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    It was a world where nearly all natural creatures were gone. Barely any dogs or cats would ever be seen and 87% of all wild natural animals were extinct. Now, nearly everything were experiments or artificial life forms. They suffered through most of their miserable lives and only those that managed to escape or be bought from one of the rich would they no longer suffer from the torment. But somehow, the natural animals that were still alive now have longer lifespans - reaching over 50 years when they only used to survive 8-10 years. They were obviously stronger and had very strong immunities against diseases which now spread through the world due to all the chemicals in the air. There were no cars anymore. Just horse and carriage once again. The world is also clearly separated. There is no middleclass citizen anymore, just the rich and the nobility and the peasants. It's like the world had reverted back to medieval times.


    His green eyes flashed dangerously and he stared at the men who passed right by the alley he had hidden in. They were talking loudly amongst themselves, cursing the young man for stealing. If he had stolen off a wealthy family he would've have been executed, but because he lived in the poorer area, and Down Town at that, he would not be killed. They could easily beat him to an inch of his life and let him die on the side of the road, but killing him directly was not allowed. Clutching the loaf of bread to his chest, Rye turned around and scampered through the alley, keeping to the shadows as much as possible. The wind pushed through his silver hair and he narrowed his eyes to help shield from the wind. He raced towards the other end of the alley, hearing footsteps echoing all around him. They had split and by the sounds of it they were just desperate to find the little thief, not even trying to be silent. There were a total of 3 men and they all seemed around 35-40. If it had been one, Rye may have dared to fight back, but not 3. He may be young, at only 18, but he was an orphan. He had always had to steal to live, never having anyone to provide for him so the boy with almost stick thin and he wasn't exactly very strong from the lack of nutrition he has had for his whole life.

    He shivered at the cold wind as it swept through the tears in his pants and shirt, but he pushed on, bursting through the other end of the alley and turning sharply, taking off down the street. For a scrawny, thin guy, he sure was quick. Turning again, Rye zig zagged through alley ways and streets, making sure the men would never find him. His bare feet softly thumped against the pavement, one foot sinking into a puddle. The young man yelped in surprise, almost tumbling over. He caught himself and kept going and ran up a flight of stairs in an alley and then pushing open a door and closing it as quickly and quietly as he could. He sunk to his knees, his chest heaving and lungs burning for air. This place wasn't his home. No, Rye had no home, but he knew a few people and the elderly couple that lived in this building wouldn't mind him resting here. They knew what he went through, what he had to do to survive.. Rye knew that if he came here when they were actually home, they'd shove food into his arms, even if they needed it. Luckily though, they weren't home. Staring down at the loaf of bread, he heard and felt his stomach growl, demanding the food he had, but he shook his head and leaned it back against the door and closed his eyes as he caught his breath.

    Opening his eyes about 15 minutes later, the young man stood on shaky legs and turned around, his hand gripping the door handle. Opening it, he poked his head out, peering out and looking at either end of the alley. It was clear. Stepping through the doorway and closing the door behind him, the young man quietly made his way down the stairs and then bolted again. Better safe than sorry. After a few more turns, the young man found the spot in the side of a crumbling building. It would easily be looked over as a simple crack in the wall, but Rye slipped through it, placing a hand on the plaster wall he had painted the same pattern as the brick wall out the front so no one could tell. Shuffling through the small corridor, he soon came to a small open room with debris littering the floor.. His green eyes scanned the area and then he let out a breath of relief when he saw the silver fur curled in a corner. "Crow," he breathed and dropped to his knees beside the wolf. he was 100% natural, not an experiment. Rye had found him dying in a forest on the outskirts of Down Town when he was 8 and Rye hadn't taken a second thought to take the wolf with him. At that point, Crow had only been a young pup, so that would make the wolf 10 now. Rye had called him Crow because when he had found him, crows had been pecking at him, knowing he was near death. Not really original, but Rye had only been 8.

    The silver wolf lifted his head, his dark amber eyes watching him closely. Rye smiled and ran a hand through his fur as he ripped the bread apart, giving Crow 3/4 of it. The wolf looked at it and then back at Rye, as if asking why he was getting more. "You need it more than me," Rye said, pushing it towards him. The wolf huffed but ripped into the bread anyway as Rye quietly ate his piece. When they finished, Rye stood, as did Crow. Rye was thin, but Crow was thick and sturdy. Rye always made sure to give the wolf more food than him. After all, Crow lost weight rather easily. Rye was used to it and if he ate too much now, he'd be sick. "We should go outside for a bit," Rye said and the wolf gave him a questioning look and Rye sighed heavily before sitting down. "We should probably wait until night fall now. Those men will be gone then," he said and Crow laid down, resting his head on the young man's lap. Running his hand through his course but soft fur, man and wolf waited for the sun to sink below the horizon.

