Justice League: A Fight Against Fantasy

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    The Pillars were silent. I waited for the rest of my brethren to arrive, but there was no sign. This place used to be a temple of some sort, but it was torn down by the scum of Arath. The people of Karan were peaceful until now, even had a working relationship with the other two kingdoms, but then we arrived. The corruption of Arath made the world stop turning, it made progress slow and the war began. I knew where everyone was, and I felt what they felt. This land was going to be destroyed by the people who ruled here. It was not right, Vandal Savage was not the one who had concocted this plan, it was someone of stronger suit. Saul waited at the Pillar of Justice with his arms folded. He had sent a message to all of them telepathically to meet him here. This was was getting out of hand and it was time to come to an ultimatum. If another year past all of them would surely die, but there is still the matter of getting back. He missed home, or whatever he called home atleast, and he could feel himself slowly draining of power. Recently, his power to be able to send messages with his mind has began to fade. I have never been this afraid before... I feel something dark at work here.

    Savage sat in a rose colored chair with a Yellowfoot wine crafted by the finest elven slaves. He crossed his left leg over his right and breathed in the air. He hated it, he hated how he smelled and how he looked. The change when he entered this world ironically reflected how he should truly look, but he somewhat admired he intimidating looks. Only a couple of people actually saw what he looked like and they weren't too pleased. Vandal did not care what the martian wanted, all he wanted was power. The petty call of a fallen hero is only a swan song, and shouldn't be indulged. Sadly, his master didn't think that way. "Go Savage."

  2. Billy wrestled the last log onto the cart, sweating profusely. Despite his muscular appearance, trees were still pretty heavy. Standing back, he wiped his brow with the sleeve of his white tunic while admiring his work. He had managed to pile 15 logs onto the wooden wagon, and that was no small feat. And today was a special day.

    On this day, one year ago, he was taken from his home. Taken from Earth, and cast down here in a land called Dwyrin. Apparently, this was a land in the middle of a war between it's two neighboring kingdoms. To Billy, this world was so different from Earth. There wasn't any “police”. People who had power just did whatever they wanted here, it seemed, and if you couldn't fight for yourself then you were screwed.

    Before he was sent to this place, he was saving a little girl from a burning building. He was Captain Marvel. But, something was changed. He didn't know if it was because he was in that form or what, but he stayed grown up when arriving to Dwyrin. Without his powers. Realizing this, he decided to call upon the old man, Shazam, to see if he could still become the hero. Nothing happened. So, it appeared to him that he was stuck there powerless as an adult.

    After hours of traveling, he happened upon a small village. He had no money, so he agreed to help an old farmer in return for a place to stay and food. A couple of months went by, and then a large group of Arathian Bandits rode into town, demanding a large portion of their goods. They were horrible people, and were ruthless! Sneaking away and out of sight, Billy tried again to call upon his power. And again nothing happened. He heard in the distance the kind farmer's pleas; the one who took him in. He could do nothing. And then it struck him. That power, lightning unleashed, struck him. He felt himself change, and his mind became sharp. He grew younger, losing height and weight, but he felt his strength grow. Despite transforming into a kid, he was still Captain Marvel. He defeated the bandits that day, but not in time to save his friend. That day he left, and has been traveling across the lands in search of a way home.

    On his travels, he has saved many lives, and even fought a dragon! But, he's found nothing about how to get home. He was now in the Kingdom of Karan, helping an old woodsman load a cart of newly sawed logs. He had seen practically everything Dwyrin had to offer this last year, and decided to check out Karan. There was no way he was going to Arath, those guys were savages.

    “Much obliged there, big fella. How 'bout some of my wife's stew for your help there...uh..”

    “Billy Batson,” He replied, “...and I'd love to, sir.” He clapped his hands excitedly at the prospect of company, and hurried inside to tell his wife the news. I guess it must get lonely living out here on the border in the middle of nowhere, he thought to himself.

    Then, out of nowhere, he felt a force pressing in his mind, and heard words form in his head. It sounded like...someone he had met before, long ago...

    Martian Manhunter? But how, is he here? Maybe he's found a way home!

