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  1. I have plenty (not really) of time on my hands with the amount of schoolwork slowly lessening and I figured why not start up a 1x1 RP? If anyone is even interested tbh.​
    I D E A S ;​
    I don't really have a complete plot in mind yet but once I find a partner and once we both decide on what genre and ideas we'll be using, I'll thoroughly come up with something.​
    Basically I'm into anything:​
    [+] Horror and thriller with a hint of romance
    Think The Purge and Fear combined. I love anything creepy and scary but still romantic in some non-demented ways like seriously. It's my guilty pleasure.​
    [+] Action and Gore
    I love me some action packed killing machines in a dystopian setting. Ranging from but not limited to zombies, vampires, radioactive nuclear, or other forms of apocalypse. I like crazy robots too.​
    [+] Disney Fairy-Tales
    I'm into the whole 'Disney-Tales-Reinterpretation' sort of thing and I really, really find every character interesting. Stories like of Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, The Princess and the Frog and Snow White.​
    Other Fairy Tales outside of Disney count as well. ^^​
    We can even add a spice of horror~​
    [+] Forbidden Romances
    Not like biological siblings or even twins. . . that's just. . . *shudders*​
    I mean like studentxteacher or princexpauper or maybe even traitorxhero.​
    I'm open to other ideas as well. :D​
    Roleplaying Styles;​
    - Yeah I can play the male or female or both.​
    - If you don't have a certain literacy, of if you only want to RP romance, or if gore isn't your kind of thing then I'm afraid I'm not suitable to be your partner.​
    - My posts are usually long and descriptive depending on my mood so I take 5ever to respond.​
    - If I like our characters together, I'll start shipping them hard so like beware of my feels.​
    - I can role-play mature with sexy times and all that good stuff but note the age group rule thing. I'm 16.​
    - I write past tense and third person only.​
    - I get lazy and unmotivated so often that I usually procrastinate on my post and if you catch me slipping, don't hesitate to berate me. :D​
    K byeeeee homie.​
  2. I'd be willing to be your partner. I like the forbidden love or the disney. I can do long post and would like someone to roleplay with.
  3. I would like to roleplay with you! I love the forbidden love idea with some horror involved. Let me know if you are interested.