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  1. Modern General
    Hiro Nakamura





    Japanese American

    Modern Personality
    Personality traits:
    Personality strengths:
    Personality weaknesses

    Modern Appearance:
    Body type:
    Showers multiple times a day, and almost every time he can before going somewhere.
    Skin tone:
    Very Pale
    125 lbs.
    Hair style/color:
    Medium Length. Black.
    Eye color:
    Very Light Grey
    Cloth style:
    Sleek and modern. Usually mostly black with hints of white or red.
    Notable features: (scars, birthmarks, tattoos, etc…)

    Modern Abilities


    Physical strengths:
    Impeccable Vision

    ∴Right Side Dominant∴
    ∴Move Stealthily∴
    Physical weaknesses:
    Gets Tired Quickly

    ∴Strong but lacks some stamina∴

    Modern History

    Hiro had grown up with only his mother. It was hard being a single mother, especially from birth. She had a hard time bringing Hiro up. Working multiple jobs meant that she wasn't there for Hiro as much as she wanted to but she had no choice. Hiro had learned early to be smart. With nobody to look after him and living in a bad part of Tokyo Hiro needed street smarts. He learned respect and what to look out for in people and their actions. In school he didn't have an problems. He was pretty smart and didn't really interact with the trouble makers in his classes. The usually bullies and the occasional Yakuza prospect. Hiro learned to be neutral and watch his ass.

    Nearing the end of high school meant the beginning of college. He learned to cook while his mother was working so he was fine on the food side of things. However he needed money to get into college and get an apartment. Hiro had always tried to be prepared in everything he did to minimize the risk of him failing at it. It was one of the things he was always afraid of.

    Hiro had pretty good scores and had applied to The University of Tokyo. By some miraculous miracle he had gotten accepted. With having quite the handsome cost Hiro needed to get a job. Something in fast food worked out nicely because he had a schedule to work around. School and studying, combined with working to pay of his tuition. It was repetitive and irritating but he wanted to be something so he endured it. After he turned 19 it wasn't very long until he finally got news about his father. Hiro wasn't sure about how it happened but his mother was going to introduce his father to him for the first time ever. Even stating his name. They would be traveling to New York. After first he was hesitant but curiosity soon overcame him. He needed to know who his father was.

    Hiro's mother took him to a very nice hotel and told him about his father. Edward Raynott. Edward ran and owned a successful robotics company based out of New York. Hiro's mother had tracked him down to tell him that she had a son, and he was the father. It came to a surprise that his mother learned that Hiro had a sister, and they should meet. Edward agreed, and told his wife and daughter. Even though Hiro understood why his father had not stayed, assuming it was a one night stand he couldn't get the nagging hatred out of his mind. His mother suffered and worked herself to death while his father sat back with large quantities of money. Shortly after Hiro's mother and him arrived in New York he had a date set to meet his half sister. Lucine Raynott.

    Hiro had always wanted a sister to protect, and even though the circumstances were fucked he was happy something good came out of it. After finally meeting her, he vowed to protect his big sister no matter what, with her being some of the only family Hiro had left. Hiro couldn't count the amount of times he had fought someone, and now he had a reason to. This was something that made him rethink everything.

    Lucine - Half Sister - Even though Hiro has just recently met Lucine, and learned they were half siblings he has gotten quite fond of her. Always wanting a sister had helped Hiro get over the actual reality.

    Norindul General




    The Judge

    Norindul Personality (If applicable)
    (Turning into a certain race could change the character’s perspective on things, it could also affect their personality and what they like and dislike. However a personality change is not necessary.)
    Changed personality traits:
    Changed personality strengths:
    Changed personality weaknesses
    Charged likes:
    Changed dislikes:
    New hobbies:
    New quirks:

    Norindul Appearance
    Body type:
    Lean but shaped

    Skin tone:
    Pale White

    125 lbs.
    Hair style/color:
    Medium Length. Black.
    Eye color:
    Piercing Blue

    Cloth style:
    Notable features: (Marks, tails, pointed ears, etc)

    Norindul Abilities:
    Skills: (Tracking, stealth, swordsmanship, etc)
    Physical strengths:
    Physical weaknesses:
    Magical abilities:

    Magical strengths: (stronger in the cold)
    Magical weaknesses: (weaker in heat)

    Norindul Race
    Racial skills:

    Racial strengths:
    Racial weaknesses:
    Other key features:

    Norindul Inventory
    Other equipment:

    Norindul History
    Important events:

    Theme song: (Optional) (A song that represents your character in general)
    Battle theme: (Optional) (A song that represents your character in combat)
    Voice: (Optional) (A voice sample of your character’s voice)
    Other: (Anything else that may need to be noted)
  2. Catheriné Julie Monette

    Full Name: Catherié Julie Monette

    Cat is a very... unpredictable to say the least. She rarely listens to the voice of reason and generally acts on purely her gut gut. As such, what she says and does tends to be highly influenced by her current mood – which is just about as unpredictable as her actions. Tending to fluctuate between happiness, anger, sadness, sweetness etc. you never quite know where you have her. She is chaotic at best, and outright crazy at worst. And yet she isn’t entirely lacking in consistency. She likes to flirt and joke around, rarely seeming to take much of anything seriously. She has a tendency to float in and out whenever she feels like it, and the only rules she follows are her own.

    Cat is very independent; sometimes to a fault. She loathes being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules, as she wants to be seen as a highly independent master of her own fate. Sometimes even as a possessor of an altruistic wisdom that goes beyond draconian law. Her biggest challenge she lives in a world of checks and balances, a pill she is not happy to swallow. In Cat’s mind, she's the one who makes the rules. No one else, not even the world, should be allowed to rule her fate and actions.

    If there is one thing Cat truly enjoys, it has to be playing games, and she especially likes making them up herself. It is next to impossible to make sense of her games most of the time, and sometimes it is even questionable if Cat herself understands her creations. The rules also tend to change a lot during the course of the game, and due to this inconsistency winning it fair and square is impossible. She is prone to cheating and bending rules, no matter the situation.

    But there is also a different aspect to her playful nature. To Cat – everything is a game. Even life itself, which may be the reason she so fearlessly approaches every situation. It can be argued that she thinks of herself as invincible, unafraid to put herself in life threatening situations. Yet she is also an incredibly sore loser. To her, dying would mean losing the biggest game of all. Simultaneously she is the kind of person who's prone to taking gambles, so her personality kind of contradicts itself.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that...

    And I can relate to the dementia. My Grandmother has it.

    Fair winds and following seas to him.
  4. You have all my empathy. I was very close to my grandmother- she was the only proof I have I wasn't adopted/an alien/a changling- but she died after I moved out of state.

    *hugs* Don't know if you're religious, but whatever you believe I hope it's comforting.
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