Just one of my short stories.

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  1. TheShadow Walkers


    “Wait what are you doing?!” Professor Kyler Imonteshouted as a hoard of soldiers stormed his lab.
    “You have no more time left Professor.” General Yaostated as he walked into the room. “We need them now.”
    “But they are not ready yet sir.” the Professorscrambled to collect his papers as the soldiers ransacked his lab. Inthe back of the lab stood six cages each containing one creature.However, the things were asleep for the time being. The soldiersseized the six cages and threw them in the back of three largetrucks.
    “You will accompany us to the release siteProfessor.” the General said as he walked out of the lab.
    “And what if I don't go? What if I terminate thecreatures?”
    “Then you will be tried for treason and put todeath.” The General looked sternly at him, almost cocky. Kylergrimaced at him and followed him out to a waiting Jeep.
    The convoy drove down to a small country town that wasright next door to the military base. They stopped just outside ofthe city limits at the base of a treeline that lead into the forest.The forest surrounded the small town. Soldiers unloaded the six cagesand ran them into the forest with the General and Kyler tailing them.With the word from the General, the soldiers opened the cages and ranback to the trucks. The creatures inside the cages slowly woke up.One stood and walked to the edge of the cage, sniffing the ground.Suddenly, it let out a loud screeching sound and ran out, followed bythe others.
    “Aren't you proud of your little baby's Professor?”said the General with a smirk. Kyler frowned as he watched hiscreations run off. What was he to do? He couldn't argue against theGeneral. The man who would hang him if he so much as looked at himthe wrong way. But there was something much more important to worryabout. What would his creatures do once they were out in the public?


    Jason sat on his bed listening to One Step Closer byLinkin Park. The 16-year-old fox loved Linkin Park to the point wherehe owned every single song the band ever made. Singing along to thesong, he read one of his favorite comic books by Marvel called TheAmazing Spider Man. He often dreamed of being Spiderman. He even wentso far as to try to get the same powers in the same way Peter Parkerdid. However, Jason soon found out that it takes years of work to geta spider like that. Still, one can dream.
    “Jason! Your friend is here!” shouted his motherfrom downstairs. Jason jumped up and walked out of his room to thefront door.
    “Hey there.” greeted the fox as he opened the doorto see his friend. His friend, Alex, was a vixen and waived as hewalked inside.
    “I'm hungry. Got anything to eat?” Eating was oneof Alex's favorite things to do. Figured since she had such a highmetabolism that she needed to eat a lot. Plus she had a very smallframe.
    “Heh well my mom is making dinner so just hangtight.” Jason replied leading his friend to his room. Alex noddedand followed happily. Once in the room, Jason turned on his musicagain and sat down on his bed.
    “So anything new?” asked Alex as she dug underJason's bed for his special adult magazines.
    “Mm besides this new issue not really.” Jason dughis muzzle back into the comic book. “What do you expect anyway inCrestview?”
    “Heh good point.” chuckled the fox. Jason happenedto look over to see Alex's tail in his face. He slightly blushed andfelt very strange when he looked at his friend's rear end. He didn'tunderstand this feeling whenever Alex was around. He just felt likethere was something more between them.
    “Hey you have the new issue!” Alex exclaimed as shestood up. She was into porn but not for self pleasure. Well somewhat.It was more for the photography. She was going to major inphotography when she went to college. Jason cleared his throat, andmind, and nodded.
    “Well of course I do.” he said looking back at hiscomic. “I have to keep you entertained as well. Um... are yougonna... you know.”
    “Hm? Know what?” Alex had a bad habit of touchingherself in front of Jason when she read those magazines.
    “Um... touch yourself?” he said in a very nervousvoice. Alex looked at him funny and drooped one ear in a very cuteway which made Jason shudder.
    “Why? You don't like watching me?” She slowlyrubbed her side and down in between her legs. Jason shuddered so muchthat it shook the bed. Alex laughed at her friend when she saw howred his face got.
    “Its not funny!!!” he shouted. In the back of hismind he was shouting YES I LOVE WATCHING YOU RUB YOURSELF but hecouldn't bring himself to say it. What do you expect from a maleanyway? Alex stopped laughing long enough to begin reading hermagazine. Jason just grumbled slightly and returned to reading hiscomic.
    Outside it was slowly getting dark. It was about 8 p.m.before the sun went down completely. By now everyone had eaten. Somewere still outside, walking around. Not caring about what might belurking around.


