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    Justice League:
    The Other Side

    -A Standalone Queen Stein Production-
    |GM: Stein| Co-GM: Lord Wraith|
    |Genre: Superhero, Modern Fantasy|

    "The mettle of man is truly tested when he has no hope left. Hope, or lack thereof, breeds the best--or the worst-- individuals." -- J'onn J'onnz

    "It was the death seen round the world, as an angel fell from the sky. Our saving grace now reduced to a plummeting beacon of despair. The impact may not have broken his body, but it broke our spirits, our minds and everything we believed in."

    -- Excerpt from the Daily Planet


    On June 5th, 2014 the world witnessed what many news sources classify as ‘the death seen round the world.’

    Multiple eye-witness accounts recount varied reactions. A choked gasp, a silence of stupor, slacked jaws and widened eyes. Many say they felt a rush of air as he was hit. Some swear time slowed during the worldwide inhale in the moment he fell and a dreamlike state of disbelief caught the world as cameras recorded his impact into the earth. Reality set in when he didn’t rise:

    ‘The Man of Steel is no more.’


    Different stories tackled the near decimation of Earth in different ways. Some speculated probable precursor cause while others took this as an abominable affront to be retaliated against. Others turned their eyes to our heroes and visitors from other planes or planets, labeling them as the source. But each of them, no matter how furious nor fearful, took special homage to pay to Earth’s greatest hero. The Kryptonian fell fast, but he fell a legend and a faltering beacon to all. ’The Daily Planet’ produced a particularly wrenching account that encapsulated an entire city’s sense loss into a few thousand characters and words.

    Details are unclear, and the chaos of the day muddles much of it, but the consensus of the credible outlets centers on the ease with which the Martians seemed to appear on our doorstep. Our Last Line of Defense didn’t spring to our protection until the door had been kicked in. And what was to say it wouldn’t happen again?

    And in the flawed fashion of man, some began to call for the heads of all extra-terrestrials. Their calls were heard by other impressionable minds softened with ignorance and fear, and they began to mirror the call, turning it into a cry.
    Before their cries could excite the masses however, another call came to be heard across the world. A call for justice. A call open to all strong enough to hear it, bold enough to listen, and mad enough to answer.

    The call to join a League like none that had ever come before.

    The Justice League.

    Will you answer the call?

    |Miscellaneous Information:|

    - Kal-El fell on June 5th in the midst of the White Martian attempted invasion of Earth.

    - The source of his death is still unknown and the current theories all point away from his death being the pure result of the Martian attack. Eyes on the ground report seeing a flash of light following his plummet to Earth. J’onn has reported feeling a surge of energy, alerting him to the drastic shift in battle.

    -On a global scale, there have been vague spikes in crime, but nothing constant or near the level of creating an epidemic.

    - The Flash, one of the first on the scene when the threat touched on Earth soil, is missing. Last reports put him crossing the U.S., heading for the California coast.

    --In the duration of time between Kal's death and this call to action, J'onn, along with Bruce and other heroes (Barda Free being a notable contributor) have completed the construction of their crowing achievement: The Watchtower. A floating sentinel just outside of Earth's atmosphere, to serve as a base of operations and central hub for heroes. Built from salvaged alien tech and human technological advancements, it's presence has -- for now-- been sanctioned by the United Nations.

    -The Green Lantern is reported M.I.A. but is under suspicion as having ties to the Kryptonian’s death.

    -Wonder Woman has disappeared from public and private eye since the attempted invasion. Her last known whereabouts put her with her Amazonian sisters.


    Character Creation Rules:

    [1] All Characters must be Canon DC individuals. There's a good bit of leeway in the creative liberties I'm allowing, but please don't abuse it. The backstories can be shifted and picked a bit, but there's no way that Dick Grayson served a stint as Doctor Fate. Dianna and Zatana diddling each other....I'll probably allow it.

    [2] Character sheets are NOT approved until they have explicit stamp of approval by myself. Other GM's can look over and give you advice, but the final say rests with me.

