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    Name: Etsuko Ishida
    Nickname: Echo
    Stage name: VALSHE
    Majors: Acting, poetry and Music
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8"
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Most think that Echo with her eccentric personality and habit of changing hair colors more often than underwear, she is basically believed to be really weird, and dark in personality. But honestly, she is a nice person and always treats people with care.
    Quirks: Echo, as stated before, loves changing her hair color. She also likes making eccentric pictures for her modeling job, and even doing something such as acting two roles out in one. Most people believe her to be either a genius actress or insane. It's part of her style to dress like a boy, and her preferred hair color is blonde, her natural being black. Her eyes are naturally blue.
    Bio: According to herself, she grew up in a showbiz family full of famous actors and therefore ended up with amazing talent. Her music interest aspired when she was very young and she was immediately signed up to do a million of auditions for musicals, until she got into this special and renowned Sakura Academy for talented students - she got in on scholarships earned from her performances.
    Random notes: She is quite popular among girls in the school, but is also the unreachable type of character, and therefore she doesn't have many friends and is usually all on her own.

    Sakura Academy was a very renowned school. It had produced star after star in all kinds of things. Famous authors, idols, actors and actresses, anything with a big, fat showbiz on it. Everyone who got into that academy were believed to become famous one day, and they were all both beautiful and talented, making the school a target for other school's students. There were all kinds of classes - anything from music, dancing and acting to art and poetry. There was sadly, no sports on the school aside from dancing. They only practiced so called "arts" that had nothing to do with the sports' world. Their dancing was usually put together with acting and music so it didn't really stand for itself that much. Honestly, not many students got into the academy, and not many got out with their talents and everything ready for showbiz. The few that did make it, never left the public eye again. They became famous for life and earned a status in life. They became rich and ended their days happily and surrounded by fans and friends who would love them.

    Etsuko, or, Echo, as she preferred to call herself, had been surprised when she had been actually asked to get into the academy, that they'd love for her to attend their classes and let them mold her into a star. So of course, who was she to object? Acting, being on a stage, it was her life. She enjoyed singing her heart out and making herself another person as soon as she stepped into a spotlight. It was one of her favorite things to do, and she had moved with her parents all the way to Tokyo from Osaka just to get to go to this school. Her actress mother and musician father were proud of her and above everything supported her choice. Her older brother who was in a popular band also came to visit after his tour was over to wish her good luck. So there she was, at the school, and her "new life" had started. To start with, actress-aspires, and actor-aspires as well, did modeling jobs. They created faces around the magazines and became popular, got a public appearance. After that, it was professional acting and musicals, and that had been Echo's favorite thing to start on.

    Now, she was in her senior year and apparently, a transfer student was going to start in their music club. Echo had been named as the president of both the music and drama club, and "busy" was her lifestyle. But she was happy with it, getting to devote all of her concentration into what she loved. So there she was, with both the music club members standing behind her, ready to welcome the new student to their little piece of heaven. Today, she was in a rather plain outfit, just a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. Her hair was black this time and straightened so that it didn't stick out everywhere. She looked presentable and nice, and her blue eyes shone like crystals. She looked back at the members to make sure everyone was there and ready as they waited for the new student. Echo more or less towered a bit over everyone because in the end, she was the only one with other-than Japanese origins, and it made her just a slight bit taller than everyone.
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    Name: Miyu Yuzuki

    Majors: English language, literature and traditional arts.

    Age: 16

    Height: 5’5”

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Miyu is a girl who has her head in the clouds a lot of the time. For some reason she has in her mind that she’s able to change her personality on a whim like the characters in her novels- to act as someone she always wants to be. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t know how transparent her act really is. She is never one to be mean to anyone she hasn’t gotten a clear picture of, instead basing her opinions from books she has read (sometimes leading to melodramatic outcomes).

