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  1. [rainbow]Just some errant thoughts...[/rainbow]

    Introduction (blahblahblah)
    (maybe skip this if you're looking for an interest check first)

    Hi I'm Rainjay call me Rain (or Jay, or Sarah, or Rainjay, or J if you're super duper lazy like me). I am a teen Iwaku member (lookit my little cute blue star) and I love to write! I've been writing since I was 7 or 8, when I fell in love with books and decided (pretty instantly, actually) that I just MUST be an author when I grow up. While I've essentially become demotivated sludge and haven't ever finished writing a book (seventy thousand words.... all of exposition. Mostly wrote that on a boring winter vacation, though) I still 100% (maybe 98%) want to become an author and do love to write, even though I often sit around moping about how my writing doesn't resemble all of the great Iwaku-writers or Wattpad-writers that I've found (English classes and peer review are painful).

    I joined Iwaku mostly because I was thinking, "If I started writing again, in roleplays, I'd be forced to write every day or every few days because if I didn't I'd feel like I broke some social rule and was a rude person." Well, and that in a roleplay, you're not the only person writin' the story (and if you are, I'm sorry for you. Unless that's your thing) which is something I direly need to get back into writing.

    However I find it hard on Iwaku sometimes to find group roleplays where everyone is actively participating in all facets of the roleplay, and realize why 1x1's are so popular. If only two people are roleplaying, how can someone be left out?

    However I don't currently have any 1x1's that are either active or are suiting my current tastes so here I am with this post.

    Notes to Begin With

    So, I'm a highschooler with mostly AP and honors classes and as of now (12/17/14), I do not have a ton of work to do. Some AP work, some tests to study for, but then next Tuesday I'm one break for a week or so and will have lots of time, particularly for plotting and worldbuilding! So if you'd like to do a big, imaginary world, this would be the person and the time to do it with! I'm totally happy worldbuilding with you, and have quite an imagination for it. And, even better, I won't get mad if you hate whatever I worldbuild-ed up.

    I'm also looking for a job. If I do get one it'll probably be a Sunday/Saturday morning job, so I'll be either tired or napping in the afternoon, but I'll still be on on the weekends.

    I think I'm pretty good with leaving notes on my schedule habits. I'll let you know in OOC whether or not I'll be extremely busy or not.

    I live in the EST time zone (East coast of the US).

    I am an introvert and will sometimes be afraid to ask you questions or to talk to you. Just yell at me (not really yell at me please be friendly >.<) if I'm not being communicative enough and I'll meekly apologize and try harder. I'm also awkward sometimes, and have anxiety, but please bear with me. I will soon become best of friends with you and will return to my normal, happy self. It's not you, really. I just feel ya'll are all so great and I am so not great :P

    Also! I tend to use a brief CS for every plot, OCs, and with worldbuilding, I like to build up solid information on the plot and the setting.


    So, you could just look at my roleplay-questionnaire-preference-whatever thingymabob, but I'll put my requests here:

    - I only play female unless it's a side character
    - I'm not too into "liberteen" stuff, but I'll talk about this later.
    - I have a roughly intermediate posting type (I post quite a few paragraphs, but in conversation and character x character interaction I tend to cut it down to 1-2) and also expect any and all partners to be the same. Good grammar, use spellcheck, capitalize your letters, character development and good writing skills. I'll drop the roleplay if this isn't met (sorry!)
    - In romance, I play fxf and sometimes fxm but again, I'll talk about this more later.
    - All of the stuff I marked above (fluff, LGBT, it's a kissing book, etc.) is fair game for roleplays and themes.
    - Please, no super cheesy over-used plots. I'm getting bored of them.
    - Don't be submissive roleplayer. I'm looking for someone with an active voice and opinion. Not overpowering but someone cooperative and fun.
    - I prefer third person, past tense.
    - Must be able to play side-characters as well as your main.
    - Can we at least try to be friends and chat and stuff too ^^
    - I can be convinced to do a three person roleplay! This does go into group roleplays or in a PM (not 1x1) but for just about every 1x1 roleplay/plot I am willing to add in a third player.


    Okay. I'm not against romance. Actually, it can help drive plots forward. Good plots don't depend on romance, though. Good romance embellishes a good plot.

    I always play female, so FxM is only available if you REALLY want to play a male. I'd prefer a female, even for romance purposes. Especially for romance purposes, actually.

    However I'd like to mention I'm not a pro-romance writer. I find it somewhat awkward sometimes, end up nervous or unsure what to write. So I'm not against it, actually would enjoy it, but I'll need some support I guess with it. A.K.A, I'll need someone who can be a bit more dominant with the romance aspect of any plot. Lead my character on!

