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just your average, every day super hero

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Angelblueeyes, Aug 10, 2014.

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  1. Super hero. Thee name says it all really, though in recent years having powers had become less and less of a rareity. There were now even a few select schools for kids with powers to train them and jokes about all the old hero films and how wrong some of them were.

    Samantha, or Sam, was one of the few that his her powers. Most just told people and were excited when they found out but Sam wasn't, both her parents were some of the few people that still thought people with powers were just trouble and needed to be contained. Normally people only have one power like flying or super strength but there are some that have very different powers like Sam. The 17 year old was what people called an imaginator, someone that could create objects and all sorts qwith her engery and a bit of focusing but of course there was down sides to this power like she was one of very few which meant she needed to reach herself.

    Sam was walking home from one of her parents stupid anti-hero talks when she felt someone's eyes on her but she didn't say anything because she was used to that feeling. A lot of people kept an eye on her due to the amount of hate her family gathered so she paid no attention to the feeling, she knew only to act if the watcher acted first.
  2. Daniel was sitting on top of a large brick wall when he noticed Samantha walk by. I wonder where she's going. He thought to himself. Curious, he quickly leaped off the wall and followed her making sure he was hidden in the shadows. As he followed the 17 year old, he then recognised the familiar streets before mentally cursing. She was going home! Daniel you idiot! Since his house was next to hers, the 18 year old stepped out of the shadows before walking next to her. "Hey Sam." He said, hoping to God that she didn't know it was him following her.
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