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    Justice League:
    The Other Side

    -A Standalone Queen Stein Production-
    |GM: Stein| Co-GM: Jesus H. Christ|
    |Genre: Superhero, Modern Fantasy

    On June 5th, 2014 the world witnessed what many news sources classify as ‘the death seen round the world.’
    Multiple eye-witness accounts recount varied reactions. A choked gasp, a silence of stupor, slacked jaws and widened eyes. Many say they felt a rush of air as he was hit. Some swear time slowed during the worldwide inhale in the moment he fell and a dreamlike state of disbelief caught the world as cameras recorded his impact into the earth. Reality set in when he didn’t rise:

    ‘The Man of Steel is no more.’

    On a day already overflowing with chaos, the White Martians seemed to appear from nowhere, operating with precision. The Earth was unaware – with her heroes already spread thin – until the enemy was at her door.

    Green Lantern was the first on the scene, striking at smaller vessels and soldiers alike. He was quickly followed by Wonder Woman and Superman, with Big Barda in tow. The Martian Manhunter arrived almost last, but attacked with an intensity that carried him to the center of the fray quickly. Batman soon came to aid, his craft gunning for the Warship, beginning to move for Earth. Navigating with him was none other than Mister Miracle, his knowledge alien tech and warfare a valuable asset.

    News stations began to pick up on the invasion as the first foot soldiers came in over the city of Los Angeles. However, they were quickly met with the might of the King of the Seas himself. In the Sahara, White Martian foot soldiers were plagued by a blur of red and yellow that no camera was able to accurately catch. But the enemy fell nonetheless. In Metropolis, enemy after enemy fell to the mechanized strength known as Cyborg.

    The heroes held their ground, gatekeepers of the highest order. Each member of the heroic group moved with the power of a personal army and the wrath of a god scorned.

    But the White Martians pressed on.

    The mystery remains as to the exact moment when the tides of the battle began to shift. Batman hadn’t been heard from for a few moments and the Manhunter appeared more frustrated than usual because of it; Superman became a bit more focused, his commands curt; the Green Lantern wasn’t adhering to orders; Diana’s eyes became a little more wild in the fray of battle and Barda’s cries for victory had become more sparse and forced, her mind clearly on the lack of communication from her husband.

    Back on Earth, Aquaman held back the enemy with the power that came with the title of King of the Seas. The Flash struck hard, without mercy and invisible to the naked eye. His flurry of legs and arms created such a dust storm that he almost missed it.

    The fall.


    Barry didn’t know what had made him look up, but he did. His eyes could see fire, an object falling to Earth, a meteorite? An attack? It was small, but it didn’t stop burning. Soon there was a small, almost indistinguishable flash of light. It hit the burning object with such force that a seismic boom was the result.

    “Barry! It’s him, it’s Kal!”

    'J’onn! What did that mean? What was he--'

    “The streak in the sky is Kal! Superman has fallen!”

    Barry didn’t need much else, his mind put it together almost before J’onn spoke, and he was gone. The Flash pushed and willed himself to move faster than he ever had before. It took a little less than a second to traverse the Sahara. ‘Faster.’ A few more stacked on as he crossed the Atlantic. ‘Not fast enough.’ And even more precious seconds as he tore through the United States. ’Faster!’

    Diana flew after Kal, a determination to reach him. If the Kryptonian hadn’t taken all of her attention, she would have noticed behind her. Something else, much larger, much more terrifying. The warship descended into the earth, a blaze of fire, smoke and debris like a cloud of gnats.

    Things had officially gotten worse.


    June 4th, 2015

    Though the battle was eventually won, there was little joy among many. A sense of hopelessness took its place for a time. What else could happen? The Flash was gone, taken somehow. Superman was no more. Batman had barely escaped Death’s door. Green Lantern and Mister Miracle had disappeared without a trace. The Earth seemed vulnerable.

    “It’ll be one year tomorrow since Kal-El left us,” J’onn spoke as he watched the spinning blue orb he’d come to love below him.

    Barda nodded solemnly. Her thoughts wondered to Scott, and any question she had about her time spent in the days leading up to this year anniversary were answered by envisioning his face. ’For him. This is all for him.’

    She had worked tirelessly alongside the Manhunter to make sure nothing of the sort ever befell the Earth again. With salvaged alien tech, Bruce’s mettle, her knowledge and others, they were able to build it.

    The Watchtower.

    A sentinel floating over the Earth where Earth’s mightiest would keep a watchful eye over her. They’ve become wise, knowing that another attack might yield an even worse fate, and they couldn’t risk that. All of Earth’s heroes would need to stand together.

    “Barda, are we--?”