    As for 'mature' content in this regard, I'm a 'fade to black' type person. With a roleplay partner I'm comfortable with, the limits can be stretched, but the actual deed must be blacked-outed. Cuddles and cutesy stuff (I think most romantic things are cute) are encouraged, though!

    I do ask: no love triangles unless it's an actual triangle (Susan loves John who loves Betty who loves Susan, NOT Susan and Betty both love John and John can't pick).


    Themes themes themes uhmm... I'm cool with the following-type stuff (not all exactly themes):

    - Vampires
    - Werewolves (not as much as vampires)
    - Mages/Magic users (of nearly any type)
    - Dark vs. Light (be that the characters, enemy forces, etc.)
    - Them vs. World
    - Bullying
    - Mental illness
    - Physical illness
    - Highschool setting (no Highschool Musical/Disney drama stuff!!)
    - College setting
    - Saving the world
    - Saving yourself (Hunger Games ish)
    - Apocalypse!
    - Them vs. government
    - Them vs. Other thems
    - Abuse (no abusive relationships between our characters, please)
    - On the run/runaways
    - High-fantasy


    Fantasy, science fiction (not in much of a food for this currently though), high fantasy, modern fantasy, modern

    You can see I like fantasy.

    Existing Ideas

    Most of these are just randomly thrown together, or are literally dream material. I prefer if you come along with a plot you're already interested in, but if you see one of these and want to add to it or edit it or have ideas for it, that's totally (uber) cool!

    I will either note which character I prefer to play, or will asterisk it. I can be convinced to change positions. No notation means no preference.

    Random Plot 'Bunnies' (open)

    - Princess x female knight
    (Something to do with a female knight saving a princess! Be it the knight was assigned to the princess, the knight saved the princess, or maybe even the princess saved the knight)
    - Vampire x human girl
    (As long as it's not Twilight or any other cheesey vampire stuff, I'm cool. Think Carmilla, if you've seen it. Preferably female vampire. Package can come with other assorted mythical creatures and lots of randomly thrown together plot)
    - Two kids trying to save the world
    (Random ideas associated with such are but are not limited to: appeasing the Gods (they could be demigods?), stopping a disaster, finding a cure to some human-killing machine of a disease, self-sacrifice, etc.)
    - Demigods/actual gods
    (Children of the gods doing the gods dirty work- think Percy Jackson. Gods could be fighting on the world in mortal form. Can be Norse, Greek, Roman, or entirely made up. Can be a mix of different mythologies.)
    - Deaf girl x "normal" girl
    - Blind girl x "normal" girl

    (for additional fun, the "normal" girl may be an artist. Does not need to be romantic)
    - The Last of Us theme roleplay
    (OCs, unless you want to play the future of the story, which I am totally okay with. Characters will fight zombies, struggle to survive, etc.)
    - Beyond Two Souls theme roleplay
    (Plot points will be discussed. Preferably will take place as a "sequel" to the main story. We will establish a canon ending and work from there. Main characters playable will be: Jodie, Aiden, Zoe + alternate companion for Zoe)
    - Cancer bearing x healthy
    (Does not necessarily have to be romantic. Think, My Sisters Keeper)
    - Cancer bearing x cancer bearing
    (Think, The Fault In Our Stars, but not as melodramatic)
    - Hunger Games OCs
    (Probably not romantic, will be no rebellion. Characters will die.)
    - Combat arena
    (Details up for discussion. Will be similar to Hunger Games, but there may be multiple winners. One such plot will be explained below.)
    - Dragons x human, adventure
    (Dragons would be shape-shifters, a.k.a humans that can change into a dragon form. No beast x human)

    See Plot (open)

    Tried to launch this plot before. Didn't work, haven't given up on it.

    Our characters are female students at a predictably all-female school, where the students are learning to become a mortal form of the Norse Valkyries. These girls represent the Valkyries in modern form, and study the art of magic and swordplay, with additional other skills. The students study for the day of Ragnarok in a world divided, although most after graduation become simple highly-elite guardswomen. However, Ragnarok has come and our characters are at the head of the battle.

    I have a map and further information on this plot, although partner input is loved!

    Link to original w/ additional info.

    Modern sci-fi; "Super Powers"
    See Plot (open)

    Character A's parents and little sister have just been murdered; Character A found them dead on the floor after arriving home from high school. After interrogation from the police, they are put into foster care while an investigation occurs. No evidence is ever found- the case is put on hold, indefinitely.

    Character A however has a secret they do not tell to the police. They were born with super powers and have had these powers all their life. They distinctly remember their mother telling them to NEVER tell anybody else, and so they haven't. (Note: super powers are not superhero type.)

