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  1. Ok, so, I have an idea for a rp that's kinda fandom-ish, I suppose.
    So, I was thinking along the lines of heroxvillain. The hero will be seme and I will be playing the villain.
    So, these will be the children of the heroes and villains. They attend a school to bring the two classes closer to end the wars/fights.
    My character will be the son of Maleficent. Here's his info.
    Name: Sean Nightingale
    Appearance: As above
    Age: 17
    Personality: He can be very snappy and tempermental, but he's a huge sweet heart.
    Parent: Maleficent
    Villain/Hero: Villain

    Extra: He's very fashion forward and likes to paint his nails. He likes gothic/cute things, and is always up for a good movie. He likes music and tends to sing, A LOT. He plays clarinet and draws manga.

    So, this will be modern fantasy and I think it may get a bit smutty here and there, but that's completely up to you.
    So, let me know in the comments or pm me if you'd like to do this.

    ~Thanks for your time! ^^
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  2. This sounds interesting and cute! (In a good way) So I'm in if you'll have me!
  3. *smiles* welcome aboard! I'd be delighted to have you!
  4. So I just use the cs you did to make a hero? And do you have any gender preferences for the hero?
  5. yes, and I'd like the hero to be male. u don't mind being the one in charge of a relationship, do u?
  6. I don't mind ^_^ Just give me a moment to type up a cs!
  7. Name: Casey Phillip
    Appearance: (picture) tall, about 6"2, slightly built, blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.
    Age: 17 almost 18
    Parent: Aurora and Prince Phillip
    Villain/Hero: Hero
    Extra: He has an amazing singing voice like his mother, and no, he is not cursed to prick his finger and fall into a slumber like death. He loves animals and kids, he also plays the guitar and piano. He is the traditional princely type, however he also has a rebellious side.

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  8. Sorry it took so long, I had to go out.
  9. Oooh~♪ he's hawt! it's quite alright. So, would you like to start or me?
  10. I guess you. What's the name gonna be? Cuz we do have to move it out of the ooc lol
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