    “Yes, J’onn. Without question. I don’t need to have your abilities to know the doubts that plague you.” Barda interjected as she joined him behind the main console. They both stared at the screen, displaying the icon to send the beacon to all those who had expressed interest or they felt had potential. “Martian, this Earth needs us. Kal started the movement, but we have to continue it. We have to bring others in. We’ve heard the whispers and the rumor surrounding that day. And there’s one thing I can be certain of in all of the murky futures that day caused: it’s not over. Whether by our hand or theirs, the echoes of that day have not finished ringing and if nothing else, we will avenge Kal, Barry, and…” her voice faltered.

    “Scott.” J’onn finished for her, his smile was warm and Barda had no question he truly understood her pain. They may have started distant, but especially in this year, the two had grown as comrades. “We’ll find him, Barda. Worry not.”

    Barda took a deep breath, looking once more over the Earth that spun below her. Their intel was finally such that they could start making moves against the forces that had acted against them so suddenly, so swiftly, a year ago. Of course, their actions were for justice. But damn, did fury and revenge lace the flavors of their might as well.

    “I would say that it’s time. Time to move our plan into action. Do you think they will all heed the call?” J’onn asked her.

    Barda smashed her fists together, displacing a gust of air from the force. “They’d be foolish not to. When I choose warriors to aid me, I’ve invested more than just my time in them. If they can’t heed the call, they don’t deserve the title of a Protector of Earth, and I may personally see that title removed.”

    J’onn placed a hand on her shoulder, hoping to calm her slightly. “Let’s…let’s not leap to such heights just yet."

    Barda nodded, her excitement tapering off. "Should we wait for Bruce?"

    J'onn shook his head. "No, since the completion of the Watchtower, he's been obsessed with hunting more leads for Kal and Scott. To the point where he may even be relinquishing the cowl for the time being. And though he won't admit it, he physically isn't up to par. But, let us see who answers the call first.”

    With that, he turned his attention the console, activating the beacons he had personally delivered to the heroes beforehand.
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  2. In the darkness grunts and the sound of metal chains rattled throughout the arrowcave. Oliver was punching at the heavy bag his movements erratic and primal. As he hit the bag he would flash back to that day, he could see their pale white skin, their alien faces swarming all around him. Olly's eyes widened as he lost control and tore the heavy bag from its hinges.

    He jumped on the bag and started punching wildly. He pulled back for one more punch when suddenly a drop of blood hit his face. He looked at his knuckles, they were raw and bleeding. "Damn it, not again." Olly got up, he was winded, he looked as though he hadn't slept for months. In the background facial recognition software was running, looking for superman, flash and the other fallen leaguers. He stumbled to his work bench and pulled out a med kit, he pulled out gauss and started wrapping his fists.

    Olly reached for some tape when he saw it, the ring he received from the Martian Manhunter some time ago. He pulled it out and starred at it, his face tensed up as he watched it, he suddenly roared. "Go off already!!!, or do you think I'm not good enough!!!, damn it!!" Olly was about to throw the ring when he suddenly remembered his exchange with J'onn. He recalled how he mentioned he respected Olly for fighting as he does especially without powers, and when they were ready they will call for him. They will call for The Green Arrow.

    Oliver gripped the ring tightly in his bleeding hands, as he starred up into nothingness. "I should have been there, I should have accepted a long time ago. I could have." He looked back at the screens with the missing leaguers on it. "I could have made it so this didn't happen." Olly grabbed a towel and headed for the shower as he stood there waiting for the water to warm up he looked back at his arrow suit it was ready to go, it has been that way for months. He entered the shower and stood there as the water flowed over him, sweat, blood and water rushed down the drain.

    Olly finished showering and was ready to head out for patrol when he heard it, the faint sound of metal vibrating against metal. "Is that?...it is." Olly rushed over and saw the ring pulsating, signaling the call. He grabbed at the ring at put it on. As his index finger hovered over the pulsating ring he smiled for the first time in almost a year. "Finally."

    Green arrow pressed the JLA logo and was suddenly transported to a large open room. He was a little light headed from the trip as he stumbled trying to regain his composure. Olly used his bow as a cane until the room stopped spinning. "J'onn?" As Olly's vision stabilized he saw two familiar faces Barda and J'onn. He smiled then looked serious as he stood up straight. "That is one Hell of a welcome, you got there. Thought I was gonna pass out. Does it do that to everyone their first time?"
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  3. The string of pearls shimmered with iridescence in the afternoon sun; each milky orb displaying its own spectrum of pale hues within the light that slipped into the room. It was predominantly pink in colour, and clearing belonging to a child: several stuffed animals adorned the princess-style bed, a large dolls house sat in the bay window and a plethora of Powerpuff Girls posters emblazoned with Japanese type were adhered to the rose-painted walls. The owner of the room, a young girl by the name of Imako, fastened the pearls around her neck and admired them, along with all the other beads and trinkets she wore, in a Hello Kitty hand-mirror. She pouted, adopting a stern look beyond her years in the style of her mother.