    In their new school, Character A meets Character B, someone who acts rather strange around Character A, and has the same colored eyes- it being unusual as Character A has abnormal eyes. They find out that Character B also has super powers and that they both come from an underground science lab in New York city, where a scientist has been trying to engineer super powers in children. After a break in the heavily secured building (all 'test subjects' are imprisoned), Character A and B were freed, at very young ages.

    Now, Character B reveals that said scientist has been pursuing themselves and Character A for years due to their 'special' DNA and super powers.

    I prefer Character B.

    I have an entire plot and story arc for this roleplay and will provide more information at request.

    High Fantasy; Athai
    See Plot (open)

    This is more of a setting, based on a story I'm currently working on. In an entirely fantasy world, there are four major Isles, and several smaller ones, based around an intricate god system. Years after the Pasch revolution, when one Fallen god lead an entire nation into war (a war which lead to genocide of the Pasch peoples), he has returned and is attempting to kill the patron god's of the two nations that lead to Pasch's failure. To save the two goddesses from death, their spirits are fragmented and two human girls are turned into Guardian's of the two goddesses, charged with protecting the fragments of the goddesses they represent, and to put the evil god back into his place.

    I can provide tons more information, a thorough map, and culture upon request. But since I'm working on this as a story, I'm not going to post it all here. If you're interested in an entirely new world, and in helping to shape it, this is a good plot for you!

    Thaw That Frozen Heart ** TAKEN
    See Plot (open)

    In a different world than our own (currently unnamed), there exist four major kingdoms, each ruled by a royal family in possession of a crystal shard. Each shard represents one of four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each royal family is charged by the gods to protect their crystal, at the cost of their lives and their kingdom. The Dagan family protects the Earth crystal, the Aera family protects the Air crystal, the Apanie family protects the Water Crystal, and the Ignacia family protects the Fire crystal. Each crystal lays dormant, but the families all know that the day the crystals become active is the day that the End has come.

    The story of the End was told by a dying prophetess years and years ago. She told of the destruction and death that would come, although she never mentioned how to stop it. She only mentioned that the crystals the families have fought so hard to protect is the key to creating Spirit, whom, once created, will stop the End. Some kingdoms have considered fighting to win over the other crystals, believing that possessing all four will save their kingdom and themselves. Others protect their crystal even fiercer.

    One day, a daughter or a son is born into each royal family; a young lord/lady in the Aera family, a distant relative to the throne, an illegitimate heir in the Dagan line, child to a knight, the niece of the Ignacia heir, titled a marchioness, and a princess in the Apanie family, second in line to the throne. All the children are born on the same day, at nearly the same time. That is the day the crystals come to life, and each child is granted a gift. They are as follows:

    Child of the Aera line:
    Control of sky (manipulation of air, including currents and air flow. Can manipulate air to allow flight)
    Child of the Dagan line:
    Control of land (manipulate growth and movement of plants, manipulation of dirt/stone/rock)
    Child of the Ignacia line:
    Control of flame (manipulation of fire/lava (requires lava source), create heat and warmth, cause spontaneous combustion)
    Child of the Apanie line:
    Control of frost (manipulate ice/water/snow, create storms, freeze people)

    Each family kept the children a secret, hoping to use them as weapons against each other. Aera and Dagan, previously peaceful lines, began to war over crystals. Ignacia and Apanie have been fighting to remain neutral.

    The story begins when the princess of the Apanie (my character) line is being pushed into a marriage with the prince of the Ignacia line. The Ignacia heir comes with his sister and her daughter, whom has the gift from the Fire crystal in the Ignacia line (partner's character).

    Essentially, the two characters meet and fall in love (FxF), discover the prophecy of the End, and leave their families to try and find out how to create Spirit to save the four kingdoms.

    The Last of Us
    See plot (open)

    This is for pre-made characters TLOU roleplay. For OCs, please message me below with your ideas!

    This roleplay would take place after Joel and Ellie return to Tommy's group. The game leaves the world in a very bleak state, the Fireflies almost obliterated, humanity almost gone.

    Characters could be Ellie, Joel, Tommy, etc. or even some OCs with main characters. Perhaps Ellie has grown older, married, had kids.

    General plot ideas:
    The Fireflies are making last ditch efforts to find a cure. Ellie has had children and has passed on her immunity; one of her children are kidnapped by Fireflies.

    The U.S government has rallied enough forces and supplies to engineer and deploy a bio-bomb. The idea is to get as many people off-shore the country as possible before initiating it. The bomb is designed to destroy the zombie-fungi, but has high chances of simply destroying all human, and humanoid, life. Plants are largely unaffected. Characters either are attempting to stop the bomb from being used, or are trying to secure a place on one of these boats. Perhaps Ellie has had children in the future, and after losing contact with them, is attempting to find them before the bomb is deployed.