    [3] Only inquire about your character in the OOC ONCE. And allow us a maximum of 24 hours to give a response. After that, personally message me and inquire. Pestering in the OOC will not be tolerated.

    [4] Character sheets must use the accepted skeleton format. I'm fine with transferred characters, but please adjust them to the skeleton accordingly. This makes it much easier to find key points that I may be looking for at the time and also standardizes the skeletons making it easier for other players to view the information on your character.

    [5] Players are allowed one character to start. Period. This may change as the story progresses. But, as it stands now: one character. Don't ask to make another character, because I'll know you haven't read this and I'll make things exorbitantly more difficult.

    Out of Character Creation:

    [1] Don't just respect the Game Masters, also respect your fellow players. There WILL be disagreements. But in cases such as that, you can either settle it amicably and professionally, consult myself or suck your own tit and get over it. If you get cunty with another player in the thread, I'll get cunty right back.

    [2] If you've got an idea for the plot, please feel free to ask me about it! I love good ideas and I think that integrated views make the RP more realistic.

    In Character Creation:

    [1] I expect a 2 paragraph minimum for ALL posts. If you can't fill that, you probably shouldn't be posting. On the opposite end of the spectrum, don't post simply to post. Activity is good, but if it doesn't organically contribute to the story, then it becomes unnecessary.

    [2] The typical no God Moding. You God Mod and I'll just castrate your character. Plain as that.

    [3] You character isn't invincible (well...some of them are...but you know what I mean), so operate with that mentality.

    [4] NPC's are NOT to be killed or interacted with past typical things. The NPC's will not be participating in plot-altering actions without my consent.


    [1] We are adults. We know what sex is. That doesn't mean that this is "Superpowered Back Door Sluts 13: Alien Anal Intrusion". So, keep the intimacy to a healthy level or I swear to RuPaul that I will give your character a cure-resistant strain of herpes in the next post.

    [2] Don't be intolerant. And don't be a dick. ....Aristotle said that, right?

    |Character Skeleton:|


    [tabs][tab=| BASICS |][IMGA=right]A headshot of your character is preferred[/IMGA][B]| NAME: |[/B]

    [B]| ALIAS(ES): |[/B]

    [B]| PLACE OF BIRTH: |[/B]

    [B]| SPECIES: |[/B]

    [B]| SEX: |[/B]

    [B]| SEXUALITY: |[/B]

    [tab=| POWER SET |][B]| ABILITIES: |[/B]

    [B]| SKILLS: |[/B]

    [B]| LIMITATIONS: |[/B]

    [B]| WEAKNESSES: |[/B]
    [tab=| EQUIPMENT |][B]| WEAPONS: |[/B]

    [B]| TOOLS: |[/B]

    [B]| ATTIRE: |[/B]
    [tab=| DETAILS |][B]| BACKSTORY: (This should be a brief backstory as it relates to either the characters time in between now and the invasion, or their motivation for joining, etc.) |[/B]

    |Dramatis Personae:|

    Stein as ... Big Barda (Barda Free)
    as ... Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)
    Kurogane86 as ... Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

    • | NAME: |
      Barda Free

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Big Barda

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |

      | SPECIES: |
      New God

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Barda, being a New God, retains the privileges of their unique physiology from being in such close proximity to the Source. Her power set includes:
      Immortality: Technically, Barda is over 200 years old, though she hardly looks to be older than 30 as she’s stopped physically aging. Unless acted upon by an active outside force, Barda can live for multiple millennia.
      Superhuman Physiology: Barda’s body is a powerhouse. Her New God physiology in conjunction with Darkseid’s enhancements have made her extra durable. Blunt objects cause little harm to her, unless being wielded by someone with strength equal to hers. However, this doesn’t extend to piercing and sharp objects.

      -Her reflexes allow her to move at incredible speeds with heightened accuracy. Even with the weight of her armor, Barda can dodge bullets with relative ease.

      -Her stamina is notable due to her physiology and rigorous training. She can hold her own in battle for well over an hour.

