Just the newbie again

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  1. So what are the post icons at the bottom?
  2. Do you mean these:

    sorts of icons, by any chance? Or different ones?
  3. Yup those are the ones! :D
  4. The little colored orbs are purely decorative. The ones that say things have specific functions, though people in General will sometimes play with using those too for fun.
    You'll see the word ones mostly used for roleplays.
    Private - the thread is not open for just anyone, invitation only.
    Characters wanted/need players - the person running the roleplay wants more people!
    Join any time - the thread will not be closed to new people trying to join, so there's no need to ask. Even if they're ten pages into it.
    Newb friendly - Someone trying to encourage new members of Iwaku to join their thread.
    Apps closed - used to be need players/characters wanted but now their applications are full. No one new can join now.
  5. Another newbie "icon" question... What are those little thumbnails located under a member's info? Like when you post, it shows your avatar, status, last online, location, gender, blog, fame bar...then some people have a couple or several little thumbnails under the fame bar. What are those and how do you get them? ^_^
  6. Those are group pictures! If you are in a group then the picture for that group shows up under the reputation bar ^.^
  7. Awesome thanks everyone! And one more quick thing if you dont mind.. when filling out the stuff on my profile do I answer from my personal things or from my role playing point of view....? if that makes any sense :P
  8. I think what you're trying to ask here is if you should be filling out your profile in-character? :O

    If so, the answer is no! Your profile is supposed to be about you. This isn't a single-setting RP site, so we all have tons of different characters. If you want to post character profiles somewhere, many of us use our Blog for that exact purpose.
  9. Thank you! ^_^
  10. Thanks :D
  11. Another question... =P I posted a blog earlier today and it said it was a Moderated Blog Entry. Does this mean a moderator has to approve it before it can be seen by anyone else?

  12. Yes! It SHOULD be auto approved but there's a wonky setting somewhere. So that'll be fixed in a jiffy. 8D
  13. Woot! All fixed, thanks! ^_^

  14. Sorry for the double post here, but another newbie question...

    How do you like/thank a post?
  15. Just click the "Thank for this post" or "like this post" buttons under a post.

    ....and if you don't see those then.... I have to go fix a setting. O__O
  16. Ah, I see them now! Thanks! ^_^