    "Imako!" came a sudden voice through the intercom system of the large, penthouse apartment. "Come along, dear. Lunch is ready."

    "Coming mother!" the girl chirped, hastily adorning her fingers with several extra rings and adding one final bracelet to her wrist before obliging her mother. As Imako entered the pristine white kitchen, she saw her twin brother, Yasu, already sat at the table. He was engrossed in an expensive-looking handheld games console, mashing away at the various buttons and filling the kitchen with all manner of beeps and tones. Imako sat beside him.

    "Now, now, Yasu," said his mother, appearing behind the two and presenting them with their lunchtime meals. "No Pokémon at the dinner table. You know better." Kimiyo Hoshi was true Asian beauty: rather petite, with a slender, toned body, sharp features and a mane of impeccably-kept black locks that always hung perfectly around her shoulders. She sat opposite the twins in her black dress, the prominent shoulders of which gave her a certain executive flavour, and began eating her own meal.

    "It's not Pokémon, mom. It's--" Yasu protested, but a single look from his mother coerced him into promptly shutting off the console.

    "You look pretty mommy!" exclaimed Imako, changing the discourse. It was a routine gesture; Imako was as fond of complementing her mother as she was tormenting her brother. Kimiyo smiled warmly in response, swallowing the dumpling in her mouth.

    "As do you, darling." she beamed. "My, look at all that jewellery!" she chuckled, nothing Imako's various adornments; each of which taken from Kimiyo's personal jewellery box. If only the youngster knew how many Yen she was decorated with... Still, Imako always took great care of her mother's possessions, treasuring them as though they were her own. "Just make sure to put it all back when you're done." she smiled, turning back to Yasu. "Yasu, dear, I thought you said you were playing with Hachiro today?" Kimiyo had cancelled a meeting at the embassy in order to watch over her son and his friend.

    Yasu rolled his eyes. "I was, mom! You made me turn it off!" he exclaimed, sounding almost offended. Kimiyo chuckled to herself and sighed; as proud an advocate of modern technology as she was, the doctor could not help but feel that this particular development was robbing Yasu of his childhood. Still, the boy was happy... And that meant Kimiyo had the day off.

    "Say, why don't I take you both down to the park after lunch?" Kimiyo asked her children, only one of whom lit up with excitement. "Yasu, you can invite Hachiro. You can bring a friend, too, Imako." she said, finally capturing the attention of both twins.

    The plan was short-lived, however. A faint humming noise emanated from Imako's hand, capturing the attention of all at the table. There, on her finger, one of the many rings she wore was flashing gently, illuminating some sort of signet consisting of the letters JL contained within a circle. For a moment, the family silently observed the happening, each no doubt processing the situation, before Imako broke the quiet. "Mommy, your ring is buzzing."

    "I can see that, sweet." she sighed, resigning herself to the situation and extending a hand to accept the ring from her daughter. She paused briefly, and sighed again. "I knew this day would come, but I was hoping it would not be so soon." she admitted, staring out of the window and up into the skies; though she seemed to be looking beyond the clouds of Earth's atmosphere. Had it really been a year since that fateful day?

    "My children," she addressed them, returning her focus to the twins. "Do you remember when mommy told you that one day, I might have to leave?" she asked, doing her best to break the news gently whilst maintaining her own composure. The children nodded.

    "You said you were going to go be Superman!" buzzed Yasu, giddily recalling the memory. Kimiyo feigned a smile.

    "Yes, Yasu. To even come close to filling Superman's shoes, they need all the help they can get." she said.

    Imako chimed in. "Who's they?" she asked inquisitively, with a solemn face. The situation seemed decidedly less cool to her than it did to her brother.

    "The Justice League." she replied, causing Yasu's eyes to widen in boyish glee. "They-- I mean... We are going to avenge Superman in the name of justice. We will ensure his legacy lives on, and that the whole world is safe." she said, the fighting talk intended more to convince herself to heed the call than to excite the children. "Without the Justice League, the world would be in danger. Yasu, Imako... I cannot put you in danger. Not again." she said, mustering all her might to hold back her tears. She did not think it was proper for children to see their mothers cry. "And so, my dears, I must go."

    After an emotional farewell and promises of visits, the twins were taken to the park by their nanny, who reluctantly sacrificed what was to be her last 'day-off' for the foreseeable future, giving Kimiyo time to prepare. With her monochrome costume donned, the silky white cloak brushing against the laminate flooring of the apartment and her onyx locks pushed back by her recognisable headpiece, she was almost ready.