      -Her physical strength allows her roughly lift around 100 tons.

      | SKILLS: |
      -Master Combatant: Barda is a warrior through and through. Her martial arts is on par with notable figures.

      -Alien Knowledge and Tactician: Groomed from early to lead Darkseid’s forces, Barda is just as cunning as she is powerful at choice times.

      | LIMITATIONS: |

      | WEAKNESSES: |

      -Radion: Like all New Gods, Barda is vulnerable to the mysterious substance known as Radion. In sustained explosions or doses it can kill her. Though it isn’t a particularly abundant substance, Barda is highly wary of it.
      -Scott Free: He clouds her thoughts. In his recent disappearance it has driven her to rash decisions. Barda has even vocally acknowledged about her concerns on whether she is unable to find her missing husband.

    • | WEAPONS: |
      Mega Rod: And Apokoliptian weapon, Barda has used this nearly indestructible weapon in a variety of ways. It is roughly as long as a mace and weighs around 150 pounds. The dense piece of weaponry and technology has been used to best many a foe as a blunt weapons, tearing bone, skull and metal alike. It is also capable of producing blasts of concussive force. Barda is even able to channel it for different uses.

      | TOOLS: |
      Aero-Discs: Small circular pads fitted under the foot for travel, they allow the user to levitate and travel. Barda can activate them at will, though they have a finite amount of energy before needing to be recharged.

      | ATTIRE: |

      Apokoliptan Armor: Her armor from her days among Darkseid’s forces serves her well. Able to absorb the brunt of many energy attacks and of course sharp objects, it carries with it durability and functionality that only armor from Apokolips can provide.
    • | BACKSTORY:|
      On the day that would go down in history, Barda Free’s largest worry had been working in time to return her crock pot in between a sparring session with Dianna and date night with Scott.
      Waking up that morning, she had no intention of dawning her fearsome mantle and charging head-first into a battle that would change her life the following year.

      She found herself on patrol at the request of Scott, rounding up smalltime rogue villains who had developed some sense of boldness on this day of all days. It wasn’t until he contacted her, the usual light and carefree quality to his voice gone, that her stomach began to tighten. A warrior didn’t fear battle, but dammit, what would this bring them this time? Their entire stay on this planet had been fraught with trial, testing circumstance and tribulation. What could have come up now that worried her husband so?

      She feared Apokolips troops when he began to fill her in on the “alien” nature of the attack, but they were soon identified otherwise. Along with her husband, Mister Miracle, they were one of the first on the scene along with the Kryptonian and the Amazon. For a moment, Barda became lost in the battle, feeling the ebb of nostalgia coloring her cheeks and flush of justice guiding her blows.

      Until they started becoming overwhelmed.

      The forces grew from nowhere and she was soon separated Scott, who had insisted on providing Superman backup. She held her position with Dianna, while Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern cleared through enemies. And for a second, she began to worry about the fate of their battle.

      That fear grew when Superman fell and for a second—the briefest of instances—Barda’s mind was taken completely off of her husband as the Kryptonian fell.

      It had to be in that instance that he disappeared. That something—or someone—took her husband.

      Though the tides of the battle that day eventually turned, Barda felt no pleasure as she couldn’t find her husband in the after-battle. J’onn requested her help in focusing his efforts on something larger that would help all of Earth, and Barda agreed on the premise that she continued to search for her husband when their forces were strong once more.

      In the ensuing year, she’s been aiding in the construction of the Watchtower and chasing leads on the Green Lantern, the Flash and her husband.

      Even in the midst of her distress, she still has a desire to joing the League, recognizing what was lost when the Kryptonian fell.


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  4. WIP

    • | NAME: |
      Dinah Laurel Lance​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Black Canary​

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Gotham City​

      | SPECIES: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Canary Cry – Dinah possesses a metagene that gives her a potent sonic attack, able to damage and stun foes or objects, to the point of shattering metal. She possesses an incredible degree of control over her vocal cords. This enables her to mimic sounds and generate any sound she desires, even developing several abilities. The Canary Cry has been able to reach 300 decibels, which is enough to make a person's ears start bleeding even if they're not the attack target.​

      | SKILLS: |

      | LIMITATIONS: |

      | WEAKNESSES: |

    • | WEAPONS: |

      | TOOLS: |

      | ATTIRE: |

    • | BACKSTORY: |

  5. Semi W.I.P, probably gonna add more to the backstory as I just glossed over everything. Then again; who likes making Character Sheets?

