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  1. Story: about a girl who has censer and she just wants a little bit of fun. and maybe meet a guy that will love her.
    but what if 'the guy' has the key to saving her will he save her or will he let life take her away?

    (this story will make you cry. this will touch me. because I have... I mean had 2 family members with censer one brain, one lung.... both past away. one this year and other long time ago when I was 9 or maybe 8 years of age so this means alot to me so take this Rp seriously! I will hate it if you make this a joke! its not!)


    Name: Clover Holland
    Age: 19
    Race: human
    Background: she on the news trying to fight out this unknown censer which is in her heart and brain (which luckily they got out before it could grown but it means she's bald). she been on may shows trying to get awareness of this. so she well known. her family try there best to keep her away from peoples eyes. mostly the media.

    You can play
    The Guy:
    Friend that gets her out of the house:
    Friends of the Guy (and maybe likes Friend if up to them X3):


    Clover sighed moving her hands across her bald head looking out side her window. she didn't mind it. she at lest gets some wigs but she knew guys didn't find her lovely hair and a beautiful body. hell she was on a wheelchair even though she can walk her mother fears that one day her walking will go away. "I just want to go out of this Prison. Let me Go world" she said softly to herself and then sighed. then got a text from her friend. saying she need to get out and she was going to help her. Clover smiled. "finally My way out" she texted back waiting for her plans. "please be here soon"
  2. [​IMG]
    (she doesn't have the word primrose on her shirt though :P despite it being her name o.o)
    Primrose sighed a little as she texted her friend Clover, she had come up with a plan which should in theory get Clover out in the world, even if it's just for a little while... Despite the condition her friend was in thanks to the Cancer she had been diagnosed with, she knew it wouldn't do her friend any good at all if she was kept cooped in in that lonely hospital room not even allowed to leave due to her mothers paranoia. "I'll be there soon, it's a promise!" She texted her friend in response adding in a little heart emoticon despite how cheesy that probably would seem. She knew getting her friend out of there would be no easy task, but it could be managed with some luck on her side, and as she made her way towards the hospital, she realized it would take some carefull maneuvering to get inside as well as get out with her friend. Primrose looked up at the towering building trying to find the window which was where her friend lived, at least then she'd have a slight idea of where to go...
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