Just some pairing ideas! (Major Update!)

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  1. It's been a few months since I RP'd, so I'm hopping in again! Here are some pairing I'm interested in, no real plots yet, that can be discussed upon, since I like creating an idea as partners so we both get what we like.

    These pairings can be mix and matched as desired (Like NecromancerxMonster for instance) and genders can be really anything! Not too picky really. Willing to do FxF MxF and MxM, also willing to do double characters. LGBTQA+ friendly! Polyamory is also totally okay with me.

    I'm extremely relaxed when it comes to post length, you can only do a paragraph? Cool! Want to get into novel lengths? Also cool! I don't care much either way, you do you.​

    Original interests:
    Prince(ss)/Ancient Being
    Necromancer x Lord/Lady
    Death God/Human
    Royalty/Court Wizard
    Shark Anthro/Human
    Old God/New God Believer

    Elements to add into the mix:
    Arranged Marriage

    Diesel Punk
    Magical Realism

    Fandom based Interests:
    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    Avatar/Legend of Korra
    (Warning about these, I don't really like playing canon characters, I will if you will though)

    Kink Interests right now:
    Healthy three way relationship, height difference, and age difference, light bondage.

    Plot Ideas:
    #1: The sleepy little town of Mistford is a pleasant place, everyone knows everyone, people get along, the town is nestled between mountainous forests and sea, and for the most part it's a normal little town, save for the abundance of supernatural citizens residing with in its limits. The mayor's a 700 year old vampire, the barista at the coffee shop is an ancient sea monster turned human, and that's not even getting started on the rest of the denizens. When a human moves to town with out reading the brochure first they receive a nasty shock and a warm welcome.

    #2: Werewolves and vampires have their own sort of royalty, and despite their centuries of conflict they wish to come together now to make amends and bring peace between the two factions. They of course decide to resolve this by marrying the two factions together via the oldest child of each group.
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  2. Still looking!
  3. Added some more interests!
  4. Added a lot more stuff! Including two plots!
  5. I would love to do your second plot idea ^^
  6. I'm interested in creating a mxf fantasy pairing/plot with you if you're interested.~
  7. Would you be interested in God/Demigod or Royalty/Royalty?
  8. I have an Arranged Marriage MxM plot if your interested?
  9. I must say Thus this is Interesting indeed,Lots of plots and im rather Interested in a few.

    But question remains are you still accepting request?
  10. splendid! I shall set up a PM to discuss Further this topic
  11. Fantastic!
  12. I'm looking for partners again!
  13. If you are still searching for partners, I would be interested in a Viking rp. Send me a PM if you want to RP
  14. Looking briefly for a new rp! Really craving FxF lately! If you have an interest hit me up!