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  1. "Bryce you worthless piece of shit! Wake up." Bryce heard his father yell from down the stairs for the millionths time. By now he just purposely does things to piss him off. He finally decided to get up and yelled, "I'm up old man. Calm down." He said as he got dressed, getting ready for school. Appearance wise Bryce looked nothing like his father. His father was a few inches shorter than him and had brown hair with a 5 o'clock shadow, he was a stocking 50 year old man too. Bryce was actually a handsome young man, tall, muscular, he was in pretty good shape, he had the right amount of muscles. He also had fair skin but it did suit him. He had black emo-like hair and his facial features showed mystery and toughness. The only thing Bryce and his father had in common was the same dark grey eyes, on occasions Bryce's eyes for some strange reason change into a lighter, more intense stormy grey color. Bryce very rarely showed any emotions so it was always hard to tell what he was thinking.
    After Bryce was ready he ran down the stairs and walked over to his motorcycle, he grabbed his backpack on the way out. Once Bryce got on his bike he drove off to school.
    By the time he got there he parked his bike and used the kick stand to keep it up. He walked into the school knowing he was going to have to deal with her. He didn't know when their feud started... maybe when he moved here from Colorado when he was 12... he wasn't sure. Either way he continued having this feeling that he needed to keep hating her and he wasn't really sure why. Even though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, deep down he liked the reactions he got from her when he got under her skin. Secretly he found it kinda cute, thus why he keeps doing it. Of course he would never tell anyone this. As far as anyone else knew, they were rivals. And thats all they could ever be. Although deep down rather Bryce would like to admit it or not, he knew there was something about her that just kept drawing him to her. And since he is a stubborn young man, he represses the truth, he had actually believed it himself that he hated her. Anyone that knew Bryce knew he didn't express emotions well. It was better that way for him.
    The bell rung signaling that class has started but Bryce obviously didn't care... he never cared. He was already concidered a trouble maker so it didn't matter. He took his time getting to his class then when he got there he swung the door open and everyone looked at him. He simply gave them a bored expression as he entered the room. The teacher let out a sigh, "You are late again Mr. Wolfe." Bryce continued to walk to the last row of seats, not even bothering to look at the teacher but at her. He flashed her his cocky smirk and then looked away, "Yeah so what old man? When are you going to realize I don't give a damn?" He asked as he took his assigned seat behind her then finally looked at the teacher, the smirk still not leaving his face.

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  2. Elizabeth had woken up to her alarm like always that morning. And like always, she had gotten out, dressed, neither her hair and teeth and such, and made her way downstairs for a "family" breakfast. Scrambled eggs, French toast, and a bowl of fruit. She sat in her usual place and looked at her mother. Elizabeth could practically be that woman's twin. Even though she was in her 50's she still looked young. The only thing that gave away her age would be the wrinkles around her eyes and that her hair color was slightly duller black than Elizabeth's. And shorter. Her mother sat with her coffee and a book, reading quietly and already dressed for her morning yoga. She glanced across from her mother where her father sat. He was a tall and well built mad with dark brown hair. He, too, looked younger than his real age. And always looked good enough to make the other mothers blush. He read the newspaper, wearing his suit for work, and not once did he glance up from it. "How was your sleep?" Her mother asked in a dull tone. Elizabeth just shrugged and started eating her breakfast. She didn't get halfway through when her aunt had walked into the room. Elizabeth practically choked on her meal at what her aunt wore. It was lingerie, and the only thing she wore to hide it was a rode and even then it revealed a lot. Her aunt glared at Elizabeth but walked up to her father and planted a long kiss on the man's mouth as if to rub it into her sister that she had won. "Hey, sweetie. I thought I could visit you at the office today and--" Elizabeth stood up quickly, her chair scrapping the floor. "I should go or I'll be late." Her parents offered no response. Elizabeth turned and walked towards the main entrance where her backpack and violin case sat ready for her. She took her items and headed outside where her car waited for her. Getting in, she drove to school and parked in her usual spot. She almost dreaded having to deal with Bryce. She hated how smug he was and how he acted like he never cared. Even that cocky little grin of his. Okay, well, that grin was kind of cute. Especially when he laughed, how his eyes light up. Even though it was rare to see him laugh, when she did it surprised her by how laid back and relaxed it made him look. But then when he opened that big mouth of his it completely ruined the magic. It was irratating, he was irratating. Acting like he didn't give a crap. As she walked in, she sat in her usual spot and read for a while till the bell rang. The teacher began taking attendance when Bryce walked in. She glanced up from her book and glared at him as he walked by. Crap, but he did that cocky smirk. She liked that too. Secretly of course. But she just scowled at him and turned her attention back to the book. If she kept looking at him then it would just fuel him to be even more aggravating.
  3. Bryce chuckled at Elizabeth's response as he sat down and looked at the back of her head . Yes he set behind her, which gave him opportunities to bother the hell out of her a lot in this class... As this teacher scowled but turn back to the lesson Bryce instantly was ready to bother the hell out of her. He wanted to see those adorable reactions of hers. He leaned forward and whispered, "You do realize I can tell you are actually reading right woman?" He teased.
  4. Her grip on the book tightened a little. She didn't know why but when he called her "woman" it bothered her. Maybe because he said it in such a rude yet teasing way. Her jaw clenched and hissed back at him. "I'm surprised you even know what reading is. I haven't seen you pick up a book since you first moved here, and even that was because the teacher told us to read." Though, she did close her book and begin taking notes on today's lesson.
