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  1. Who wants superheroes? I do, I know that much.

    So, here's the plan - I'm putting together a team. A team of heroic youths, and their older counterparts. Though the older heroes and heroines may make an appearance from time to time, maybe for a Deus Ex Machina, the RP will focus on the team comprised of their juniors - the Justice Association of Youths (JAY, for short).

    So, the initial premise is that, for whatever reason, your mentor has had you join JAY. Based in Light City, members of JAY have been tasked with cleaning up crime there, while still maintaining their secret identities. Of course,t he adults handle all the alien invasions and the armoured titans - JAY is comprised of juniors, so it's B-list villains t best for them.
    At least, until the Justice Association watchtower is encased within a stasis field, rendering them unable to do anything but remain in suspended animation. But who did it? Why? How? And what plans do they have for the Earth?
    Brawling and battling ensues, naturally.

    Why am I focussing on them, though, and not the big-name badasses? Simple. character development. The older ones are more likely to be set in their ways, and it'd take quite a bit to shake them. But our characters will be kids - it's a difficult time for them without the world needing them. They'll grow up, they'll change, and the become more than just supers in spandex. They become people, and that's what makes the difference.
  2. I like it!
    It sounds like at first things will be episodic, going from mission to mission, then when they're semi-competant this huge crisis comes along and they can finally prove themselves.
    Are the kids going to be based on current superheroes or can there be totally new and maybe-sorta-useless powers at their disposal?

    Introducing... Lightning Rod Boy! Conducting the powers of evil, grounding the world in light!
  3. We'll be using our own original characters and settings. They may hold influence from previously established character (from any universe, for that matter), but you can't outright say you're going to play one. A, it presents too many issues, what with differing continuities and inconsistent power levels. B, it's more fun to use your own.

    As for powers, I'm thinking that powers will be at a usable level, and will be at least functional. They're sidekicks entrusted with their own team - they have to have some degree of competency. As the RP progresses, however, and we move from episode to episode, your powers will gradually develop.
  4. This reminds me of how the Silver Age Justice League would team up every now and then with the Justice Society heroes. Only with some more cool elements.

    I'm always up for some proper superheroics.
  5. I like this idea! ;D I haven't been a part of a proper super hero (or junior super hero) Roleplay in ages, and I have just the character for it.
  6. Excellent! It seems we've got a good enough number of people to set up our little team of supers.
    Anyone got any questions, before I start working out the nitty-gritty?
  7. Nope. If you want any help with the details and further plot development, I wouldn't mind lending a hand. ^^
  8. Okay, okay, I'll come up with someone useful...
    But I'm keeping Lightning Rod Boy in my closet for future use.
  9. Sorry, meant OOC. My head wasn't on right.