    Once the moon had risen, both stood up and stretched their protesting legs. Making their way outside, looking around to make sure it was safe, the young man walked through the streets. They needed water. And the only place where there was clean water was the Royal District in a fountain. No poor citizen ever ventured into the Royal or Rich Districts, they'd be sentenced to jail or executed. But Rye only ever got the best he could for Crow. They had ventured into the Royal District many times, luckily never being caught. Seen, yes, but Rye was quick and Crow was stealthy, so the wolf hadn't actually been seen yet. Good thing, too. If Rich or Royal Districts knew of a 100% natural wolf roaming the Poor Districts, they'd hunt the poor guy down and take him on the 3 month journey to the Science District, where he'd be experimented and operated on. Rye had always been careful not to let Crow get caught. He didn't know what he'd do without him now. He was his friend, his brother, his only reason to his, his only pillar and support. without him, Rye would crumble.

    Glancing behind them, they set off towards the Royal District,


    Spying the fountain just ahead, Rye pushed Crow's head below the grass as he looked around. At the moment, it was clear. Scurrying forward with an eerie silence, they soon came to the fountain. Sticking their heads over the ledge, Rye kept an eye out and nodded to Crow who quickly took a drinking, his tongue lapping up the water quickly. Once he was finished, his dark amber eyes turned to Rye momentarily before keeping an eye out, his ears forward and alert. Cupping his hands into the cool liquid, he brought the water from his hands to his parched lips quickly, not daring to lose another drop. He did that a couple more times before he let Crow have another drink.

    Suddenly, a howling growl sounded from a little distance behind them. The sound was strained and unnatural, but clearly from some kind of canine. They glanced behind to see the unnatural blue eyes and the gleaming teeth. The tail was thin and sleek, its sides just the same. Ears erect as they could go with twisted sort of knot at the ends of them. It was an experimental canine. The instinct to guard and attack was there. It's glowing blue eyes were staring directly at them, slowly stalking to them. It was a good 200m off, which would give them some time, but its howl would alert others someone was here. The exit to go back home was blocked by the damned canine. Glancing up the street which went further into the Royal District, Rye gave a low growl deep in his throat, not liking what they would have to do. "Crow, go!" Rye yelled as he took off, further into the Royal District. If they took a wrong turn into a dead end, they would be screwed. His bare feet slapped against the pavement and claws clicked along side him. "Crow, Go! Go home!" Rye growled. He didn't want him getting caught. But the wolf simply stared at him and kept running with him, graceful and elegant, not even pushing to keep up with him. "Stupid Wolf!"

    They soon heard more paws following and boots thudding angrily against the ground. Back up had arrived. Damn. Rye glanced back, seeing another canine and 2 men. The young man and the wolf zig zagged through streets, losing the canines and men. However, just up ahead was another canine and a young man, looking scared out of his wits being here. He was knew to being a guard. Easy pickings Rye thought with a slow, twisted smile. The young guard's eyes widened and he stumbled back, yanking on the Canine's leash and sending it sprawling onto the ground in a tangle of limbs. Crow gave a guttural snarl and lunged at the canine before it could get to its feet. Blood Splattered the ground as the wolf tore off the canine's ear and then went straight for the throat as Rye charged at the young guard. The guard pulled a knife, slashing at Rye as he got close. Skidding to a stop, the young man danced backwards, feeling the icy blaze along his chest as the man got him. But he ignored the pain and his hand shot out, gripping the man's wrist and pressing down hard. The knife clattered to the ground and Rye used his other hand and crashed the side of it against the back of the guard's head, knocking him out cold. Bending down to pick up the knife, he looked at Crow and the bloody, mutilated mess of the canine below his bloody paws.

    Rye gave a cruel smile and took off again, wolf on his heels. "I guess we won't be able to stay in Down Town anymore, crow," he said through breaths, "We need to leave," he bolted out of the Royal District, surprised the stupid buffoons didn't guard the exit. However, he heard a yelp of surprise as Crow tripped and skidded along the pavement and Rye stopped and pushed the wolf to his feet before they took off again. But something crashed into the back of his head and Rye went down, sliding along the coarse ground, feeling his skin tear at his shoulder. His world went black just as he saw canine tackle Crow to the ground and people muzzling him. At that moment, Rye knew where they were going to take Crow and that he'd be following as soon as he could.


    Waking after who knows how long, Rye straightened himself and blinked rapidly, clearing his vision. He saw metal bars all around him. He was in a cell. His shoulder was still raw and his chest still bleeding, which indicated he'd only been out long enough for them to throw him in here. He stood up and then remembered Crow being restrained and muzzled. The young bared his teeth at nothing and gave a growl. Rye was definitely very animalistic, even for someone from Down Town. He looked around, seeing that there was no one inside the rooms except him. He fished in his pockets and found a pin. He quickly unlocked the cell and then hid behind where the door would open and waited. When guards came into the room and saw he was gone, they called all the other guards inside. Rye crept around the door and darted down the hallway before they noticed and came looking for him. He made it out of the prison and bolted in the direction of Science District.

    He ran for who knows how long before he became exhausted and hungry. He staggered into the trees and collapsed. His eyes were fierce and aggressive, desperate with the need to find Crow. He didn't care even the slightest about his wounds. He had to catch up with them and take back his friend; his life.

    (Probably someone like an assassin or something - someone strong - who saw what happened and decides to help him and train him as well.. I'm not sure xD)
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