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  1. Heyo everyone that comes across this post, which is someone I hope. Either way these are just some one on one roleplay ideas that I have been wanting to try out, since it has been a little whle since I have done any one on one, so hopfully they are ok. I play male characters since I don't really know the whole girl experince, so lets ave fun and do Stuff!

    Interesting Things
    Athletic Boy x Athetic Girl

    Athletic Boy x Geeky Girl

    Athletic Girl x Geeky Boy

    Organised Boy x Chaotic Girl

    Chaotic Boy x Organised Girl

    Calm and Relaxed Boy x Bossy Girl

    Bossy Boy x Calm and Relaxed Girl

    Anti-Social Boy x Over-Social Girl

    Anti-Social Girl x Over-Social Boy

    Overly Safe Boy x Dangerous Girl

    Dangerous Boy x Overly Safe Girl

    Super Hero Boy x Super Villan Girl

    Super Hero Girl x Super Villan Boy

    So yeah there is my main list and stuff of course I always take suggestions and such and if you want to do anything that goes with more unrealistic settings then just let me know because as I said before I am down for just about any suggestions someone might have.

  2. Hi! I am Skyfall and I am interested in a few of these pairings if you're still looking for partners!!! I am interested in:
    Dangerous boy x overly safe girl
    Antisocial girl x overly social boy
    Athletic girl x athletic boy
    Athletic boy x geeky girl
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  3. I would actually love to do the superhero boy x Supervillan girl plot if you want to talk about it over pm
  4. Ahh cool shoot me a pm and we can talk it over.
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