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Hedonist Redd

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My father, James Henry Shephard died, October 11, 2010, at around 1pm. He died of unknown causes, but I would wager to say his Parkinson's led to his non-responsive state, leaving him unable to eat or speak, and he was a DNR and NPO. We initially had him in a nursing home, where he got pretty shitty care from the nurses, and eventually, he was taken to the hospital because of his non-responsiveness. They signed all the papers, got hospice in the nursing home to make him comfortable, and he died shortly a week after getting back from the hospital. His funeral was that Friday.
Since he is gone, we have no means to get enough money to keep staying where we currently are. My stepmom is having to move in with her mother and such, and I am 90% sure going to move in with a friend up in Knightdale, North Carolina. If I can't get up there (I'll do just about everything aside shipping my ass up there) then I'll be at my mom's in Florida.
Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up. =3
I am sorry for your loss and the difficult times that have occurred. I hope things settle down for you soon.
my sympathies red. Here's to hoping you get to your mates place.
Be strong, darlin'. My best wishes to you and your family. <3 Let us know how things work out.