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  1. Hi guys! MusicalT here! I'm back, hoping to revive this roleplay.Whenever I did this before, it got off the ground but never really took flight, so I'm hoping to try it again and hopefully have it the way I wanted to begin with!
    ■This rp can be mature or clean! It doesn't matter to me (your choice) though please don't forget the age rule! However if you have a red star I'll happily play out a clean version with you!
    ■This roleplay was originally made to be a 1x1, but if any of you guys want to make this a group rp I'm fine with that (it would be a group of friends that meet/kidnap/or whatever with MC instead of one person). I'll post this in the 1x1 partner search thread and the group rp category to get the word out!
    ■I will only do MxF for 1x1. For the group version, I'll accept female characters too!
    ■I'm willing to do multiple 1x1 versions of this, however I'll only do one group version of it.
    ■For 1x1, I don't mind NPCs such as family, significant others, friends, etc. Those are also encouraged for the group one as well!
    ■This rp can be played in PMs or thread, your choice! For group rp, I'd rather do threads, though.
    ■OOC TALK and CHARACTER SHEETS can go on the "THREAD" tab.
    ■ANSWERED QUESTIONS will be on the "THREAD" tab.
    ■The CHARACTER SHEET MODEL will be in the "CAST LIST" tab.
    ■ACCEPTED CHARACTERS will be in the "CAST LIST" tab!
    ■The roleplay thread will be created separately.
    ■If you have questions, please don't hesitate to comment or PM me!

    And now, on to the roleplay!


    Some inspiration from this roleplay comes from "The Perfect Guy," my imagination, and some twists and turns that I'm thinking ahead about taken from books I've read in my time.

    MC is a high school student and is out one night, at a bar with some friends, with the help of a fake ID. She gets a little too tipsy and ends up staying the night with a man because she is clearly in no state to navigate herself, driving or walking (A note on this character- I'd like them to be older, having an age gap between them. They don't have to be too old, just old enough that it makes sense for them to have a house car, going out to clubs, etc.).
    After breaking to him she isn't planning on seeing him again, but thanking him for taking care of her, he begins to take things too far. Stalking comes into place, and eventually kidnapping, murder, etc., if the plot goes in that direction.

    So you can see this rp can go a couple of places, but can go in so many more directions if it's a group roleplay!

    Well, that's all for now! Happy roleplaying!

    ● Rules may be added or removed.
    ● No GMing please!
    ● Please have decent or readable grammar and roleplaying skills!
    ● If you need to kill, please try to kill an NPC! If not, talk to the person you're killing first, please. :)

    ● PLEASE BE ACTIVE! Active would be 2 or 3 posts a week.
    ● If you're not able to reply at some point, let me or the group know!
    ● If you're not able to be active, please don't apply. I'm sorry! :(
    ● Please wait 2 or 3 posts after yours to post again, unless the rp is slow or dying.


    KINKS (If Mature):


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  3. Hi there. I have a question before I post anything but is this a strictly MxF rp or can their be MxM and FxF?
  4. I made this as a MxF but I don't mind to make a it a MxM or FxF.
  5. PHOTO: [​IMG]
    NAME: Avery Vale
    AGE: 18
    LIKES: Sweets, Sports (especially swimming), long walks, looking at the stars
    DISLIKES: Being lazy, being girly, not dressed in her best

    Kinks (open)
    KINKS (If Mature): bondage, humiliation

    PERSONALITY/BACKGROUND INFO: Avery is spunky and outspoken unless something is done to make her flustered, which is usually lewd jokes. She comes from a family of toy makers and they run several toy shops. Being from a well off family, Avery has taken great care into her appearance. Do to her androgynous visage, most don't even know if she is male or female, her dressing in male clothes does not help matters nor does her tomboyish personality.
  6. Thanks! Are you wanting to join the 1x1 or group?
  7. Either one is okay with me. I personally like a group do to the variety of characters but 1x1 is always fun.
  8. Okay, cool. Thanks! I just thought you were posting a 1x1 char on the group thread, so I wanted to clarify. Accepted, by the way!
  9. :) thank you
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  10. Still looking for more players!
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  11. Oh cool thanks, I'll look this over either tonight or tomorrow night^^
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  12. I do like the idea, for a 1x1. But I am not entirely sure what the roles in the rp would be of the other players.
  13. @DarkiusHeavenstein, that's fine! There is a thread for this in the 1x1 section as well if you'd rather do that. Some roles for the group rp could include friends she'd see at school, the "kidnappers" friends, accomplices, etc.
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