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  1. Naoki leaned against the wall of the subway, a few feet from the stairs that led down into the tunnel area. To anyone else in the area, he looked to be waiting for someone. In one hand, he held and MP3 player and the headphones led up to his ears almost lazily. A pair of dark sunglasses rested on his nose, hiding his eyes from the others in the subway. No one would know what he was thinking just by looking at him; no one would even know for sure why he was there.

    At his feet sat a backpack that had a few wallets already discarded inside. He didn't like to snatch anyone's belongings like this, but sometimes he just gets too desperate not to. After a while he'll snatch the cash and, when the security guard isn't really paying attention, he'll just walk by the office and leave them nearby when a crowd comes through so it's less likely that the camera can pinpoint him.

    Not that he knew whether there were cameras or not, he just didn't feel like getting caught. After all, getting the cash would be pointless if they grabbed him before he could get it home. When he turned 21, his father just up and left him and his mother. She was too sick to take care of them both, so he had to do it. Naoki managed to find a job, but it was only part-time and him mom also believed he was going to school still. So, every once in a while he'd come to a subway to snatch wallets in an effort to gain a little extra cash to make ends meet.

    Still at the wall, Naoki tried to eye one more victim, and then he would head home for the night. Just one more... His eyes fell on a woman leaving the subway. She wasn't someone he could target, but... Naoki couldn't stop the full sweep he made over her figure before shaking it off.

    Focus, Naoki, focus!
  2. Karmin was on her way home from work in the big city, just sitting on the subway like always. She had many eyes on her the whole way home, she always does. She was dressed in a long, lavish, white, faux fur coat, The only thing you could see outfit-wise was fishnets and 6 inch black high heels. Every man on that subway had eyes glued to her because they knew what she was. She worked at a place called 'Foxxxy Night' and she was the main attraction. The few women on the subway looked at her in disgust and then looked away and others would shove an elbow in the ribs of their husbands who couldn't look away. She had a beautiful face and unlike others of her profession, she didn't slather herself in makeup; making her that much more attractive to her audience.

    The subway slowed and she stood up as she threw her oversized purse onto her shoulder. The doors opened and she stepped out onto the platform. She walked with her head held high. She wasn't proud of who she had become over the years, but it paid the bills. She was about to the stairs when she saw a mysterious looking man about the same age as her she figured, just standing against a wall. She smiled at him and just walked on, charming a man was her job, however she would never sleep with one. It was all about the longing. She was twenty-two years old, and she had never had sex. She wanted to get married one of these days, but no one would ever want her for anything more than her body, which was something that many people had already gotten to see. She walked up the stairs and turned down the street to walk the three blocks home as usual.
  3. This was the first time he'd seen a woman of her position before, usually too tired or too busy to ever go near that district. This was the first time he'd hit the subways at this time, too, so he'd never been in the position of coming across one between shifts or after a shift. Too distracted now to get another grab in, he knelt down and pulled out the cash from the wallets in his bag and just left them sitting there before running from the subway. Chances were, no one would see him. It was early morning rush hour with folks rushing to work or, in the woman's case for instance, on their way home.

    Standing at street level, Naoki looked around and sighed. The woman was gone. He tightened his grip on his backpack and ran towards the small bakery he worked at. He didn't get to work the ovens yet, so he wasn't required to be in before dawn just yet, but he did work the counter for the mid-morning and lunch shifts. If he didn't get there soon, he wouldn't be able to change before he had to be clocked in. It wasn't his preference to have his backpack at the bakery with him, because he could catch anywhere from ten to three hundred dollars in a run. But today he'd managed a little over two.

    Rushing into the bakery and hearing broken Italian yelled at him for hurrying, he pushed into the small room with a couple lockers that they used as a changing room and staff break room. Tearing off his shirt, he pulled on the white button up and tucked it into his black pants.

