alec found not long after this that he still retained the powers and ability to transform he would develop these skills for the next four years being found by an aged captain marvel who taught Alec the ways of magic passing down the knowledge of the Wizard Shazam and linking Alec to the rock of eternity whose energies have increased his power making him the Worlds Mightiest Mortal !

    Devilicus the darker half of Alec he has appeared at times when Alec was in danger or rage ruled his actions he is pure chaos Without morals or obligations, he is unpredictable and belligerent. He is also sexually aggressive and flirtatious, easily wooing others . He openly uses profanity, steals things and lies. He is disrespectful, uncaring of others' feelings, and can become dangerously violent when things don't go his way. He is unconcerned with keeping his abilities a secret, even tempted to reveal them, because he believes that his "powers" will make him infallible. He also attempted to kill Superman showing that without his inhibitions He could be a real danger, not above killing his enemies when angered.

    Weaknesses: when Alec is not transformed he is as weak as any human ,multi personality disorder

    Other: Devilicus: I hope you appreciate, Kal-El, that I'm more powerful than I've ever been, and the last time we met, you barely managed to hold your own. everything that happens from this point is on your head. The skies will rain fire, the oceans will boil, the streets will run red with the blood of billions. Only then will I end your life. Let's go.

    working on him
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  15. I'll probably have the skeleton of my CS up by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

    Still debating on which version of the Question to use: Vic, Renee, or an original version.
  16. It's up to you, they're all pretty cool. Remember; you can play up to two characters if you feel you can!
  17. [​IMG]




    Max Castellano







    Doctor Fate possesses various magical powers such as spell casting, flight, super-strength, invulnerability, telekinesis, telepathy ,fire manipulation and lightning manipulation. However, Fate is unable to counteract spells that have already been cast and in effect. Fate's magic manifests in the shape of Egyptian hieroglyphs such as an ankh

    *Spell casting

    Separation From Helmet
    : Although Kent Nelson is an accomplished magician and crime fighter, without his helm he is significantly weakened.
    His invulnerability does not protect him against gas-attacks.
    After long mystical battles or casting powerful spells, Fate's power would be depleted and needs to restore his mystical energy.


  18. Terra Markov image.jpeg
    Terra Markov




    Geokinesis - Terra performs extremely powerful ability to manipulate any types of earth with her mind, this power has endless possibilities, but right now Terra has a little control over her power, so it sometimes breaks out under emotional pressure.

    First of all, Terra is physically strong, and even if she is distracted from her power, she can have hand fight with you. Secondly, she is very organized, she don't knows why, but she organizes everything that needs (or don't needs) to be organized.
    And Thirdly, she is a good friend, which is a good plus, because it makes you her ally, and it minimizes chance of being squished by rocks.


    Terra can't control her power, its major weakness, because she can't normally fight using power. Terra also is emotionally unstable, which makes her like a bomb with clock, you never know when she can explode. And the last weakness, is that she is easily manipulated by people who want her to do something, she doesn't remember that, but she thinks someone already manipulated her...

    Most of Terra's biography is locked to her, because after she defeated Slade, her main enemy that betrayed her for learning how to control her power, she loosed big parts of her memory. She remembers that she was walking in cave, when giant scorpion attacked, she ran away, and then used power to defeat him, then nothing, after nothing she remembers her saying "What, you guys haven't seen a real superhero before?" and then again nothing, but after it she remembers only one thing. She stands on kind of huge rock inside of cave, some man walks over to her, she feels pain, he says something, and then she answers "You. Cant. Control. ME!" powerful red flash, and nothing. Then she remembers that woke up in city, and lived upon today, lived normally, with strange power, and nothing left than her name, she sometimes wakes up, from hearing someone saying her name

    Who watches the watchmen?
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