    She glanced at the ring for what seemed like an age; watching the way the light caught its brassy finish each time the insignia of the Justice League was illuminated. She thought, perhaps, if she held off for just a second longer, the ring might stop flashing altogether and she could remain here, with her children, undisturbed. She soon saw sense.

    Slipping the ring solemnly onto her finger, Kimiyo took a final look around her home, knowing it would likely be a while before she would be visiting, and then reluctantly pressed the button. For a moment she was engulfed in light, and then she was gone.
    Arriving at the Watchtower, any trace of the loving mother she embodied at home was long gone; Doctor Light did not mix her personal and professional lives. She scanned the area, noticing a few familiar faces whose names she could not entirely place; she had never really been very attached to the greater world of heroism, though she'd definitely seen these people before... The brutish woman, the lycra-clad archer... Were these really the pillars upon which the Justice League's revival would be founded? Doctor Light had to suppress a scowl.

    She was relieved to notice J'onn, the Martian Manhunter; a face of significant power, and one she recognised immediately. There was at least some speck of hope to this operation. Stepping forward towards the assembly, she addressed them curtly and extended a hand of greeting.

    "My name is Doctor Light."​
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  4. The traces of the potent chemicals used in the recent spree of arson around Crime Alley lead the Caped Crusader to a apartment complex on Hollywood Street, decades ago this area had been the center of all of the films made in Gotham and it was looking to be the east coast counterpart to Los Angeles. But the area corroded over the years, and following the murder of the Wayne's in the early 80's which lead up to the downfall of the city, the Hollywood Street faded into obscurity and turned into little more than a ghetto.

    He had been lead to Apartment 9C, belonging to one Johnathan Red, his background check checked out, he was a former chemist at Power Enterprise who had recently gotten fired. He had training in biochemical warfare and had been working on Powers military contracts when he was scrutinized for how morally corrupt his research was and the ethics board fired him.

    He had the motive and ability to perform the crime, making him the Dark Defender's number one suspect. To avoid being detected by his prey before the time was right, his cowl was covered by a dark hat and he kept the cape in it's coat form. Walking up the staircase he didn't encounter anyone, the smell of some form of curry was present and he heard loud thrash metal in terrible sound quality from one of the apartments echoing up the stairway.

    Reaching the right floor, he found his way into the room, checking both sides of himself he made sure nobody was around before picking the lock. But as he did, he heard the window break and a man scream before the alarm of a car went off below. Breaking down the door with his shoulder, he saw the foot of a man dashing up the fire staircase to the roof. Following, he looked down, finding Mr. Red laying in the crushed roof of a run down station wagon, two holes in his chest.

    Following the shooter up the staircase, he saw the man jump from the rooftop and onto the next. The guy wasn't without his tricks. He donned black jeans, a tank top, a leather jacket and a beanie and by the man in the cowl's estimation; Nike shoes from half a decade ago. Ditching the hat, he began following the killer over the gap between the two rooftops, the Batman chose not to catch him instantly, but instead let his prey lead him to his flock.

    The thug looked back, not seeing the protector of Gotham, but still feeling like he was being followed, jumping down from the rooftop onto the lower roof, and then from there jumping onto a dumpster, which he rolled off of onto the street, dashing into the alleyway. He was heading into the Suarez Cartel area, a up and coming gang in Gotham.

    What could their connection to the fires be? Using his grapple hook he swung onto the roofs above the alleyway, keeping his eye on his prey at all times. They were running into a area with six other thugs. And the man began shouting something in Spanish to the other thugs, whom began drawing their weapons.
    “Alfred, what does 'Puta Madre' mean?”

    “You speak 11 languages Master Drake, and Spanish is not one of them? Regardless, it means ' son of a bitch' Only ruder.”

    One of them, the largest one in the nicest clothes, presumably the alpha – the leader. Looked at the runner. “Ay, whatcha runnin' from playa'?” He asked, when the shadow from the sky descended on top of two of the thugs, with a crashing thud the two thugs were out cold with shattered collarbones and broken ribs. “He's running from me.” The Batman rang out, as the four guns were aimed at him, only to be met with the weapon of choice of the vigilante – his bat shaped shuriken knocking the guns out of their hands, and in a moment they were all knocked to the ground, leaving only the runner, and the man in charge of this 'pack'.

    “Ain't it the freaking batman I see here, thought you were bigger, conjo” He shouted, launching jabs at the man in the suit, easily blocked and countered with a scissor punch to the throat, as he was choking from the hit he was finished off with a grapple into a throw that landed him in a dumpster. Only the shooter still conscious, currently cowering against the stone steps leading to another apartment building.