    "Hurry up, ragazzo," he heard of of the bakers call into the room. They liked to call him that, ragazzo, because they saw him as just an immature little boy. But they respected him for wanting to work in order to care for his mom. To them, that's what family was supposed to do - take care of family. So even though they called him boy and ragged on him about his work, he knew that if he was ever in a tight spot, they'd have his back.

    Which was why he wasn't nearly so worried about leaving his backpack in the lockers as he would be if he worked anywhere else.

    Dressed, he shoved his shirt in his backpack and shoved that in a locker before hurrying outside to take the counter. There were already several people standing there waiting.

    "Buongiorno," he greeted the people in front of him, offering a wide smile. He didn't know a lot of Italian, but this place was run by them so he started making sure he picked a few phrases. Good morning was a frequent one that he used, since he worked morning shifts mostly. "What can I get for ya?"
  4. Karmin walked into her small one bedroom apartment and took her coat off revealing her bare midriff and barely coverd breasts. She was wearing a black faux leather bra and her underwear matched. Her fishnets were just a popular add-on. She slid off her heels and her feet ached from the releaf of being on a flat surface. She decided she was hungry and walked into the kitchen to find that there was no food. She had been working a lot so she never really had time to eat anymore. She was beginning to look too thin and she didn't really like that look. She wanted at least a little meat on her bones. She closed the cupboard and then walked through the living room and down the small hallway to the bathroom. She peeled her clothes off and tossed them in the laundry basket and hopped in the shower to wash off all the gross things that had happened that night.

    She was done in about fifteen minutes and she wrapped herself in a towel. She then dried her long brown hair and tossed it up in a messy bun. She walked across the hall into her bedroom and went to her dresser. She put on a pair of silky red panties and a matching bra. She pulled on a figure flattering navy t-shirt and then walked over to her closet. She grabbed a blue jean skirt from it's hanger and slipped it on. She slid on some black flip flops and then fixed her eyeliner and mascara in the bathroom mirror. She walked out the door on her way to get some food.

    She walked down just a few more blocks opposite the subway station and walked inside the bakery. She stood in line for just a few moments and then she caught a glimpse of the man taking the orders. He was handsome, very handsome. He looked oddly familiar, if he was one of her customers, he wasn't a regular. However she didn't think she knew him in that way. She was next in line and he turned around to take her order. "Buongiorno!" he said with a smile and she couldn't help but smile not only at his cuteness, but at his bad Italian as well. "What can I get for ya?"

    Karmin smiled at him. "I would like a plain toasted begal with cream cheese, please. Oh, and a bottled water." She watched him punch her order into the computer and she wondered if he knew her, if he would remember her. He had a name tag that read Naoki, at least she had a name for such a handsome face.
  5. This was the woman, he realized, from the subway! She was here, in the bakery. Naoki's shock was such that he almost failed to register her order. Clearing his throat, he nodded and put the order into the cash register, giving her the total before getting the items. Feeling a little brave, he picked up the marker and, on the outside of the wrapping that he would be placing around the bagel, he wrote: Just once, let me know you followed by his cell phone number, something he had to have with his mother as sick as she was. He had to be reachable at all times.

    Lifting the bagel and wrapping it up, he put it in a bag and handed her that and a bottled water. Taking her money, he made change for her and their exchange was over. He wanted as she left the bakery, wondering if she'd even bother to consider his words.
  6. Karmin left in a hurry back home, she had realized after he handed her her things, that that was the man from the subway, the mysterious man. Without those sunglasses he was sure a sight. The whole way home, there were no eyes glued to her. She got smiles as a compliment but nothing out of the ordinary. That is what she liked, being among the normal crowd, the respected. Not just one of the freaks, not one of "those people".

    She entered her apartment once more and sat at the kitchen table. She sat her goodies down along with her purse and she took a long drink from her water bottle. She went to unwrap her bagel and noticed writing on one side. It read: Just once, let me know you it was then followed by his phone number. Karmin sat the wrapping aside, the writing facing her. She spread the cream cheese on both halves of the bagel and began eating. The bagel was delicious. She only went to the Italian bakery every once in a while, and when she did, she always remembered why she loved it.

