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  1. (Sorry about the lame title and short post)

    Laurie closed her eyes as she stretched in front of the Pokemon Center. She took a deep breathe and sighed happily. She had woken up an hour ago, making sure that she had everything set. Her Jolteon, nicknamed Mesmar by her trainer, stood patiently by her side. At first Laurie was confused as to why Mesmar would not stay long in her Poke'Ball, but after a while she stopped questioning it and let her be.

    "So Mesmar what exciting adventures shall we get into today," she asked her Pokemon. Mesmar let out a small yap of "Jolt" and Laurie grinned.

    "To the Poke'Mart then." The teen started making her way over to it. She was currently in Lilycove City at the moment, but she wasn't sure if she planned to stay for much longer.
  2. Her mother always told her to pull a little before she landed. Her mother always told her that if you want to get a Pokemon to listen, you had to talk loud and without a swick of doubt. But when she crashed into the coast of Lilycove City, she had forgotten all of that in a moment filled with dirt and water. She sputtered, spitting sand from her mouth and fixing the glasses on her head. She coughed a few times, and her Pokemon came towards her side to see if she was alright. Pidgeot was always the mother bird when she would land like that. She patted her head, brushing the dirt from her and then from herself, and she stood up. She checked herself, feeling around. She had her bag, her Pokeballs, her hat, her traveling companion and her plane. She pulled out her Pokeball, and she got Pidgeot back inside without any problem.

    Quinn climbed from the beach and smiled slightly as her feet touched the soft grass. She always loved Lilycove, for their museums and their lemon aid. She walked towards the Pokecenter, and he sighed as she felt the cool air hit her face. She walked over, and put her Pokeballs on the table. The nurse happily took them. The nurse began to shoot the breeze with Quinn. " Where are you headed, sweetie? " She asked.

    " Slateport City! " She said, happily. Quinn wiped a smudge of dirt off of her cheek. " Goin' to fight the Battle Frontier. "
    The nurse smiled. " That sounds lovely. I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Pokecenter. " She bowed, and Quinn followed her actions, taking her Pokemon and heading out of the building. She wanted to go to the Department store for some lemon aid. She LOVED lemon aid.
  3. Laurie pursed her lips as she counted her money. She looked back towards the Pokemon Center. She then thought about staying another night. She could try the Pokemon Contest that was currently ongoing. She knew she was up to the task. Still she had planned on going onto the Battle Frontier soon and she didn't want to delay herself. The contests would have to wait. It wasn't like they were going to go anywhere anyways.

    She headed to the Department Store. She saw a girl exit the Pokemon Center. She was cute and for a moment, Laurie caught herself staring. She hadn't had much time for romance of any sort. She tried to flirt, but she always ended up offending someone eventually. It wasn't her fault that they were so sensitive. She then shook her head.

    "Hey Mesmar what are you doing?" Her Jolteon has gotten ahead of her and almost knocked into the girl she had been staring at. She knew she shouldn't have given her a Poffin muffin. She got excited sometimes. "Hey! Sorry," she said catching up to her Pokemon. The girl was cuter up close. She offered a smile, but she knew it didn't matter. Still it didn't hurt to be nice.
  4. Two times that day she was knocked on her ass. Her Joltik poked out from her hat, and skittered down from it's perch inside her hat, and hissed at the stranger. Quinn took a moment to dust off the dust from herself- for the second time- and she stood up, eyeing the Pokemon before her. " It's fine, " He sighed. She was about to say something snarky, but she could save it for later. She stood up, wiped off her pants and fixed her glasses. Her Joltik gave the stranger one more look before going back to his safehouse in his owners hair.
  5. Laurie raised an eyebrow at the Joltik. She hadn't really seen one before and she had never had a Pokemon hiss at her. Well at least not one that wasn't her's.

    Mesmar sat by Laurie's side innocently staring at the girl in front of them. Laurie shrugged. Well if she didn't mind, then that was good. Laurie had no problem getting into fights but she never really chased one down. It could be exhausting at times.

    "Not from around here? I've never seen that Pokemon in this region before," she said, pointing to her hair.
  6. Quinn looked up at the Pokemon peaking from her cap. " Oh? " She said, smiling up at her Pokemon. " I'm from Hoenn. I guess I just... Found.... him? " She shrugged. " I've had him since I was fifteen or so. He's just a traveling companion, I guess. We met by fate. " She said. She pushed up her glasses, and again, wiped some dirt from her face. She needed a shower. " He's a Joltik. My mom's a Pokemon breeder. She was the only person on this side of Hoenn who knew what it was. " She chuckled lightly.
  7. Laurie stared at Quinn, this time in confusion.

    "Found him? So you didn't capture the Pokemon? Either you're lucky or a thief." And here was where this conversation might take a wrong turn, but Laurie didn't bother herself too much with it. She was use to offending people. If they couldn't take the truth, then that was their problem.

    "I guess if you've had him for some time his trainer might have come for him. Oh well. But it's cool about your mom knowing what it was." Laurie extended her hand. "I am Laurie by the way. I was just headed to the Department store before setting out. How about I buy you a drink to make up for Mesmar knocking you over?"
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