    “P-Please, dios mio, don't hurt me!” The thug cried out, clutching the revolver he had shot Mr. Red with in his hand.
    “That means ' my god' Master Drake.” Alfred informed Batman, whom walked towards him.

    After some brief pressuring and threatening, the thug had informed Batman that he was told to eliminate Mr.Red on order of William Matthews, Head Of Security at Powers Industries.

    Yet another corrupt man of power in Gotham for the Batman to handle.


    The Batmobile pulled into the cave, the cockpit sliding open, allowing Batman to emerge, walking towards the center of the room, where Alfred Pennyworthy stood ready with needle, thread, and disinfection cream. Batman removed his cowl, the mechanical locks in the full faced cowl let out a cloud of steam as the young man's face emerged from under the helm. Holding the cowl by it's ear in one hand, Tim Drake took a breath of none filtered air. “I didn't get hit, Alfred. The new suit works better than I had hoped.” Tim informed him, as Alfred nodded. “ Very well Master Drake.” Shifting his weight around, dropping the medical supplies into the bag he had laid on the table next to him.

    “That 'gift' Master Wayne left you has been making a noise lately. You sure you don't want to answer it?”

    “It was meant for Bruce, not me, Alfred.” Tim said, putting the cowl into the glass container where all of the other suits of the Batman and allies were, past and present. His hand wandered over the robin suit that he had worn, to Jason's, and to Dick's. Dick's first Nightwing suit, and his own Red Robin Suit, until his hand stopped on the glass door leading to the suit Bruce had worn. “Besides, Gotham needs me more.”

    “I understand that, Master Drake. But Master Wayne is not well, and it may take a long time till he is better – and if he does get better, he might never be well enough to wear that suit again.” Alfred said, his voice cut through Tim as the former Boy Wonder could hear how his heart broke with every word, he had cared for Bruce since he was a boy. “The Justice League needs Batman. They need you.” Tim knew he was right, but he didn't like it.

    “That's the first time in four months you've called me that, Alfred.”

    “I did nothing of the sort Master Drake.”

    “Just give me the damn ring.”


    The golden light he had basked in for a moment before arriving at the watchtower, teleportation always got him, dizzily taking his first couple steps off the platform. Regaining his composure, taking in the sights of the watchtower. Built thanks to sponsorship from Palmer Tech and Wayne Enterprises, it was Earth's first, and last defense against extraterrestrial threats, the epitome of human and martian technology. He had seen the specs of the place, heck, he had helped design some of it, but he had never been in it. Back in Titan Tower in San Francisco, Tim was the leader and knew everything that went on, but now, he was in a different world, one he frankly wasn't entirely sure he would fit into. Not sure how he would stack up to the others - to Bruce, he placed himself behind Doctor Light without making a noise, his coat now as a cape, showing the insignia on his chest. Would he be enough? Was he really Batman, or was he just another fraud like Jean-Paul or Jason?

    Maybe that was just the weight of the cowl.
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  5. Though he was a difficult man to read, close inspection would reveal a light in J’onn’s eyes as the heroes began to appear. Only a spark, he hoped it would grow into a radiant burst as their endeavors progressed. Barda could sense a lightening in his demeanor by the slightest degree as each beam of light grew into a person. A hero they had called on. By the end of the process however, only 3 bodies stood before them.

    Barda’s eyes narrowed. This was to be their League? Their pinnacle of justice to stand against threats of this world and beyond it? She held back the urge to scoff and stalk off. The denizens of Earth were fickle creatures, and many of them cowards. She had no inkling it would extend to their self-proclaimed “heroes”. Could they not see what was at stake?

    J’onn could sense Barda’s tension and moved to resolve it. He placed a hand on her shoulder, infusing his touch with empathy and the calming presence of all tranquil in her life. Without her efforts, this project would have burned before it had a chance to spark. And without her now, surely it would fail. He couldn’t, and wouldn’t, risk losing her so soon. ’Fret not,’ he communicated with her, his thoughts entering her own. ’This is only the beginning and there’s a Terran saying that goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Great endeavors take time and nurturing. We have to nurture our goal as we would a newborn. More will come, especially when more realize what is truly at stake.’ However, though he believed his own words, what stood before him still made him worry. Would these men and women be up to the task?

    He smiled at each of them. “Hello. I’d like to begin this meeting—this journey—by saying, thank you. In its purest sense, I do mean that. Your strength, talents, intellect and courage are the most valuable of assets to us and I hope that those, along with your desire for justice, will lead us to a peaceful future.”