    With each bite she thought about calling him. She did remember his name from the print on his nametag. Why would he be interested in her, after he saw what she was wearing. Was he just like every other man that wanted her? Let me know you she thought. He wanted to get to know her. What would he want to know? That she had been a stripper since she was sixteen because she lied on her resume. That she graduated high school on her own because her mother got addicted to drugs and wouldn't help her. That her father left when she was ten and she had never heard from him again. She was never good enough, not for anyone. Why was he going to be any different?

    Once she finished consuming her begal she dug her cell phone out of her purse. She added a new contact Naoki, and then typed in the number he gave her. After a few minutes of staring at the number she hit the dial button and the other end of the line began to ring. There was no answer and she quickly hung up, and stood up. She walked back to her bedroom and laid down. Within a few minutes she was off dreaming about the new man she had encountered, a man as handsome as that, falling for someone like her? That was unheard of. She had to go back into work later, her shift started at 7pm so she had to get her rest.
  7. After his shift, Naoki changed quickly and left, yelling his goodbyes to the bakers before hitting the sidewalk and running home. He would put most of the money he'd made that morning into the tin in his room. The rest would be used quickly so that there would be food in the house. And then he'd have to leave for the afternoon, so that he would be "in school" for his mother.

    "Naoki?" he heard his mother ask quietly when he entered.

    "Yeah, I'm here," he answered just as quietly. "How are you today?"

    "I feel better, today."

    She said that everyday, but there was never any change. He smiled sadly, walked over to kiss her forehead, and then walked to his room. Emptying his backpack quickly, he shoved a few bills in his pocket. He pulled the phone out of his other pocket and looked at it, seeing a missed call. He checked the missed calls and frowned; it was an unknown number. He pressed send, wondering who had called.
  8. Karmin woke up with her alarm, 5:30. She walked into the bathroom and started to get ready for work. She brushed her teeth and hair. She hopped in the shower to shave the parts of her body where hair was starting to appear once again. She faintly heard her phone ringing in the background and she ran with the towel wrapped around her body. She looked at the name, it was Naoki. She was debating in her head if she should answer or not. She was the one that had called him first after all. But if she didn't finish getting ready she was going to be late for work. She sat her phone back on the bed.

    She walked over to her dresser and put on a black and red corset top that pushed her boobs up to make them look even bigger. Her middle showed a gleaming bellybutton ring that had stars flowing down it. She then put on lacy black underwear that looked like a skirt, however it didn't hide anything. She put on her fishnet stockings and clipped them up with the straps hanging from her underwear. She went back and finished her makeup. As she walked out of the house she slipped on a pair of red stilettos that matched her corset and freshly applied lipstick. She put on her long white coat, and hurried back to the bedroom to grab her phone. Before tossing it in her purse she sent Naoki a text. Sorry I didn't answer-work tonight. ;) She then walked out the door and started toward the subway station.
  9. He couldn't stop the flush of his cheeks as he read the text message. Whoever it was, they knew who he was. The woman, perhaps? It made sense, with her response. She was the only person who might have known the number. His eyes glanced back at the text. If he knew her name, he'd save the number. But he didn't. And he wanted to.

    Where do you work? he asked in a return text before getting up and grabbing a change of clothes for a shower. When he returned, dressed in a blue silk button-up and black jeans, he immediately checked his phone. He would find her, and he would know her name.
  10. Karmin was on the subway and decided to check her phone one more time before work. Where do you work? was the message waiting from Naoki. She replied, I work at Foxxxy Night. If you want to come see me you can, however I don't know if I want you to see me like that. She was starting to like this guy mainly because no man had ever made such an effort to try to get her attention. She sent the text and put the phone back in her purse. The subway came to a stop.

