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  1. Here are two short stories and a poem I wrote in English, if for nothing else, it's for you to see how I write and maybe help you decide if you want to roleplay with me or not.

    I always like honest comments, including your opinion of my works, grammar errors, inconsistencies in my writings, how to improve some things in the texts and the skills that I have. You can also discuss my works and ask me questions about them (for anything else, like my phone number, use pm ;o ). I will consider and think on all of your suggestions, but I'll accept and use them only if I like them, so don't be hurt if I don't appear to actually read and listen to all of the suggestions. =)

    Oh, just one more thing.. My stuff usually doesn't have a title. Intentionaly.

    And just one more thing. If I see that someone has ripped of some of my stuff, you'll be lucky if you drown in your own blood and teeth while you watch your balls burn. That is if I find you. If I don't, karma will. She's my bitch. :TT:

    So here's the first one:
    It was a warm summer morning in a small seaside town somewhere in the east mediterranean. The cries of seagulls broke the quiet silence as the sun began to rise over the sea. Most of the town's people were still inside their homes, sleeping or just beggining to slowly wake up to another slow day, like they are, when you leave on the beach. The port was also starting to wake up, with hungover and sometimes still drunk sailors coming out of the taverns, or in many cases from ditches along the roads, and hurrying towards their assignments on and off their ships. All in all, The Docks, as the port quarter of the town was known, was the only place in town that at least looked busy throughout the whole day. By day business was made, ships needed cleaning, cargo moving and other hassle of marine life needed doing. By night The Docks changed its face, as succesfull business deals needed celebration and unsuccesfull ones had to be sunken in the sea of booze. And then The Docks turned into a scene of drink, laughter, talk, song, fights and puke.

    Poem that kind off goes along with it:

    And so on a ship we go
    with a mighty yo ho ho,
    to reap the harvest that we sow.

    Too bad that we sow the sea,
    so nothing ever grows for me.
    And so no matter where we go,
    my harvest'll never grow.

    And so I drink for the sea,
    that took away the soul from me.
    With a promise of gold and fame,
    nothing left but drink and shame.

    Even the girl that came to me
    had been taken away by the sea,
    cause scrubbing the deck just isn't
    good enough for thee.

    Now this one is more of a joke. I was trying to mimic old Slovenian folklore style (it also has some symbolic value) and make a parody of it in the form of a story for kids. Enjoy:

    In a place not too far from here and a time not so ancient and past, a family had a weekend house in a small village on a hill. The village was surrounded by forests and only one road led from it. It really was a heaven on Earth, if you like quiet places in the middle of green nature.
    That family had a dog, which by no standards was an ordinary dog. By day it was just like any other dog, but by night it turned into a vicious monster that walked on two legs and hunted down cats and killed them for sport. The monster also grew horns at night, but it had one weakness. Were it to gaze upon its own image refledted by starlight from a pond made by rain, mother Earth would be ripped open and the creature cast in the pit, forever stopping its malice.
    In that village there used to be a thriving cat culture, but ever since that family moved there, the cats have become scarce and started hiding, not trusting any alien stare.
    And so it happened one time that after a rainy day some kids stayed outside late into the night, playing in mud and water left by the rain, their games made visible by the stars. Then a howl echoed from not far away, followed by the scream of a cat. The kids, suspicious of the sounds, went to explore the disturbance in their play. But all they could find was a little pond under a bush with a wet cat sitting in it and a small crack in the ground beside.
    From that day on, the cats have returned to the village, happier than ever and the family is said to be to this day still looking for their dog that went missing on a rainy day.

    Hope you enjoyed it, now please comments below.
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