    He looked at Oliver and nodded slightly. “Don’t worry my friend, you tend to get used to the vertigo after the third time.” He turned his attention to the main console on the deck and pressed a series of buttons, until the panel window that gave them a view of the Earth was lit up by dozens of videos. Each of them news accounts of that day.

    He spoke the group. “We all know the circumstances that led to us being here. The day of the attack took us all by surprise and left an entire world devastated in moments. The organization of the White Martian attack is something that has baffled us all. The precision and ferocity? It was almost unheard of.” The accounts all ended, being replaced by a flurry of news articles. Each of them covering the death of Kal-El. “The aftermath still haunts us to this day and there seems to be little we can do about it. We can only pray something of this magnitude doesn’t happen again.”
    At this point, J’onn floated to the screens, directing eyes to him. “Or we can be better than that. We can be more than a people who silently hope that trouble avoids them. We can meet them at the door, an organized force. Ready to take all those who wish this planet harm. And even better than that, we can find Justice in this chaos.”

    The screen lit again, this time displaying graphs, statistics and figures. “The justice I speak of refers to solving the mystery surrounding the day of that attack. As you may be able to point out, the figures before you represent crime rates and reports of large scale villain activity.” During their construction process of the Watchtower, he and Bruce also researched the facts of that day, finding interesting things to note. “We found that those numbers were precariously high. It seems that more than a few notable villains lying dormant up until that point chose that day to wreak havoc. Their lack of presence blinded us to them being a potential threat and it seems we paid a price for that. But, it raises the question: Were these acts the result of random chance? Or was there intent behind them?”

    In the midst of the conversation, Barda’s grip on the handle of her weapon tightened. Recounting the day made her memories fresh. She could feel the singe of heat from fleet ships. She could taste the iron from her blood from a bit lip that day. She could even feel the shaking reverb as the waves upon waves of White Martians flooded to the planet she had called home.

    J’onn nodded at her, giving her a reassuring smile and continued on. The screens disappeared, leaving the image of the tranquil Earth before them. “I’ll speak frankly: with the reports, figures and reports cropping up scout ships of unknown origin being in the atmosphere, it leads us to believe this attack was not only planned. But that it was organized beyond the capacity of a simple strike. Our foes retreated too quickly after striking so hard. We don’t know why, but in the same breath that they invaded our home, they cut our legs off by taking some of our greatest heroes. This leads myself and others to this conclusion: it’s not over.”

    “So will you fight with us or cower as you have before!?” Barda spoke up. The words left her before she could actively make sense to realize they were idiotic.

    J’onn made his way over to her quickly, hoping to calm her before she went further. He spoke up, putting another hand on her shoulder to quiet her. “Though not the way I would have ideally phrased it, the question rings partially true. Will you join us in our endeavor? Will you all help us to find out the purpose behind Superman’s death along with finding our missing comrades? The Earth can only remain in solitude before greater forces sense our weakness. Will you join us? Do you have any questions?”
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  6. Oliver nodded as J'on addressed his earlier concern. He stood there among his new comrades and as J'on continued Olly looked puzzled. He noticed Barda, she seemed like a sturdy comrade, although she looked dissatisfied with the turn out. Dr. Light seemed reserved, like she really didn't want to be there plus she didn't give the appearance of a fighter. That's when Olly noticed the Bat in the room, Batman seemed different. He seemed shorter and thinner, thats when he realized it wasn't the real Batman. Olly gave them all the once over and raised his hand.

    "I'm sorry J'on but I gotta address what we're all thinking." He took in a deep breath and faced the four. "How are the 5 of us supposed to do what Superman, the man of Steel. Couldn't? I mean we were all there we know what these white Martians are capable of." Olly's heart started beating faster and faster as he felt his breath getting shorter. He was starting to have a panic attack, he'd been getting them more recently usually when the invasion is mentioned.

    Olly turned away from the group, he walked over to a wall to support himself as he had a minor episode. he started to calm himself down by thinking of the island and the rough yet simple times. He could feel all of their gazes, he started feeling as though they were losing faith in him. He bit his lip and pulled himself together.

    "Sorry, I um. I haven't been sleeping since...you know." He looked up at the earth. "Look I get what your saying J'onn. And I'll be the first one to head out there and put it all on the line but, I would feel alot better if right about now you'd reveal some kind of secret weapon."
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  7. Timothy listened to the talk from the Martian and the former leader of the furies of Apokolips, both beings many times more powerful than him, or any of the other two people that had accepted the invitation. It was a small cell of defenders of justice, but that certainly wasn't going to stop them. Batman was about to speak when The Green Arrow - Oliver Queen spoke before him, Tim knew his protege, Arsenal - Roy Harper personally, but he never had gotten to know Mr.Queen very well, despite him and Bruce being associates. The Green Arrow of Star City was uncertain of what they could do, and he hoped that the two aliens had a secret weapon that would help if anything like a invasion would ever happen again.