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  5. Bryce chuckles as you take her pencil out of her hand as she's in the middle of taking notes and pulls it away from her, "Oh, well that isn't a very pleasant thing to say to me now is it? I don't think you should get this back." He look at her with his dark grey eyes.
  6. Elizabeth whipped around and narrowed her dark brown eyes at him. She reached over to try and snatch the pencil out of his hand. "Give it back to me! It's nor my fault your illiterate! Im trying to take notes because unlike you I care about my grade!"
  7. Bryce quickly moved the pencil away from her and looked into those beautiful brown eye. The smirk wasn't leaving his face, "Well believe it or not girly I don't have to worry about my grades... And you only get it back once you apologize." He teased. People of course turned their attention to them. This was no surprise.
  8. Elizabeth groaned a little. Why was he so frustrating?! She kept trying fir her pencil. "I am not apologizing! I have nothing to apologize for, you haven't held a book before now give it to me!" Her voice was low so the teacher wouldn't hear.
  9. Bryce hide the pencil behind his back and actually laughed, "No way, you're not getting it back."
    The teacher sighed and turned around, "Elizabeth, Bry. Whats going on?"
    Bryce waved the subject the subject, "Oh nothing!"
  10. She frowned at him, frustrated. She turned away from him and leaned over to the boy seated to her side. She smiled at him kindly. "Mind if I borrow a pencil? Mine seems to have found a new owner." The kid nodded and handed her one of his. Elizabeth flashed Bryce a smug look before continuing to write.
  11. Bryce smirked and pulled it out of her hand, knowing by this moment he knew this would really piss her off. This time the teacher noticed, "Mr. Wolfe," Bryce looked up," Give her her pencil back."
    Bryce groaned, "Why? She is being a pain in my ass."
  12. Elizabeth scoffed. "Excuse you! I'm trying to take notes! I'm doing nothing, your the one taking my notes!!" She said, spinning around in her seat to glare at him. How could he try and pin this on her?! What. Does he think he can bat those charming eyes of his and the teacher falls under his spell? No way! He was the cause of this!
  13. Bryce laughed at her reaction, "Aw, look who is getting all mad. Adorable." He teased and looked into her brown eyes.
    The teacher sighs, "Bryce for the last time give her back her pencil."
    Bryce sighed and rolled his eyes, "Oh fine. Ruining all the fun as usual. Fine here," he said handing her her pencil, "Here you go princess." He said, saying the princess part very sarcastically.
  14. She snatched the pencil out of his hand. "Don't call me princess!" Truthfully, she didn't mind being called princess. At least, not when he said it. She was called princess by others and that ticked her off. It was the nickname usually given to her because of her families wealth, and it annoyed her. But, she was slightly less annoyed when he said it. She turned her back to him and resumed her note taking.
  15. Bryce rolled his eyes and listen to iPods rest of class. By the time class was over Bryce was about to walk out the door a familiar and beautiful redhead girl named Emma stopped him with a big smile on your face. She was known to have quite a huge crush on Bryce, "Hey Bry!" She said cheerfully.
    Bryce out a sigh, "Hello woman. What do you want?"
    She smiled, "I was wondering if you want go to a party tonight. More specifically my party!"
    Bryce thought about it for a moment... He knew she just wanted him to go because she had a thing for him, however it will give a check to see to be out away from his father tonight died and was a Friday so why the hell not. He shrugged, "Sure, why not." He said simply.
    She grinned, "Great! See you at 7!" She says then looks at Elizabeth, "You can come too if you want." She said then ran off.
  16. Elizabeth looked at the red headed girl. She knew she liked Bryce. In fact almost everyone knew. And for that Elizabeth was always slightly jealous. But at the same time she told herself she wasn't. But when the girl told Elizabeth she could come to her party she opened her mouth to object at first but the girl left. Elizabeth frowned slightly. Then again, she didn't want to go home to silence and her aunt hanging all over her father. Plus she had been working hard a lot recently. Maybe a break could do her good.
  17. Bryce raised and eyebrow at look on her face. An small smile appeared on his face, "Huh, so you are going... This should be interesting." he said before walking away.
  18. She frowned at him. But he was right. This would be Interesting. She grabbed her backpack and her violin case. She turns and starts walking her her next class, orchestra. She dreaded that class. She may be the top player, but she didn't have her heart in her music anymore.
  19. By Italian Brice quickly grabbed his things and walked out the door heading over to his motorcycle as soon as he turned a corner and however, she felt my body bump into his as a reflex he quickly grabbed onto the persons upper arms to stop them from falling. When he wrote into the snow your brown eyes he blinked. Of course you would run into Elizabeth... that damn woman.
    He said nothing for moment just looked at her. Finally when it occurred to him what just happened he slowly let her go and cleared his throat, "Why do we always seem to do that?"
  20. When she fell back she let out a shriek. Yet she was caught. She looked at the one who caught her. Bryce. Perfect. She wanted to be mad at him and yell at him, but she couldn't. Not at first, at least, as she looked into his gray eyes. She was distracted by them. But when he released her, she quickly snapped out of it and ran her hands over her clothes to smooth them down. "Maybe if you watch where your going, we wouldn't keep running into each other."
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