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  1. Hey! I'm looking for a roleplay partner that's interested in some of my plots!

    First off, I'd like you to write at the very least one post a day. If you can post more, that's great, but I just want to set a minimum. Also, please write more than two lines per post. If you can't put any effort in your replies, I can guarantee you that I will get bored after a while. On a related note, please feel free to talk to me OOC if you want to or if you have any questions/suggestions for the plot.

    So, on to the plot:

    Moody Medic (open)
    This story takes place in a futuristic war between the last two remaining major superpowers on Earth. My character is a field medic, the only one in her squad, for the side that are considered the "military without morals", as most people, even their supporters, like to call them.

    And that's true.

    The average soldier in the military just don't care about what they shoot, as long as it's not another friendly soldier. When they aren't in battle, they constantly get into brawls and fights amongst each other, which puts a lot of stress on the lone medic. As a result, she's develoved quite a temper, along with a fair share of hatred for her fellow soldiers.

    So, there are three ways that I can think of to introduce your character. Either they are a civilian injured in the military's recklessness, they are a part of the army in one way or another or they are an injured war prisoner. I'll leave it up to you to decide, as I want to leave some ends open for comfort.
  2. I would love to rolelplay this plot with you. It seems very interesting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.