    Alex sighed heavily as she looked outside. Alreadyhaving pleasured herself again in front of Jason and making him rushto the bathroom, she got bored. Alex watched a couple walk down thestreet holding hands. Suddenly she felt very sad and alone. For awhile now shes had feelings for Jason but never had the guts to tellhim. He's her best friend. How do you come out with something likethat? Alex only did things that annoyed Jason because she... she...
    The couple outside looked in a direction and startedrunning. However a dark figure grabbed onto the girl's leg andtripped her. The thing immediately started shredding the poor girl tobits. The man cried out and tried to save only to have another beastcome from nowhere and devour him as well. Alex watched in horror asthe couple were reduced to mere puddles of blood. She sat there,frozen in fear. Once the creatures were done with there meal, thevanishes as quickly as they had come.
    Jason walked out of the bathroom with a sigh of relief,“Alex you have to... Alex?” He saw that she wasn't moving. Heslowly walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. Suddenlyshe screamed and clutched onto him.
    “Hey hey! What's wrong?” he said as he wrapped hisarms around her.
    “I-i-it w-was horrible!!” she shouted.
    “What's horrible? What happened?”
    “S-s-s-something... ate them!!” she cried outpointing to the window. Jason walked over to the window and lookedout only to see another person being eaten. He gasped and quicklyturned away.
    “Its ok its ok. I'm here.” he said holding hertightly.
    “I-I don't want to be bitten again.” Alex criedinto his chest. This apparently reminded her of the time when she wasattacked by a vicious dog. She had scars and bite marks all over herlegs. Alex never wore shorts around anyone because she was afraid ofthose scars. The only person that she will wear shorts around isJason. She always felt safe around him considering he saved her fromthe dog.
    “Don't worry Alexandria. I won't let it happen againto you.” He stroked the back of her head. “I promise.” Theysuddenly heard gunshots outside. Jason looked to see his fathershooting the creatures with his shot gun.
    He smiled, “See? My Dad will...” Jason's father wasoverwhelmed by the creatures as they tore him apart just like theothers. Jason couldn't believe his eyes. Tears formed and droppedfrom the fox's eyes.
    “Jason? Jason whats-” she too looked outside to seehis father being eaten. Both flopped on the bed and cried together.
    “Oh God Jason. What are we gonna do?”


    “Ahhh!! Oh God!!! Help!!!!!” a man shouted as hewas run down by one of the monsters. Throughout the night the thingshunted, killed, and consumed whatever was in their eyesight.Everything from little babies to dogs to full grown humans. Nothingstood a chance against the beasts.
    Jason and Alex stayed locked in his room. They huddledtogether on his bed frightened beyond belief. All of the screams, allof the blood, it was all so much for the teenagers. For the entirenight, Alex and Jason stayed huddled together not being able to sleepthe entire night. The sun soon rose and it got quiet outside. Jasonwas the first to try to look out the window. Alex clutched onto hisarm begging him not to go. However he still looked outside thewindow.
    Jason looked around and saw nothing but blood and bitsof flesh lying around the entire neighborhood. He jolted back andheld back the contents of his stomach from coming up. Jason never didhave that much of a strong stomach when it came to blood. He lookedover at Alex. Her eyes practically said what she wanted to know. Heshook his head answering her question. Alex looked down and silentlycried. Jason held her close to comfort her before the two of themfell asleep.
    A few hours later Alex woke up to find that Jason wasmissing. Her breathing became quick as she started to panic, scaredthat her friend was eaten by those things. However only a few momentspassed before Jason walked into the room with a tray full of food.
    “Hey hey calm down.” he said as he set the traydown on the bed.
    “I-I thought you were.”
    “I'm not going to leave you Alex.” he said as hesmiled warmly at her. “I thought you might be hungry so I broughtup some food for us. Are you gonna be ok?”
    Alex looked away, “I don't know. I keep thinkingabout my parents and if they survived. I'm sorry about your Dadthough Jason.” Jason sighed heavily and wiped away a tear.
    “Its ok.” he replied eating a slice of cheese. Thetwo ate quietly together. They each tried to forget the last night'sevents but it was rather hard. How can you blank out people beingripped apart and devoured?
    After eating their breakfast, the two of them huddledtogether. To the average person, it would seem that they arecuddling. They would be right too. Jason and Alex didn't actuallyknow but they were cuddling with each other. This lasted until theyboth had to go to the bathroom.