    • | NAME: |
      Timothy Jackson "Tim" Drake
      Tim Wayne

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Formerly; Robin, Red Robin.


      The Caped Crusader
      The Dark Knight
      The Detective

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |

      | SPECIES: |
      Homo Sapiens
      Batmannius Superious.

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

    • | ABILITIES: |

      While to some rather inconceivable; Tim is a man. He's not a superman or a ultrahumanite. He doesn't have super strength nor is he as fast as a speeding bullet. He's a Human who through hard work, natural talent and wise mentorship has become the pinnacle of human potential.

      | SKILLS: |

      Martial Arts Training:
      Tim has been training since he was 4 years old, he started doing acrobatics in kindergarten, and was a fully fledged gymnast at 9. A junior champion in Judo at 11. He started his robin training at 13, and was deemed ready for the streets shortly after he saved Batman from a ambush. He's not only been trained by Bruce, he's also been trained by Ted Grant , the man whom trained most of the modern superheroes in the art of close quarters hand-to-hand combat. He has also gone toe to toe with Lady Shiva, one of the most dangerous assassins in the world and trained under her - and survived to tell the tale. Tim's a master of over a dousing different forms of martial arts, but the most dominant is the Ninjutsu and Bojutsu styles. He's fast and agile, relying on momentum over raw strength.

      Genius Intellect:
      Tim's a Polymath, a expert hacker and a inovative scientist who could be a world leading physicist, engineer or scientist if he chose to. His IQ's measured in the top 1 percent of people, few humans being his equal.
      He earned himself his college degree in advanced physics at 19, two semesters after graduating High School as a underachiever. His skill in science is almost as numerous as his skill in martial arts. His bright intellect makes him a excellent leader, capable of devising plans within plans.

      Detective Skills:
      While his fists and his scientific mind are both beneficial for him and great assets, it's Tim's detective skills that earned him his right to the cowl. He's been admitted by both Bruce and his nemesis, Ra's Al Ghul, to being a detective who has the potential to far surpass the original Batman's skill as a detective. As a teenager he quickly deducted the identity of Batman and Robin where few others could. During his time as a Robin he solved situations quicker, and more elegantly than his counterparts did using his brain instead of his fists, and even during his exile from the crime fighting life he still solved conspiracies with great ease. If he hadn't been the ward of the world's greatest detective, there certainly would've been a man in Hub City who would have liked to call Tim his protogé once upon a time.

      Unlike Bruce, he's still had the experiences of being part of a team from the start, that he isn't alone. Thus making him a far more cooperative dark knight than his surrogate father ever were.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      For all of his magnificent skills and tools, Tim is still a 21 year old man. A kick in the stomach hurts, a knife in the chest sends him to the hospital, and a bullet in the head lands him in the morgue. He's used to having someone far greater than himself watching over him. He's still not used to the cowl, he always knew that it was his destiny, yet he never could imagine it was this heavy. He's limited by his human body, he needs rest, sustenance and air, something his mentor never seemed to have time for.

      | WEAKNESSES: |

      He's a pseudo ordinary man who lives in a world where he goes toe to toe with monsters who posses godlike powers on a regular basis. His skin bleeds and his bones break and they don't heal in a couple of minutes. Every move he takes is a carefully calculated risk, throwing a punch at the wrong time can lead to his demise.
    • | WEAPONS: |

      The Batarangs:
      The trademark weapon of the Batfamily. The throwing shuriken shaped like bats. Batman deploys many varieties, from those armed with explosives to electricity.