    "Short of the half human clone of Superman, who's still missing in action, Con-El, we're out of big guns on earth. The only people who could ever dream of rivaling Superman in power are the two who called us here." Batman's words weren't meant to be cynical, they were true. The lenses in his cowl lit up for a moment, as a scoff was let out. "I copied the files off the villanous attacks of the day, I too, believe they weren't accidental. seemed too easy." Batman spoke his cowl letting him know that Queen's heartrate was racing, he wasn't having a heart attack, looking over for a second he could easily deduce he was having a panic attack. He knew what that was like, he had them frequently when he just started being in charge of the Titans. Turning to Queen, opening a pouch on his belt, getting out a small container, not more than a inch large, and threw it to the archer.

    "It's a mild sedative, nothing dangerous, won't affect your ability to aim or fight. None of us want to see you pass out." Tim promised, closing the poach in his utility belt.

    Turning to the two individuals whom were virtually gods, The Caped Crusader spoke up. "I'm all for taking charge - but the earth isn't under attack. Terrorism is at a all time low, crimerates are declining after a recent spike thanks to street leveled heroes like Locksley over here." Nodding to Queen. "I have a lunatic in Gotham who might break out of Arkham but for now he's sitting tight. So unless you want to stop Luthor from running for senator, we don't have that much to worry about." He stopped, the lenses in his eyes showing him info regarding the missing A-List Heroes. "Green Lantern is as missing as Superboy, The Flash is gone without a trace after being caught on a high speed camera in California, Wonder Woman is on Themyscera and I'm not the Batman she had a thing for. My predecessor isn't accepting any calls right now. I'm the world's greatest detective, and the only leads I've got are of the same caliber as the guy in Hub City's." He scowled, crossing his arms, he really did not mean to be cynical, but Tim had a tough time seeing anything bright with all of this.

    He scoffed a moment later 'Eh, what the hell' running through his head.
    "I will help wherever you need it with all the resources I have available to me." Batman promised, getting the ring that had taken him here out of the pocket in his coat, putting it on his armored finger. "I get it's a little cheesy, but I'm in." Holding out his ring-clad hand.

    "You're most certainly great at inspiring speeches, Master Drake." Alfred rang in his ear, Tim growled as he tapped his left ear, turning the comm-link off with the Batcave.
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  8. Barda’s grip on her weapon stained her hands. The metallic structure of it would give to her pressure, but she felt her hands might break if she squeezed hard, but something had to divert the rage. If it didn’t, she might just destroy the monument that had taken so long to even complete. How could these fools speak so carelessly?

    Her eyes narrowed to Ollie, “You dare say ‘we were all there’? You dare disgrace the efforts of the first line of defense that met those Martian’s at Earth’s door? If I recall correctly, Arrow, you were the only one in this room privy to an early invite into the League and you declined.” She took a few steps closer, her eyes only seeing that day, her mind only focused on the insult and quelling the fury within. J’onn flew to intercept her, but was met with a look that made him rethink his actions. “Which is fine. I won’t fault a man for not being able to see the future. But, you were not there. You were on the ground while we prayed to the gods for mercy in the outer atmosphere. You didn’t fear for your life and the lives of others the way we did. And you damn sure didn’t see him fall!”

    Her weapons struck the floor of the main deck, shuddering it. She cared not. “Don’t be sorry, be better. And listen carefully to what the Manhunter speaks of.”

    She turned to the new Caped Crusader, trying to hide her disdain. “For a member of the Bat family, you are severely misinformed. I expected more from the Bat’s legacy. These declines you speak of are plummets. These villain’s aren’t being brought to justice, they’re disappearing. Trace acts are being patterned in a way eerily similar to last year. So perhaps instead of trying to tout your new technological toys, you use your mind and make the deductions your predecessor could, that he did make: something is on the horizon.”

    J’onn finally spoke up. “Enough Barda, character insults get us nowhere. We are here for a purpose and that doesn’t revolve around allowing our emotions and excitement to speak where I mind would prove more fruitful. However, Barda has a point: the information you are privy to, Timothy, isn’t the information we are. We are asking you to help us build the League. We have goals to actively pursue, first and foremost being the retrieval of our missing heroes. Superman was a man in a class of his own, yes. But he was only one individual. We are hoping to build a network of men in a class their own. Don’t focus solely on strength because that’s not all you each bring to the table. Thinking only in that frame will cause you to lose the battle before it starts. Our leads are directing us to the location of our missing heroes and shedding more light on Kal-El’s death. Those are our main objectives.”