    “Um Jason? I need to go. Like now.” Alex squirmedas she suddenly felt the urge to pee.
    “Yeah me too.” Jason replied as he let go of her.Alex froze on the bed though in fear as she looked at the door.
    “I'll go check the door.” Jason said trying to bebrave.
    “Please be careful.” responded Alex. Jason noddedand got up. He slowly and quietly approached the door. Jason unlockedit, slowly opening it, and looking out.
    “Ok... It looks clear.” He held out a hand to Alex.She slowly took his hand. The two of them slowly walked out of theroom heading to the bathroom. Alex went in first, being that Jasonwas a gentleman. Once she was down Jason went in as well.
    While Jason was in the bathroom, Alex's curiosity tookher over. She quietly went downstairs to see if there any things downthere. What was she thinking? Of course there wouldn't be anythingdown there. Surely there wouldn't be considering Jason wasn't hurt.Or was he? Maybe he was bitten and was slowly turning into one ofthem? Or maybe he was killed and he's now a zombie! All thesethoughts flooded her mind. Her head ached from everything that wasflooding in all at once. Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder. Alexscreeched and jumped to see it was Jason. She looked at him in afrightened way.
    “Hey whats wrong? Why are you looking at me likethat?” he said.
    “A-a-are you real?” Her voice quivered. “A-areyou alive?” Jason couldn't believe what he was hearing.
    “Of course I'm alive and real. What would make youthink this?”
    “I-I just thought.. that... there was something downhere... and you were... were...” Alex fell to her knees and sobbed.“I'm sorry I said anything! I'm just so scared!”
    Jason knelt down next to her and held her, “Alex itsok. No one is blaming you for being afraid. Its natural. Like I toldyou before. I will never leave you, nor betray you. I l-” Jasonstopped at that point realizing what he was about to say. He wasn'tsure if now would a good time to admit his feelings to her. Would it?
    “You what?” she asked looking up at him in a cuteand pathetic way. Jason could never resist that face of hers, even ifthis time was an accident.
    “I think... I...” Suddenly something hit the doorloudly.


    The door burst off its hinges. Two glowing red eyespierced into the house. The creatures had found them. Alex screamedat the top of her lungs. Jason grabbed her by the hand and ran to hisroom. However when she got into the room, the creature grabbed ontoJason's leg. Alex tried to grab him but it was too late.
    “Ahh!!!” he screamed as he was dragged away. Alexslammed the door shut and slowly walked backwards to the bed. Shesobbed heavily knowing that her best friend, er more than friend, wastaken and probably being eaten. No he was eaten by now for sure. Somany people dying all around her. So much blood. Alex could feelherself slowly going insane from all that was happening. All now shecould do was wish that her more-than-friend would come back.
    The sudden banging on the door made the vixen jump.
    Oh God please don't let it be another one!
    The door handle jiggled and it opened slightly.Alex shut her eyes expecting something to bite her. Instead, it was agentle touch by an all-too-familiar hand. She quickly grasped it andsighed heavily. Another hand wiped her face from tears, making herlook up into Jason's loving face.
    “I told you I'd never leave you.” he said as hegently caressed her cheek. Alex reached up and kissed him, wrappingher arms around his neck. This surprised the fox. Just moments ago hewas trying to tell her he loved her. He didn't expect the same fromher.
    Jason broke the kiss, “We will leave in the morningfor Morganshire.”
    “But Morganshire is twenty miles away. We'll neverget there before dark.” she pouted.
    “I'm counting on the things staying here.” Jasonreplied. “Would you rather stay here?”
    “But isn't there a way to kill them? I mean, you didkill that one, didn't you?”
    “Well...” he pondered on that for a bit. He didmanage to kill his attacker but he wasn't quite sure how. “I thinkI stabbed it somewhere. Um I think it was here.” He pointed to asmall spot on Alex's neck. “Its the only spot not protected by itsarmor.”
    “Then we should kill those things instead ofrunning.” she said as she picked up a hobby knife off his desk.
    “Alex I don't want you to get hurt.” Jason tried tograb the knife from her hand but she held it close to her body,blocking his way.
    “I don't care about getting hurt.” she said in asomewhat cold voice. “Those things don't deserve to live. Theykilled our friends and family, destroyed our homes. I will send themall to Hell myself!!”