    Quirks: She’s never once considered herself to be good at what she does, even if people say otherwise. To her, the scripts and novels she makes are like a diary and she’d never let anyone see them willingly (it was even because of other people taking her work without permission that she ended up getting a recommendation to this academy).

    Bio: Miyu hasn’t really been one to stick with the crowd and generally preferring to opt for the quiet and simple life. In a way, it’s even a little ironic that she decided to transfer into such an academy to to stick with her morals. Writing is her passion and will do it no matter the good or bad times she’s currently going through- she wants to show everyone her true feelings eventually through her novels, and it’s an important factor for her to do everything herself (even if it brings her great stress). This includes doing all of the illustrations. People expect big things from Miyu but she’s not quite sure she wants to be known, let alone the fact of actually releasing her novels to the public. To her, they’re like a diary. A diary that she’s not letting out until she’s figured out the end happily…

    Miyu Yuzuki looked down at the awkward little slip of paper that the student facilities office had handed to her.

    "Music club ... Left corridor past the hall..."

    Following a string of unusually forced questions during the interview period, she'd somehow managed to slip into a persona that made her accidentally enroll herself into the music club. Out of all of the things she could have picked it was undoubtedly going to be the one that she had no expertise in. Siigghhh. Ever so slowly she pushed the door open, having no idea how she'd be able to explain that the only instrument she's ever handled was a triangle because the teachers (when she was 5) didn't know how to get her to cooperate with the rest of the school during a play. With any luck, it'll just be one or two other members... At least then it won't be so embarrassing.
  3. Once the new girl came in, Echo went straight to her, wanting to make her feel as welcome as possible. After all, it was hard being new in a class.

    "Hi, you're Yuzuki-san, right? I'm the president of the music and drama club, my name's Etsuko but everyone calls me Echo."

    Echo was a very nice person, but the problem with her was that her face was known everywhere. She was in practically every magazine and on TV more than once in a while. She was a very public face and she wouldn't be surprised if Miyu knew who she was just from her face. She was quite the new hot thing in the magazines and therefore, she had gotten so much publicity. Because the fans loved her style, and her acting, and her charming personality and voice. But really, she just wanted to be treated normally by people. Sure, being famous was her dream, but being able to have normal friends would also be nice. The other members of the club were just in the middle of their work, because they didn't want to make the new student awkward.
  4. The door was surprisingly easy to open, completely contrasting every creaky old door she'd ever had the pleasure of reading about in novels. Already her mind had started drifting again, although not for long.

    "Hi, you're Yuzuki-san, right? I'm the president of the music and drama club, my name's Etsuko but everyone calls me Echo."

    Ahh, ah... A rather tall-ish girl was already standing there in front of her as she took a step in. She seemed friendly enough, perhaps even slightly too friendly for her tastes, but with a larger than expected club size working behind her she's not sure how she'd be able to mention about the instruments. This is especially true considering they all seem to know exactly to handle them. Miyu looked up at the girl and took in her features. A bad habit of staring when she wants to take in experience for possible book-writing. This experience would be under the 'awkward meeting' category.

    "Uhmm. Uhm, nice to meet you Etsuko-sama."

    Two questions floated persistently in her mind. Has she seen this person before, and was sama the correct thing to use- or wait. Was that even her last name? Such a scary predicament.
  5. Echo really just wanted the new student to be comfortable in the class, and she was only being nice to make her feel easier, so that she wouldn't feel like she was an outcast. She wondered if it was too nice, but she just hoped it wasn't.

    After all, she was just trying to make the new girl feel more comfortable in the new school. She wondered if she was overdoing and settled to being more normal.

    Echo really didn't like her height. It usually made her tower over people and it embarrassed her when she was just trying to be nice that she seemed to look down on others just because of her height. Many people disliked that, and it was one of her reasons for living on stage, where no one would "bitch" on her height. Their club was the second-largest in the entire school, and it was a concert hall that they practiced in. The drama club used yet another concert hall in the large school. When she looked at Miyu, she noticed the girl staring at her, and caught herself chuckling lightly at her cuteness. The way her eyes were engrossed in Echo's features made the currently black-haired female smile. It was so weird and yet cute.