    He said to meet him at the Pillar of Justice. He recalled hearing about this place before, about how it had been attacked by Arath.

    “Shazam!” He yelled, waiting for that familiar bolt of power. It seemed to take forever to manifest now, but he knew it was just a few minutes. It used to happen instantaneously, but not anymore. Everything's messed up in this world, it seems.

    Billy heard that harsh crackle in the distance, and felt the surge of power and knowledge seep into his body. Shrinking down to his “kid-size” self, he now was Captain Marvel. He jumped up, and blasted forward toward the Pillar of Justice, streaking across the sky at impossible speeds. If the Martian was here, maybe there were others here too. He hoped he knew how to get home.

    And he hoped the old man could forgive him for leaving without saying bye.
  3. Zatanna was located in vandal savage's... Castle you can say. She was almost kept hostage now because of her powerful magic yet never seemed to be able to help vandal and his wishes. It was quite stressful in some cases, but she easily learned how to adapt under his wing as a entertainer, to which some would call prisoner or even slave.

    The girl had no physical changes naturally but her dark brown almost black hair and blue gray eyes were always what made her so alluring. Zatanna was quiet in this mythical fantasy land now but whenever she manage to escape from vandal she was nonchalant about things now and fairly neutral. As usual Zatanna quietly tried to escape just this time in silence and slowly did she slip herself out his 'castle'.

    Jason on the other hand was some distance away from the Martian. Self loathing as ever and brooding over Zatanna, his greatest friend or the greatest girl to everyone being taken away for nearly six months now. He casually leaned against a pillar, arms crossed and had his redwood mask under his armpit."Fucking Vandal. Watch when we meet face to face i will definitely kill him with me," He growled."And you." He yelled at the Martian."What the hell are we doing? Sitting here for six months doing nothing while Zatanna is a hostage and slave for no damn reason?! HUH!?" Jason raised his voice. He always let his temper or frustrations/anger get the Best him and the black haired male paced around between the pillars, dropping his mask and rubbing his face with both his hands in frustrating silence. He was trying to calm down but it only lead to him furiously kicking his mask across the concrete stoned ground letting out a grunt. The once young robin then brushed his hair back pulling it slightly and sat slowly, leaning his back against the pillar. He picked up his mask looking down at it and sulked. He will get that girl back even if he treated her wrongly at first and just thinking about the hell Zatanna went through and is still in slowly made him frown before he narrowed his eyes and furrowed his brows angered.
  4. Winged Terror sat upside down in his cave, his eyes flickered open at the sound of movement coming from the mouth of the cave. Dropping down and landing on his feet, the cracking of bones crunching inside the cave halted the being outside the cave to stop moving. Terror heard the slight murmoring of two voices outside the cave. Thinking of fresh warm human blood, Terror attacked. He flew towards the mouth of the cave at blinding speed, and as he breached the light of day, Terror gripped one of the two men by the chest and throat. He felt his claws tear through weak leather and warm blood pulsed onto his claws. He heard the other man shout and he shifted his weight and threw the body of his dying friend at the other man. This man was slightly larger, but managed to roll under the flying body as it cracked against the rocks of his cave. Attacking this larger man, he threw himself onto the mans chest, and ripped into it.

    A few minutes later, Terror was dragging the second body into his cave, the first one being in pieces outside the cave. Licking his lips, he growled out
    "Tasty Nectar". Terror grinned as he licked his mouth clean, but he frowned as he heard the voice of Manhunter. Looking around, he never heard his voice again, but remembered where he said to go. His first thought was of what Martian blood tasted like, but the more human side nagged him about him finding a way home. Despite both sides arguing in his head, Terror flew towards the Pillars.

    Feline walked the streets of some small village on market day, and when ever someone bumped into her, she would slide something from their body, and keep it for herself. Until the guards came. Immediately, she knew something was wrong as some guards on horses rode down the streets, scanning for someone. She went off in the other directing, picking her pace up. As she turned the corner, she heard yelling behind her, a crossbow bolt slamming into the crate beside her. She sprinted off, the sound of horses closing in. Turning down an alley way, she heard the guards behind her. Turning into a dead end, the guards behind her shouted "Stop in the name of the law Feline!" Stopping, she held her hands up and turned batting her eyes like a little girl. One of the guards approached her, sword pointed at her throat. Quickly disarming him, she tossed him into one of the other two guards. The gloves quickly grew claws, and she sliced across the other guards face, sending him screaming in pain, dropping his sword. Kicking the face of the other guard, she ran smack dab into a young forth guard. Disarming him, she held his sword to his throat and leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips, then quickly tossed him to the ground. Dashing out, she jumped onto one of the horses and road out of the town.