    “Calm down Alex. You're starting to scare me.”Jason wrapped his arms around her. “I love you and I don't want tosee you like this.” Alex calmed down from her fit of rage.Strangely hearing his concerned voice and feeling his touch made herfeel better, safer.
    “But you might be right.” he said. “It would bebetter to destroy them than to run.”
    “How though? We need to be very close to hit them inthat spot.”
    “Maybe we can make a sling shot or something tolaunch sharp objects at the spot.” Jason suggested. As soon as hesaid that, Alex went straight to work on building such a weapon. Shewas very inventive when she wants to be or needs to be in this case.Jason smiled, rubbing her back before he went in search of all sharpthings that might be lying around the house.


    Once the two foxes had prepared their weapons, theyboarded up Jason's room and tried to sleep. It was extremely hardconsidering what they had seen. Both seemed to have nightmaresthroughout the night. Some were so bad that it seemed like they werereliving those horrid memories. At one point during the night, Alexwas having a really terrible dream to the point of waking up Jason.
    “Shh. It alright. Its just a dream.” he said as hepulled her into his loving embrace. Surprisingly, Alex calmed downand went back to sleeping, curled up in his arms. The fox smiled andkissed her head gently. Thankfully, though her scent made him wanther badly, he was able to control his excitement so that he wouldn'tdisturb the sleeping vixen. Not many men can control that part oftheir bodies. It takes a lot of control to do that.
    Sunlight broke into the room. Alex was the first one towake up since one sunlight beam happened to hit her right in theeyes.
    'Oy... Morning already?'
    The vixen looked around her and found herselfcurled up with Jason holding onto her. She smiled and sighed lightly.A warm and comforting feeling flooded over the vixen like a tidalwave.
    'Is it odd that it took this kind of thing for me torealize how much I love you Jason?'
    Alex creeped out of his grasp, sitting up assoon as she was out. She stretched and yawned heavily. What a nightshe had. Alex walked out to the bathroom, did her usual morningroutine, and went to fix breakfast. Though she was only sixteen, Alexwas a very good cook. Some might even say she's a good chef. She'dnormally just shrug off the compliments. She knew she was a goodcook/chef. Cocky as she may be, Alex deserved that cockiness.
    About thirty minutes later Alex brought up a tray offood to the bedroom where she found Jason sitting up.
    “Good morning love.” she said as she put the traydown in front of him.
    “Oh? Breakfast in bed?” the fox giggled.
    “Well you did do the same for me yesterday.” Shebit into a piece of toast. “Figured this makes us even.” Jasonsnickered and started eating.
    “How'd you sleep?” he asked.
    Alex smiled, “Quite well thanks to you.” Jasonsmiled back at her. “But I do wonder something.”
    “Whats that?”
    “How you were able to not poke me at all last night.”Jason nearly choked on the egg he was eating.
    “Um... Well you see I can control that part of mybody.” he explained. “And I didn't want to disturb you by my malenonsense.” Alex reached over and rubbed that particular area of themale. He cringed slightly trying desperately to hold back.
    “Male nonsense eh? What if I want that malenonsense?” Alex said in a very seductive tone. Jason could holdback anymore. His pants suddenly had a rather large bulge in them.
    “A-Alex please. We need our strength for thehunting.”
    “I just want to see what kind of package I'm in for.”Alex unzipped the fox's pants revealing his now engorged member.
    “Oh my. Do you do anything for yourself? It seemspretty pent up.” She said as she gently ran her finger along theunderside of it.
    Jason winced and replied, “N-not really. I don't...ever get the time to... um... you know.”
    “Oh wow really? No wonder its this big.” Alexstroked it now, wrapping her hand around it. This caused a reactionin Jason that he had never felt before. A weird mix of not wantingher to do it and needing her to do it. At this point the poor fox'smember was throbbing hard from the feeling of pleasure. It distractedhim so much that he didn't even see Alex take off her clothes.Suddenly, he felt very heavy and looked to see Alex straddling him.
    “Uhh... really? Now?” he asked as he looked at hernether regions.
    “Yes now. You need it and I need it.” Alex had aslight demanding tone in her voice as she squeezed him inside of her.
    Three hours later, Alex laid on top of Jason gazing athim. Its not like they didn't have time to kill. Their plan was tostay by the house and wait til night to hunt the creatures. Theychose this plan only because it was easier than trying to find them.
    Jason gazed into his lover's bright green eyes, “Ilove you so much.”