    She ran through the platform and up the stairs. She was running late and she couldn't afford to be late. She didn't want to be demoted from center stage and main attraction to one of the cage dancers or one of the servers. She was better than that. She walked a few blocks down and entered the building with the flashing red neon lights. She walked into the back and hung her purse on the hanger then put her coat on over top. She then checked her makeup one more time and then heard the music for the group number. *Song Peaches and Cream starts playing* She walked out on stage with the other girls and her work night began.
  11. Naoki wasn't sure what he would do now, if she didn't want him there. He wouldn't go if it was what she wanted. With a sign, he stripped down and slipped into bed. It was probably not a bad thing, because he was pretty tired after the early morning trip to the subway before work.

    Work. He sat up. She came in to the bakery. He could come up with a way to see her again!

    Tomorrow morning, I go to work at 11. Meet me there at 10, and I'll buy you breakfast, he sent back. Grinning, he set the phone aside and set his alarm before rolling over and trying to fall asleep.

    "I just want to know her," he whispered. "Just once, I'd like to talk to her."
  12. It was almost 5 in the morning when Karmin got off of work. She put on her coat and threw her purse back over her shoulder and out she went into the early morning. There were already cars starting to buzz by on their way to work. Karmin walked down the stairs of the subway station and sat patiently for the subway to arrive. She then pulled her phone out of her purse and noticed another text from Naoki: Tomorrow morning, I go to work at 11. Meet me there at 10, and I'll buy you breakfast. Karmin smiled and her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink.

    There was another man sitting in the subway station eyeing her. She ignored the man as she usually would and then sent a reply back to Naoki, I can't wait. Karmin wanted to get to know Naoki, she wanted to know why he was so facinated by her. What was it that drew him to her? The subway pulled up in the station and the brakes let out a screeching cry. The doors clicked open and she entered and took her usual seat by the window opposite the door. The other man entered and stood in the middle of the aisle. Close to her, but not too close. She had the feeling that he had still never looked away from her.

    Fifteen minutes later the subway pulled into the station nearest her apartment building. She quickly got off the subway and walked through the station. Once up the stairs she walked brisquly in the direction of home. "Hey whore!" The man from the subway called to her trying to get her attention.

    Karmin's body froze. She was a stripper, yes. However, the word whore was no where close to how she really was on the inside. She would tease and have fun, but she would never sleep with anyone. She wasn't that type of girl. She turned to get a better look at the man under the street light. He was tall, he wasn't too bad looking. She walked up to him, "Excuse me?"

    "You heard me." He said, anger in his voice. He was drunk, she could smell the alcohol on his breath. "How about you come with me to my place. You could show me another good time." He winked at her and grabbed her arm pulling her closer to him.

    "I am sorry. I'm not like that. I don't sleep with my customers." Karmin tried to pull away and his grip got tighter. "Let go of me!" She yelled. She was willing to make a scene if that's what it took to get him to release her.

    "You don't want to do that." He said, the finger on his other hand pressed to his lips in a 'shh' motion. Karmin had finally had enough and she stomped on his foot with her heal and she heard a crunch and the man crumpled. She knew she had to have broken something. She then turned to run but not before she was struck across the face. Tears filled her eyes and she ran home. She slammed her apartment door behind her and quickly turned to lock it. She took off her heels, and coat and went into the bathroom to check the damage.

    There was a purple bruise forming on her right cheek bone and makeup was running down her tear stained face. She took the rest of her clothes off and got in the shower. She let out a few more cries of hurt, anger, and shame as she washed off her body. She got out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel and dried off. She went to her dresser and put on a pair of blue underwear and a soft blue bra. She then put on a tight fitting red t-shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants. It was almost 7 in the morning. She set her alarm for 9:30 so she could meet Naoki for breakfast. She laid down in bed and fell asleep.
  13. It was a little before nine when Naoki awoke, surprised by how late he'd slept. He pulled on his clothes quickly and rushed through a breakfast prep for his mother. She ate a little bit, but not as much as she should. He put together several of her meals, things she could eat, and set them aside. The neighbor would come by around lunch to make sure she is fed.

