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So, I have only had one roleplay that I've actually been able to keep going. Now, I've decided that I want to ease myself back into more roleplays, this way I won't completely fry my brain again.

Note: I like to add romance to my stories. Like a lot.

Please try to write at least 2-4 paragraphs- I'm not asking for a ton here, just try to make your posts long and check for mistakes. We all make mistakes though, so I don't expect you to be perfect. Nobody is.

Alright, here are some plots I have in mind.

Police officer x Thief

Character A is a well known thief, they're respected in the criminal community and have never been caught, until now that is. To finish this all off they happen to work for a well know gang leader, it's believed they bring him supplies and weapons. Character B is an officer that's worked for the force for while, and they happen to be put in charge of questioning Character A. Character A starts opening up to B, and eventually tells them everything. The two forge an odd bond and become close friends, even gaining mire than platonic feelings for one another.

Then shit hits the fan and a very angry gang leader wants to find and kill A for betraying him.

Photography student x Lycanthrope

There is a world that has stayed unknown to humans for centuries. A world of the supernatural. Character A is a university student who has been studying photography for awhile now and a project in the woods leads them to find Character B, an injured Lycanthrope that had been kicked from their pack. Character A, after freaking out, takes the Lycan back to their home just outside campus and helps fix them up. Little do they know they've just gotten involved in the supernatural world, and their kind actions will lead to a string of events that will change their life forever.

Marine Biologist x Mermaid/Merman

Character A is a Marine Biologist who is given the task of studying Character B, a recent discovery that shocked everybody, they were a mermaid/merman. After awhile Character A learns of Character B's past, and finds themselves growing to be a close friend with them. But are they a good enough friend to help Character B escape and go home?


The Police x Thief plot sounds like a lot of fun!

I'm interested!
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