    "Really, you can just call me Echo, you don't need to treat me like I'm some high-standing person, I'm just a senior student here."

    She ran a hand through her hair and looked at the girl. "So, where would you perhaps like to start? I'm your tutor starting today on, and basically I need to teach you things about what good music is. Do you want to go somewhere more private or don't you mind being here?" She asked, knowing that some people didn't like being heard by everyone on their first day.

    (( I pictured this as Echo's voice > https://soundcloud.com/valshe-2/human-dolls-valshe Basically, I used a picture of this singer for her bio too. :3 ))
  6. The girl standing before her smiled and responded as casually as anyone possibly could.

    "Really, you can just call me Echo, you don't need to treat me like I'm some high-standing person, I'm just a senior student here."

    That's.. A relief. One more thing that Miyu wouldn't have to worry about... Although no honorific seems a little strange for someone that gives off such an incredible presence.

    "So, where would you perhaps like to start? I'm your tutor starting today on, and basically I need to teach you things about what good music is. Do you want to go somewhere more private or don't you mind being here?"

    What was that..? Private? Miyu's ears pricked up and her expression changed to be almost shocked at the question, as if someone opened the window and released all the pressure. (The image of a cat comes to mind...) It's almost as if Echo knew she didn't play any instruments.

    "A- ah! In private if you wouldn't mind then..."
  7. Echo didn't like being too official about things, especially when she was just trying to be nice to a new student.

    So she settled on such a casual introduction so that she'd just be "Echo" to Miyu and it would end there, basically. Then the awkwardness there was gone.

    Echo wasn't aware of her presence, of the way she seemed to others. She had been told that she had the body language and pose like a star but other than that, she didn't see what was so special about her.

    She was just so plainly dressed and there was nothing special about her, at least not today. Her hands went through her black hair. It was very soft and she touched it whenever she was anxious about something or nervous.

    Echo only suggested private lessons for those who looked like they were about to faint just thinking about playing music in front of others. Miyu had that expression, of that primal fear that some felt on their first day. After all, many seniors were, like Echo, popular and aspiring artists in all kinds of fields.

    "That's alright, just follow me, please."
  8. Ah phew. A private conversation- perfect. Although the issue now is how to tell Echo that she doesn't play an instrument. Well whatever happens, happens.

    "That's alright, just follow me, please."

    Echo seemed very relaxed and Miyu felt it pass on to her slightly, so taking a deep breath she followed her out of the busy room while attempting to stay as casual as possible. Of course though, she didn't look casual in the slightest.

    "Ah.. Um, E- echo..."

    Making herself heard without giving off a bad impression (in her opinion) in a quiet corridor was quite the challenge, but maybe the challenge was speaking in the first place. She hadn't actually said anything too audible, and upon realizing this she had no choice but to grab on to the tail of Echo's suit to make her need of attention known.

    ... This would probably give off an even worse impression, Miyu thought as she stopped walking with her hand held firmly on Echo's clothing. Thinking before acting was never a strong point for her, let alone acting in the first place.

    "Actually I need to tell you something..."
  9. Echo didn't like seeing people looking like they were in a pinch let anything like that, so she always suggested private conversations or lessons with the ones that looked the most nervous.

    She hoped that acting calmly would make the other more relaxed.

    She walked out of the classroom gracefully, knowing from the sound of footsteps behind her that Miyu had been following along which was what the intention was. She didn't care to say anything because she could also practically feel Miyu shaking like a frightened animal.

    At first, Echo didn't hear those words.

    So of course she kept walking on without much thought to that, after all that was just the kind of person she was. She was also very much in control of her own emotions and the sides of her that she never showed anyone were safely hidden away in a locked box inside of her heart for later examination. That was also why many thought of her as a strange person with her happiness.