    Alex smiled and replied, “I love you too.I should warn you I get bored quickly. Unless you wanna do this againwe should find something else to do.”

    “I'm a guy. Of course I want to do it again.” Jasonleaned up and passionately kissed Alex. Just as they started upagain, they heard the sound of diesel engines running outside. Theyboth sat up quickly.
    “Whats that?” asked Alex. Jason got up and snuckover to the window.
    “Hmmm looks like the military is here.” Alex jumpedslightly in joy.
    “Yes! That means we don't have to fight thosethings!”
    “Don't count your chickens before they hatch.” hesaid as he watched. “Looks like its just a couple of science guys.But they are going now. Looks like its just you and me again.”
    “Really?” she said not amused. “Figures.”
    “I have a feeling they might be involved in thisthough.” Jason quickly threw on some clothes and ran out the door.Alex quickly followed. They quietly followed the truck and watched asthe scientists took samples from the blood on the ground.
    'They're taking samples?'
    “We should go back to the house Jason.” said Alex.“I think we've seen enough.” Jason nodded and the two headedback.
    “I should've known the base was in on this.” Jasonsaid as he slammed the door behind him. “This is why I never trustthe government. It was probably some sort of supper soldier project.”
    “Jason please calm down. You shouldn't get yourselfall worked up over this.” She wrapped her arms around the fox'sshoulders. “Just keep that anger for the things. Ok?” Jasonsighed and nodded.
    Night fell onto the little town. Jason and Alex,equipped with makeshift armor and their weapons, quietly snuck out ofhis house in search of his house. Thankfully the streetlights werestill working. The pair split up but didn't venture too far from eachother. They were always within eyesight. Alex was the first to beseen by the things. Three of them surrounded her as she stood in thelight of a streetlight.
    'This is going to be easy. Yet I'm still terrified.'The vixen gulped as she gazed upon the ugly creatures, noting all oftheir features. The sharp teeth, the armor protecting their bodies,the piercing red eyes. One of these could invoke nightmares formonths, maybe even years.
    Jason watched from another street light. He wanted sobadly to run over and defend her. But if he did he would have to riskbeing taken by one of the creatures.
    'Just be careful'
    Alex reached up slowly with her slingshot loaded with aknife. She aimed at that one spot on the creature in front of her andshot at it. The creature yelped and fell over on its side. The othertwo jumped back slightly. Watching their brother die made themfurious. One leaped into the light and pinned Alex down to theground. But it quickly shrieked in pain as it sizzled in the light.The thing fell over and writhered in the light like a worm in thesunlight on a hot sidewalk. Alex got up quickly and stabbed it in itsweak spot, making sure that it was dead. The other one, seeing whathappened, ran away as fast as it could.
    Jason quickly ran over to Alex after the ordeal, “Areyou ok?”
    “Yeah I'm... fi-” Alex fell backwards. The creaturewas able to sink a fang directly into her chest. Unknown to them, thething's had venom in their bite.
    “Alex?!” Jason ran to her kneeling down to her.“Alex stay with me!” She fought hard to stay awake. The venomhowever was working quickly. Didn't help that the fang was able topuncture a hole in her lung so breathing was very difficult.
    “Don't you dare die on me!” the fox panicked. “Youare a fighter. Fight this Alex. Please! I can't loose you! I loveyou!”
    “Sh-sh-shut up.” she said as she started to get up.“I'm... not dead... yet.” Amazingly the vixen was able to stand.Though feeling she was on a very bad drug trip, she felt alright,aside from the gaping and bleeding hole in her chest.
    “But how?” questioned the bewildered fox.
    “I don't know. Lets just get this over with.” Alexquickly ran after the one that got away. Jason too got up andfollowed. But he still wondered how Alex was still living with a holein her lung the size of a baseball.


    Alex stumbled as she ran into the forest nearly fallingto her knees. She couldn't believe that she was still alive eventhough she had a huge gaping hole in her chest. None of it made senseto the young female especially the rage that she felt. The rage wasalmost incomprehensible. Alex had never known such emotion. Even morestrange was her vision. She was able to see a small, red line somehowfloating in the air that lead her straight to the creature's lair.Was there something that the creature injected into her that wassomehow changing her?
    “Alex wait!” Jason shouted as he caught up to her.“Please just stop! You're in no condition to fight anything inthere. You need help.” Alex turned and growled at her lover. Sheeven lowered herself onto all fours in an attacking position.
