Just.... one.... last.... bite!

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  1. Ok, you're dying after your next meal.

    What the hell is your last food to eat?


    Pasta! Of any type!
  2. And we would also like to know why! :bananaman:

    I'd pick a raw mango. My best answer to why would be.......cause it sounds really good about now! Something which I sense most the replies of this thread will have in common. :P

    Unless some of you actually sit around and think about these sort of scenarios long and hard. CreeeEeepyy!
  3. Hunter's chicken wrapped in bacon with monterey cheese and barbecue sauce served with a side of potato wedges, carrots and garden peas washed down with a double jack daniels and coke.
  4. Fava beans and a nice chianti

    Oh, and some human flesh, too.
  5. A THICK cut Rib-eye with macaroni and cheese and about a gallon of good, dark beer.
  6. chicken parmigania with chips and salad. and a bottle of johnny walker blue label to wash it down.
    (may as well die drunk. may as well get drunk for the last time with the best scotch!)
  7. A live hand grenade. It'll be quick and its on my terms.