    Echo was about to walk on when she was obstructed by something holding onto her suit, thinking that she had gotten it stuck on something, upon turning her head, she realized that it was Miyu holding onto her jacket and she blinked slightly, turning around to look at the other girl.

    "Yes, what is it that you want to tell me? I thought I heard you talk before."
  10. "Yes, what is it that you want to tell me? I thought I heard you talk before."

    Unf. She was expecting the response but for some reason it still felt strange as Echo turned back to her with a questioning, but still radiant and smiling face.


    At this moment, Miyu had one of two choices. The first one being to go on and tell her the situation- and the second one being to keep on the facade of wanting to join the music club.

    "I uh... Is the... Can I play the triangle in the club?- Er! I mean... Umm..."
  11. Echo ran a hand through her hair, standing there after she had asked her question.

    It seemed that Miyu was surprised that she was just talking, but still, she seemed like she had expected it. That made Echo blink with an odd expression. Did she say something wrong, considering Miyu was acting like that?

    "Uh.... Miyu?"

    Her voice made it obvious that she was a bit confused as to why a girl was trying to ask her a question but then didn't do it anyways. In the end, Echo was just putting that off as her own fault. That she was making Miyu nervous.

    The question, in the end, confused her. She blinked slightly. "So... you're new to instruments?" She asked like it was a normal thing.
  12. Echo blinked and turned to face Miyu a bit more directly.

    "So... you're new to instruments?"

    The response was, in Miyu's opinion, actually rather unsatisfactory (although she isn't complaining). Echo responded like it was the most normal thing in the world. Funnily enough, by having to think about the response in context to what the response she'd imagined would be like, she had actually managed to calm down a bit.

    "Um, well. Kind of..."

    She scratched the back of her head and gave an awkward attempt at a smile.
  13. Echo ran a hand through her hair, smiling awkwardly at her new friend. She hadn't meant to burst out like that.

    She wondered how Miyu felt about the whole situation.

    Maybe she hadn't wanted to be in the music club, after all. She seemed like she mostly wanted to run off. Echo was going to ask her about it but didn't as she just watched the other girl, waiting for her reply. She hoped that her kindness served to calm Miyu down just a little bit, just maybe make her a little less awkward than before.

    "Oh... I see... well, did you come here for another purpose than music, perhaps?"

    Her question was careful, not wanting to hurt Miyu's feelings if she really wanted to do something with her music.
  14. "Oh... I see... well, did you come here for another purpose than music, perhaps?"

    Well, Echo didn't seem to be the type of person to make a big deal out of things like this. It could happen to anyone, Right? Either way it seems she has been trying her hardest not to make Miyu nervous, so the least she can do is answer honestly.

    "Um. Actually I... Kind of accidentally signed up to the music club..."

    Miyu hoped that she wasn't being rude, especially as she's sure she has seen this girl before somewhere (probably famous) yet where, for that matter, was on the tip of her tongue. Putting that thought aside though, accidentally signing up to a club you have no skills in definitely sounded like an impossible feat to accomplish in Miyu's opinion.
  15. Echo blinked as she glanced at the girl, never once saying anything more than what was needed. She didn't want to make Miyu nervous.

    As a first priority, she didn't want to make a big deal out of things, and she didn't want Miyu to be uncomfortable, either. She would rather that the girl was honest and told her the truth than giving her a feeling of pressure and then force her to lie to make Echo happy. That's why she talked like that, always with a view of calming Miyu down even more. Echo wouldn't tell a soul, and it was the reason she had so many friends. People trusted her with things.

    "Oh... well, that's quite the problem, I must say..."

    Echo thoughtfully stood for a moment before she smiled at Miyu. "What club did you want to be in? I can maybe talk to the captain of that club and explain the situation. I'm sure they'll take you in right away." Echo said with a happy smile as she ruffled Miyu's hair. "So there's nothing to worry about, okay?" It had been something so trivial, and it calmed her down.
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