    An hour later, she road down a long dirt path and heard Saul's voice in her head. Nodding to herself, she pushed the horse towards the Pillars
  5. Doomsday. What was there to be said about this monolithic titan of terror? Mindless. Ravenous. A test subject gone terribly awry. He was immortalized when he defeated many members of the Justice League, on his ruthless march to Metropolis where he fought--and killed Superman in a battle that left the city in shambles and grief. Everyone thought that Superman had killed the beast as well, but to their shock and horror--one of Doomsday's legendary abilities and it was carried out perfunctory when his dangerous if not extreme level of adaptation took a hold and after a period of dormancy--the beast awoke. The only being to actually have killed Superman was still alive. And not just kill, he had beaten the Kryptonian to death on the hallowed grounds of the city he loved so very dearly.

    Doomsday was mindless. But his mindlessness was partly what made this creature so utterly terrifying. Feeling no pain. No fear of death or injury. And every time he seemingly died--he came back. Immune to the prior death causes. His body responded by mutating in such a way that he was immune, It was a truly terrifying aspect that the creature you thought you killed can't be killed the same way twice. He had even defeated Darkseid after rampaging across his world Apokolips. Yes, Doomsday was a creature to be feared. Having fought many powerful opponents, and been killed on many occasions only to relentlessly come back seemingly more unstoppable than before.

    This time however, it seemed the creature had been lobbed into another dimension and not just banished to the ends of time. The horrific beast took on another form, one just as equally imposing as its hulking counter part. It was a bit more...human shaped. Nevertheless, it was built for destruction as it had always been. A nightmarish being with rivets and bolts protruding from a decaying or decayed silhouette. These let of discharges of electric power as if his larger than life essence of being was overflowing the now smaller form. Regardless, he was still much larger than your typical man. His countenance was like looking into the depths of cruelty itself.

    Flesh bolted together like it were conjoining hull of a ship. Yet on one half of his countenance, it was split apart. His face desiccated, rotten in appearance and his skin barely holding any color at all. Tubes and conjoining cables protruded from this monstrosity. But his hands were as lethal as ever. The only exception was, instead of sharp, jagged protrusions. They were grafted mechanical gauntlets of sorts. In another dimension, he could very well have fit the personification of Frankenstein's monster. Truth be told however, he was so much worse. That monster was misunderstood and benefited from remorse at what had been done to him. Doomsday, was simply hell bent on destruction. He wasn't a good guy, and he wasn't some evil genius. He was just a monster. Raw, untapped power that kept evolving.

    "Uhhhhgh!" Doomsday moaned, gripping a man's skull in his metal hands. He'd been found dormant and taken in by a stranger to study. Curiosity wasn't only to kill cats. It could very well kill anything when it involved Doomsday.

    The man was screaming, and with the electrical discharges illuminating the far wall, one didn't need to look directly at the scene itself to feel the man's skull caving in like crushing an egg in one's hand. It showed that and more, as a deluge of blood and bone spewed out. It would be no different than if the man had been shot with a high caliber rifle or a heavy revolver point blank. The body attempted to slump, attempted to fall to the ground headless. But Doomsday was a creature that didn't have a point where it said "stop" so much as when it tore the former doctor in two halves sending each half to either side of the room in a bloody, chaotic and savage display.

    The creature turned, smashing through the table as it lumbered. Sending what took normally several men or animals to move, crashing through the wall creating an opening. Doors mean nothing to it. Redocorating was its craving, and it did it often. Two metallic hands curled around the edges of the destroyed wall. The stones being crushed as easily as the man's skull had been. It looked out with glossy eyes at the new environment before it.

    The town ahead was in for a rather rude awakening.
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