    Fireflies have made contact with the UK which has managed to avoid the brunt of infection and has massive, functioning and well supplied quarantine zones. They have recovered functioning aircraft and ships and plan to relocate survivors to their zones. Characters are attempting to make their way to these zones to safety.

    The Taskmaster/Combat arena (see plot bunnies)
    See plot (open)

    I was in one roleplay awhile back based on a world where humans lived on a planet also occupied by non-humans. These non-humans had magical powers and were contained through the use of trusts. These trusts essentially make the non-human a slave to the human, a life of servitude. The non-humans initially made these pacts with humans when society was medieval, when the non-humans swore oaths to protect the royal and noble of the humans. The pact did not make the non-humans slaves; it was instead a promise and a noble act.

    Overtime, however, the humans manipulated it as they found flaws in the system. The trusts were bound in writing, which then was sealed by a royal symbol or stamp. That stamp would appear as a tattooed marking on the non-human. Since these trusts were written by hand, humans wrote in rules that would bind the non-human to their family, forever.

    War followed, and superior technology and numbers won, and most surviving non-humans are enslaved.

    The non-humans are humanoids with slightly varying traits. They have one-two major "superpowers", certain heightened traits (someone with superior strength usually does not also have speed and agility), and *sometimes* have physical markings that show their difference.

    The plot of the roleplay can stop here, and may take place in the medieval period of this war, but here is the battle arena portion of the story:

    After the mass enslavement of these non-humans, they were humiliated, abused, and used for entertainment. The contracts forced them to stay within the parameters of their masters rules, so really, the whole thing is just for human fun. The non-humans are randomly selected (they may enter themselves into the selection pool) for a fight to the death arena. Not everyone may die, however. The ones drawn are brought to the arena holding area before released. There, they will receive tasks. Completing these tasks will earn them points. Those with the most points at the end will win their freedom from slavery.

    These tasks include anything from "Do not draw blood from another for two days" to "Do not touch the ground for twenty hours" to "Kill player 5".

    [rainbow]El Fin[/rainbow]

    I am looking for only one partner at this moment in time, and it is first come first served (I guess???) but if you turn out to be a really great potential partner I'll probably end up making an exception anyway.

    Please shoot me a PM or leave a message below!

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  2. Wow, you seem really serious about this. So well put together-meaning you know what you want. I was wondering if you were interested in starting one with me. I have a feeling that you would be quite the adventure and I thirst for it! I hope no one took a place yet because I would love to start to write with you! Most of those topics look rather great to use.
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  3. Someone has already messaged me, but I'd still love to chat and maybe work out a roleplay with you! Do you have any preferences/ideas in mind?
  4. That sounds great!
    I am, however, guilty of not possessing any ideas at the moment.
    I love fantasy, drama, and all that kind of stuff--if you haven't noticed before. I have done a bunch of FanFiction type things, but I don't think anyone here does that as often as some other sites.
  5. Well, there are the three ideas I've already got up there (the first and third seem more fantasy, the first one probably has the most potential for drama) or we could make up an entirely different plot. I'd rather not do outright fanfiction, but if there's some idea from a book or show you really like I'm sure we could find something to do with it :)
  6. Thread still open!
  7. I have updated with new plots and am open for 1-2 more 1x1s!
  8. Hi. So I was reading through your ideas for roleplay and I was wondering if maybe you'd want to do a roleplay with me? I've had a lot of trouble finding someone willing to do a fxf roleplay with me. If you don't want to, that's cool.
  9. Do you have any thoughts or ideas for a plot?
  10. Well, I was looking at your abuse theme idea, and I got the idea of "abused girl X non-abused girl." Where one of the girls is being abused at home and the other girl tries to be there for her and find a way to help her.
  11. Alright. We can work out a plot with that ^^
  12. Hello Rainjay! If you're still looking for a partner, I'm seriously interested in your Valkyrie or Last of Us plot.

    Feel free to check out my roleplay resume thing, if you'd like to see a writing sample that is! Shoot me a PM if you're interested?
  13. Great! Thank you so much!
  14. Just shoot me a PM. I'll have to reply tomorrow though. I'm heading off for the night.

    I'll have to send it tomorrow, since I'm heading off. But I'm interested ^^
  15. Sounds good to me! Talk to you then :)!
  16. Okay! Thank you again for accepting. ^_^
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  17. I'd be interested in doing something with the high school theme! :D
  18. Cool! PM me?
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