      Bo Staff:
      Timothy's weapon of choice, he's been called the greatest user of the bo-staff alive, having beaten a multitude of high profile foes using the weapon. The staff he carries is made out of darkened titanium and aluminum blend, allowing it to be as durable and strong as diamond, and as dexterous and light as bamboo. It can be taken apart into two shorter weapons, such as Eskrima Sticks or Batons - weapons which Tim is drastically less skilled with.

      | TOOLS: |

      Utility Belt:
      The biggest box of toys any one man has. In the belt around his waist Tim keeps listening devices, grappling guns, handheld laser cutters, explosives, a wide variety of batarangs, handcuffs , smoke pellets, joker toxin-antidote and

      | ATTIRE: |

      Tim dons a completely revamped version of the Batman suit. Using lighter fabrics and more mechanized parts than Bruce did before him, aiming to work smarter - not harder than his mentor did. It is armed with joint servomotors under a layer of hardened kevlar and carbon fiber weave, making the suit retardant to both bullets and blades. The servomotors in his elbows, knees and wrists allows him to double his strength, the titanium layered gloves allows him to pack quite the punch. The suit comes with a wide variety of tools, such as the utility belt, holsters for his Bo-Staff and several tools inside of the suit itself. The suit is capable of glide flying by extending the sides of the coat into makeshift wings that hardens into a strong alloy using electric pulses. The helm covers his entire face, protecting his face from bullets, while also providing him with a information HUD, communications and a satellite uplink at any given moment. He powers it all using a kinetic energy generator, thus preventing any need for any form of engine inside of the suit.
      The suit is flame, toxic and water proof and has been extensively stress tested against electricity.

    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Tim had been a genius all of his life, he never had to make an effort in his entire childhood - things were easy for the young Mr.Drake. School was easy, and the future seemed bright and calm for him.
      Till he went to the circus with his parents, to see the Flying Graysons. The same night they were murdered, and the Batman arrived on the scene. Tim spent ever since fascinated with the caped Crusader and his sidekick, and quickly became something of a super-fan, more of a fanatic, really. One night there were live coverage of a fight featuring the Batman and Robin, and when Robin performed a quadruple somersault, a rare maneuver that only a Flying Grayson could do, Tim quickly put the pieces behind Robin's identity together. And so it began, his trail into the life of the bat.

      Four years later, it was him doing the somersaults in the red costume, punching and kicking his way into the history books as the third boy wonder, following the demise of his predecessor. His relationship with Bruce was originally stale, as Wayne didn't want to endanger anyone else again, but shortly he opened up when Tim convinced him that he needed a partner. In his teens he was a Titan, and quickly became their leader, and at 17 he left the boy wonder costume at home to attend college while leading the Titans as Red Robin. During his time as the Robin-Themed hero, he faced many threats, Deathstroke, The Court of Owls, Brainiac, The Main Man Lobo, dating, the cobra cult, and game night with Impulse and Superboy.

      Yet, the biggest challenge he would ever face happened a year ago, when he and his titans were fighting in South parts of France against the white martians, when the world stood still and the greatest hero of them all met his demise. The day Supeman died. His biggest challenge came from seeing Bruce tear himself to pieces looking for ways to prove that Clark hadn't died - he couldn't have, that his guardian, mentor, and friend completely engulfed himself in a different sort of work than he ever had before. Bruce left Gotham behind, searching the earth - possibly beyond - for signs of life from the last son of krypton. With the Batman gone, Tim was left to either continue to lead the Titans as the Red Robin and let Gotham sunder, or he would pick up his mentor's mantle and continue the crusade that was started long ago.

      There was never really a choice.

