Just Revving Up! :) Ello to all.

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  1. Hey everyone! I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself.

    Name's Reverie, but please call me Revv! ^^ I'm a 20 year old british-scottish-jamarican (not really, but kinda) and currently live between Arizona and Colorado in the USA.

    I decided to join IwakuRP to dive back into writing again after a few years of shelving projects, but I've always had a passion for writing. More importantly, I love to let the imagination soar and play in a place where creations become immediately interactive with others.

    My favorite themes are fantasy, sci-fi, and shifters, and I'm always game for a good mystery. I like strong characters with some interest and depth, which can include a dark or secretive side, but I also enjoy rambunctious characters who are more transparent, though always young at heart. When these clash they can make a curious duo.

    IRL I work as an animal educator, so any stories involving animals (esp. horses or wolves) will catch my attention!

    I love meeting new people, so I'll always welcome a new chat or group.
    Also, if you don't know what a furry is that's okay, but if you do, I'm the feral type. ;)

    Anyways, hope to see you on the forums! Happy writing. :cow:
  2. I like to use my imagination everyday. I am probably not even living in a reality anymore. 8D

    Welcome to the community, Revv!
  3. Haha, I love your signature. Thank you for the warm welcome! Why not let your imagination run wild? It's always fun to see where it leads. Your reality is what you make of it. :)
  4. Rnnn rnnn rnnnnnnnnnn~!

    Just revving up myself as well. 'Revving' is a funny word, too much 'V'.

    It does look funny, almost like a 'w' in the middle of the word.

    Gears are a turnin' now! This should be fun.
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