    It was a quarter til 10 when he had finished preparing things for his mother.

    "I'm gone for the day, Mom," Naoki told her.

    "Have a good day, dear."

    "I will."

    And then he ran out the door and towards the bakery. Glancing at his phone, he saw that he had about two minutes, and glanced around. He didn't want to go inside, in case she didn't want to eat there, but he wasn't sure if she was already there or not.
  14. The sound from her phone alarm woke Karmin as she was in the middle of a dreamless slumber. She sat up and turned off the alarm, she then went into the bathroom to put on makeup and to fix her hair. She looked in the mirror and could see the bruise on her cheek more prominant now, and boy did it hurt. She applied a gentle application of liquid foundation and then a little powder. You could still see it, but it looked much better. She was just lucky that she hadn't gotten a black eye. She then put on some eyeliner and mascara to make her blue eyes stand out, and a clear shimmery lip gloss to add some shine to her already perfect lips. Karmin then brushed her long alburn hair up into a messy bun. She went back into her bedroom and put on some socks and her best looking sneakers.

    She was still in sweatpants but she didn't care, not this morning. And if Naoki was actually in to her, maybe he wouldn't care either. She started down the street and it was just a few minutes until 10. She saw Naoki standing in front of the bakery like he said. She walked up to him quietly, and said a nervious "H-Hello."
  15. He jumped a little, startled at the voice, but immediate smiled when he saw her.

    "You actually came," he said, almost incredulous. His eyes searched her face, and the smile faltered a little. A hand started to raise as if to caress her face, but he halted and dropped it. "You have been hit?" he asked quietly. Shaking his head, he smiled again. "You do not have to explain, if you don't wish. I'm just glad you came to meet me. Would you like to eat here or elsewhere?"
  16. Karmin looked at Naoki and studied him eagerly. His smile was out of this world. "Let's eat somewhere else. There is no point in you eating at your place of work." She smiled at him. They began to walk and she started talking. "It happened this morning. On my way home from the subway. A man tried to get me to come home with him, and I wouldn't. He grabbed me and I stomped on his foot with my heel... then he hit me. Then I ran off." She then added, "What about Cesars? They have a great breakfast buffet?" It was only a few minutes away, and she was hungry.
  17. He frowned over how she'd been hit, shoving his hands in his pockets roughly. Taking a deep breath, he made sure to meet her eyes and smile again. "Cesars sounds wonderful," he said. "My name is Naoki. Though, I think I left my name for you when I left that message." He laughed and turned towards Cesars to start walking. "I'm afraid I'm not aware of your name, though."
  18. "Oh, forgive me. My name is Karmin." She flashed him that angelic smile that she was so good at. She watched Naoki's body language and she could tell that he was upset by her encounter. "Why do you seem so upset? You don't even know me..." her voice trailed off as they walked inside of Cesars. They were sat by the young hoast upon entering by a window that looked toward the street. Karmin held her head down hoping she didn't sound rude to Naoki.
  19. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Karmin," he said with a bow of his head. He waited until they had been seated before he continued. "As for why I'm upset... Even though I don't know you very well, I don't think any woman needs to be hit. And especially not by a man who would disrespect her like he disrespected you." The waitress came by to get drink orders, and then they were left to their own devices.
  20. When Karmin returned from getting her breakfast her water was waiting for her. She smiled as she sat down and she waited for Naoki to return. She liked him. She liked that he liked her. His note still rang in her head Just once, let me know you. What was it that he wanted to know? A few minutes later Naoki sat down across from her and Karmin had already started to eat. She didn't really know what to say to him, so she waited for him to start a conversation.
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