    “I feel just fuckin' fine Jason.” she growled. “Idon't need help and I don't need you telling me what to do!”
    “Alex I'm only-”
    “Shut up! Just shut up!!”Alex dove right into the hole in the ground. Jason naturally followedher. He didn't care about what she said. It wasn't her fault. It waswhatever bit her.

    Alex tumbled down into the dimly lit lair of thecreatures. She crawled on the floor almost like they did. Pain nowwas entering and being processed by the vixen's brain. The pain waseverywhere like she was being stabbed by a thousand knives. The painalmost caused the fox to stop and cringe on the floor but she held itback. All she wanted to do was kill. But this scared her. Not onlydid she just want to kill the things, she wanted to kill anything andeverything.
    Jason followed her closely but not to attract herattention. Something was wrong with her and it was only a matter timebefore he figures out how to stop her. He really wanted to help herbut how could he? She would most definitely try to kill him before heeven had a chance. Or would she? She might just fight him and hurtherself even more. Jason didn't want to risk his own life nor hersjust yet.
    Alex soon stumbled upon the sleeping chamber of thecreatures. As luck would have it, the remaining three monstrositieswere in the chamber conversing with each other. Not thinking norcaring, Alex leaped into the chamber and attacked the three things.
    With the increased rage in the fox's system, Alexfought all three of them at once. The battle itself didn't last toolong considering the enraged vixen never slowed down her rampage. Shewas quick to kill the remaining creatures however she too was beatenand battered. More bite marks and gaping wounds cluttered Alex'sbody. Once the creatures were all dead, she fell to her knees. Alexscreamed and growled loudly as she could. Jason watched in horror ashis lover shrieked into the air just like one of those things. Thevenom must've been turning her into one of them. What better reasonwould there be for her behavior. Suddenly, Alex went quiet. Sherocked back and forth slightly before gripping her chest andcollapsing.
    Jason quickly jumped down into the chamber and pickedup the unconscious vixen. He could feel that was still breathinghowever her breathing was very shallow and weak. He knew he had toget her some help but he had no idea where he could possibly go.Jason couldn't rely on the military since they were the one's thatcaused all this shit. The only thing he could think was getting toMorganshire as quickly as possible.
    'Where am I?' Alex opened her eyes very slowly.Her vision was very blurred. She could barely make out the bed sidetable that had a bucket next to it. Suddenly she grabbed the bucketand threw up in it. As she bent over the bed throwing up into thebucket, she felt a hand touch her shoulder
    “Just let it all go Alex.” said a very familiarvoice. “Its good to get it out of your system.” Once she wasfinished, she looked up to see Jason smiling down at her.
    “J-Jason? Oh I-I-I'm sorry.” Her face blushed abeat red from embarrassment.
    “It's ok.” he said as he took the bucket and dumpedit in the toilet. “You've been throwing up for the past few days.”Alex's stomach hurt a lot, probably from the constant vomiting. “Butat least its been slowing down which means the poison is almost out.”
    “I-I was poisoned?” she asked as she laid back downin the bed. “But I barely remember anything.”
    “I know. That's what happens you are sick. It fucksup everything.” Jason put the bucket back down on the side table.“I'm just so glad you're awake.”
    “Where are we anyway?” she asked.
    “In Morganshire.” he replied. “My Dad bought thishouse as a summer vacation house. I've been taking care of you thiswhole time.”
    Alex swallowed, “Thank you for being there for me.”Jason smiled and touched her cheek lightly.
    “Everything is gonna be just fine from now on. Ipromise.” he said as he sat down on the bed next to her.
    Back in an office somewhere in the middle of thecountry, Professor Kyler and General Yao took refuge in this placediscussing plans of making more of the creatures.
    “You can't be serious General.” said the Professor.“You want me to make more of those things?”
    The General put a gun to the scientists head, “Idemand it Professor. If you don't-”
    Suddenly the office was swarmed by soldiers withanother General, General Patton.
    “Put down the gun General. You're under arrest forthe genocide of an entire town.” General Yao sighed heavily and setdown the gun.
    “You have no idea what you're doing General. We aremaking breakthroughs in the science.”
    “No you're playing God.” General Yao was taken outof the place in handcuffs. Kyler too was taken out.
    “You have made a new enemy Patton!” Yao promised.“I will get out and I will have my army made. I will conquer thiscountry and then the world!”
    The General just chuckled, “Yeah right. Just keepthinking that Yao. Just keep thinking that.”