    He turned to Ollie again. “I’m sorry my friend, there’s not quick fix secret weapon to this. Our best weapon is preparation. It’s better to be preventive than curative and that’s what we’re doing now. With you efforts, we can chase these leads, bring our friends back and stand to a threat we know is coming.” He looked at each of them: Tim, Kimiyo and Ollie. What would they all say? The birth of this league was contingent on them.
  9. Olly refused the pills from the new Batman. "thanks but no thanks, Batkid" Olly watched as Barda finally lost it. She approached him all while becoming more and more agitated. Olly started backing up as her presence engulfed him. He could only stand there as she recalled the past, her figure was massive and intimidating. Olly clenched his bow as She got closer, his fingers twitching ready to draw an Arrow. She finally slammed her weapon into the floor then she backed off. Olly finally was able to breath. "you're right..." Olly Swallowed his feelings and spoke up. "You're right Barda, I could have joined the league earlier, and if i did i could have been on the front lines with everyone."

    Olly quickly drew and fired two arrows into the ground surrounding Barda's weapon. "But don't stand there and act like i know nothing about the incident. I fought my way to the center of the fight just in time to see...Just in time to see Superman fall" Olly stood up tall and faced Barda the fear in his eyes replaced with the look of purpose. "i fought just like you and the rest of the league and yeah. i fucked up by not accepting Batman's" Olly Glanced at the Batkid "The real Batman's invitation a long time ago. But to me at the time i thought it was the right thing to do. I thought i can help the people of my city by being there for them and not chasing some random super villain whose trying to run for Congress."

    J'onn interrupted the bickering and made them all realize they were on the same team. Olly loosened his grip on his bow and stood tall listening to J'onn. "you really know how to inspire people J'onn." Olly looked around the room he saw they were all in the same position as he was, Barda was speaking from hurt. She had lost more than any of them and she only knew how to process things as a warrior. Olly stood tall and realized what J'onn was really saying. "J'onn, Barda I will gladly offer my skill to the rebuilding of the Justice League, i will also help any way i can as Oliver Queen."
  10. Doctor Light had watched with an air of contempt as the feeble gathering intended to replace Superman began to fall into disarray. The Green Arrow was brash in his admitting that he had little faith in the party. Whilst his words rang true, it was definitely not tactful nor particularly inspiring - why else had Kimiyo remained silent thus far? In a cruel and ironic twist of fate, he who had discarded the others as weak then appeared to suffer some kind of episode, panting wildly as he propped himself up against a wall and refusing medical aid from the Batman. She turned her nose up in quiet disdain; The Doctor took particular umbrage to those weary of medicine. That said, though... Perhaps taking vague pills from a masked figure onboard a satellite was not a particularly wise choice, either.

    Then the bickering began. Batman was not the real Batman, Green Arrow had been a coward, Barda wasn't the only one who mourned Superman... All these petty quips were being thrown around with an ironic seriousness, whilst from Kimiyo's perspective they bore all the weight and importance of the jabs her twins would often fire at each other. Those twins she had left to serve this purpose, that nobody seemed to be taking seriously. And perhaps more infuriatingly, considering what she had sacrificed to be here, nobody seemed to be taking her seriously.

    Amongst all the quarrelling, J'onn attempting to intervene like a substitute teacher handling a particularly difficult classroom, Kimiyo had not been mentioned once. They passed her the occasional glance; she noticed Green Arrow give her a particularly irritating look that suggested he thought little of her. But he was not alone, it swiftly became apparent to the Doctor that her attendance was not met with the gratitude it deserved. She stepped forward, an aura of command about her as she finally held the floor.

    "J'onn is correct." she spoke, though her face betrayed her anger. "This bickering will get us nowhere. I have given more than you could comprehend to be here, to serve this cause. I did not leave all that behind to watch children bicker. I could have done that comfortably at home." she said, uttering her words like only a mother trained in scolding could.

    "Whilst you stand around here and mope about our apparent inadequacy, you speak on my behalf without knowing of me. But I will excuse your ignorances." she said, looking particularly at the non-powered Batman and Green Arrow as she spoke. "In case you weren't paying attention earlier: My name is Doctor Light. The reason you are not familiar with my potential is that I never give my people reason to doubt it. I have been at the forefront of the protecting the Japanese and Asian territories for several years." she said, pausing. "And I was there when the Martians invaded. I faced them head-on, just like you." she said, turning her gaze to Barda and J'onn. "I was just defending an area that is so often neglected by allegiances such as this." she finished, hoping she had made her point clear. After a brief silence, she added with something of a sigh: "To underestimate me would be an injustice. I'm here because I want to help. Let me."
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