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    • | NAME: |
      Kimiyo Tazu Hoshi​

      | ALIAS(ES): |
      Dr. Light​

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Tokyo, Japan​

      | SPECIES: |

      | SEX: |

      | AGE: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Exposure to energy from the star Vega granted Doctor Light photokinesis: control over all forms of light sources, without relying on equipment. She can absorb all forms of illumination as energy, as well as absorb the energy of the sun. Aside from blinding her opponents with blinding flashes of light, she can focus photons into "hard light" and project energy, allowing her to shoot destructive laser beams and other blasts of destructive energy and create protective barriers. She can refract lightwaves to create holographic images. She can turn into light, rendering her invisible to the naked eye. Her abilities also allow her to disperse radiation and holographic illusions, scan and "see" the electromagnetic spectrum, track ionized molecules and sense the light around her, which she describes as a "sixth sense" allowing her to know when somebody enters the room. She can ride lightwaves in order to fly, capable of reaching the speed of light, and outrunning the Superman of Earth-1.​

      | SKILLS: |
      Outside of her light-based abilities, she is also a brilliant scientific mind; she is a prominent astronomer and considered the world's foremost authority on light technology. She is a medical doctor, allowing her to nurse the sick and wounded using the power of modern medicine. Whilst she comes across as harsh and arrogant, motherhood has given her a fiercely protective side that is perhaps most apparent during combat.​

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Dr. Light's abilities are entirely solar-powered, and she must be in proximity to a light source for her powers to be effective. Whilst her background in research bolsters her knowledge of her powerset, she has very little training in hand-to-hand combat. This makes it even more important that she stay in the light, as she has little means of defending herself without use of her powers.​

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Her primary weakness is that she requires a light source to fuel her powers, and whilst she is able to store energy for such occasions, were she to be locked in a dark room her powers would quickly fade until she was powerless. As a consequence, she is also terribly afraid of the dark; being in darkness gives her severe anxiety and clouds her thinking.​
    • | WEAPONS: |

      | TOOLS: |

      | ATTIRE: |
    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Kimiyo Tazu Hoshi is a brilliant, if arrogant, scientist, and was the supervising astronomer at an observatory in Japan, overseeing a group of astronomers charting unnatural celestial activity. Hoshi's fascination with the phenomenon grew into an obsession while the men grew concerned for their safety. Disgusted by their mounting fear, Hoshi arrogantly insulted them and ordered an evacuation, leaving her to study the strange activity of the stars alone through her telescope. It was during this time that the energy of the star Vega collided with the observatory, imbuing Kimiyo with the powers that allowed her to become Dr. Light.​

      Kimiyo's obsessive drive within her career was perhaps and effort to fill a void in her life: despite many failed attempts to fall pregnant with various lovers, it seemed that Hoshi was entirely infertile. However, after being hit by Vega, Kimiyo miraculously conceived and was soon blessed with two children, twins Imako and Yasu. Whilst she still continued her work as an astronomic scientist - and occasionally leaping into action as Dr. Light to protect her country - it was Imako and Yasu that took priority in Kimiyo's life. Because of this, most of her fame comes from her global achievements as a world-forwarding scientist; she is not well-known as a superhero outside of Asia.​

      However, this was soon to change with the invasion of the White Martians. Due to her ongoing relationship with the Japanese Embassy, Dr. Light was asked to front a team of superheroes that would fight off the threat. It was as the captain of the Asian division of defence that knowledge of her occasional heroics became globally relevant; whilst she was stationed in Japan, she and her team were really defending the planet.​

      In some ways, it was due to Kal-El that Kimiyo was able to find peace of mind in neglecting her heroic career. She knew that, whilst Japan needed her, threats in other parts of the world were not her problem, as Superman would no doubt be first on the scene. And so, when the Man of Steel fell from the skies that fateful day, it dawned on Kimiyo that the Earth had lost its faithful defender.​

      Whilst her main goal in life was to protect her children, the threat of the White Martians and the realisation of the dangers that lurk the universe changed Kimiyo's perspective. Reading her children bedtime stories and making them breakfast was not enough. She had to truly protect them from the dangers of the world and beyond... Even if that meant not being around for a while.​

      It was upon this epiphany that she made the decision to heed the call of the Justice League; to unite as one vanguard to protect the planet... If only for the sake of her kids.​

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    Pfft. Max Mercury > Johnny Quick.

    No but really, uhh.... Chris Kent? Someone help me plz.
  16. Yeah I'm sorry hun, that was my error. I'm forgetting that this OP was written AFTER I wrote the initial IC OP, so there's information I've left out.
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