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  1. So, I've been facing up to some things lately, and trying to cope with other things. And, truth be told, it's eating away at me. So what better way to take my mind off things than with some mindless roleplaying, where clever plots and interesting characters aren't necessary, and I can just focs on something other than my impending-
    Yes, well, onto a subject related to actually RPing.
    I wish to engage in a roleplay with someone, where the universe is fanbased, but the characters are original. Like I said, I don't want to do too much thinking right now.

    You may choose from:
    Fairy Tail
    Zero no Tsukaima
    Sword Art/Alfheim Online
    Skyrim-esque universe (core mechanics remain the same, plot and races are of own creation)

    As for whether there's a romance or something in there?
    Eh, knock yourself out. I'm not saying my character'll reciprocate your character's feelings, if so. if anything, they'll probably take it as a joke that isn't funny.
  2. Sure, we can do a Skyrim rp! :D I'll be the ever so serious-ugly as sin-but is good with a blade Orc!
  3. Wunderbar.
    I call the smart-Alec elven mage, then.
    Though, as has been stated, we're going to have to put this somewhere that isn't Skyrim.
    Also, how do you feel about rampaging Dwarven zombies who still maintain a consciousness?
  4. But doesn't being a zombie by definition make you unable to operate as you usually would ...because, you know--you're dead?

    The only real experience I've had with any semblance of their former selves--are litches. Seeing how Dwarves or Dwemer rather if you was to be theoretically correct--would have much to do with the arcane. The Ayelids--ancient elves did the magic the Dwemer buit constructs and machines.
  5. The term 'zombie' is not just limited to mindless flesh addicts, from my experience. It is used a a broad term to encompass those who have been brought back to life - usually by some form of magic. Perhaps a better term would be 'revenant?'

    Expanding on this, the same group that has brought back the Dwemer - as you deem this term more appropriate for our cause - could have something to do with reactivating their technology. Keep in mind that this is not the Elder Scrolls, merely a universe similar to it. Restrictions put in place by the games are merely limited to core concepts, lore being something we can make up ourselves - as long as it remains tangible.
  6. From my experience--particularly in fantasy style settings. Engaging, of course with very sophisticated role-players of of types and from various mediums such as live-action, D&D dice rolling system, the virtual words.

    I blieve they call that "Necromancy. That in its sel can cnjure a plethora of different beings from rotting corpses including mummies, to skeletal creations bound together by pure energy.

    Nevertheless the bones can still be damaged to the point where the linking can be broken. The can conjure, vampires, Shades, ghouls and all sorts.

    I believe the most dangerous apparition a necromancer can devise a Reaper, or a Scourge.

    Either were taken from two different settings. I remember the Scourge, I have a very good picture of what one is usually, in most cases described as.

    The Reaper as you may guess, harvests souls to and feed ons on negative energy. J.K Rowling based the Dementors of such wraiths.

    The Liches I spoke of earlier? Are beings, that through magc bid their souls to artifacts, their bodies still decay but they don't die as as they wither. They can be extremely powerful given that they can live as long as the artifact remains in tact.

    Perhaps an ancient elven wizard has boded his time well, and with the excavations of the dwarven ruins, plans to use dwarven technology via reanimating the dwarves under his control. A form of slavery to the race his kind despised in in eons past.
  7. I see your idea working, but we'd have to come up with some tangible reason as to how the elf is able to amass such an army, and launch it with ease. Not that there aren't a huge amount of possible explanations, we just need one that suits our cause.
    I'm thinking something along the lines of him providing fuel for the machines, but not actually activating them. Then, when they are in need of activation, he/she simply has to qllow the dormant fuel within the machines be used.
  8. I'd be up for a Fairy Tail RP.

    Edit: NVM
  9. Or the power source could be in the form of souls?

    Like he could could, in secret, be supplanting a kingdom into chaos ad using the deaths as a mean to harvest souls to literally plant them in to these machies. There could be fewer--but they could be stronger as well rather than vast quantities.


    Welcome Hunter!
  10. I suppose that could work. However, I must question how he manages to capture souls from all over the kingdom - surely to trap a soul, you must be there soon aftr they die, right?
    I'm assuming he haas absorption points or something similar to automatically capture souls in a certain radius, though.
  11. He could! Especially if he was a necromancer. canonically speaking, Necromancers can use various things to call forth wraiths, and zombies, and skeletons and so on so forth.

    One who is smart would choose an area outside of where the devastation might lay. Because in order to harvest enough energy to power even a few machines it would take a lot of lives to muster up the amount of souls hey may require. They should also make it appear like they died of some explainable (i.e Plagu, animal attacks) and the "absorbtion points" should also be hard to find even if they are in plain sight.

    Small stones for example. If they do catch wind of this being creating an army of undead creatures they are going to obviously be looking for a power source, an alter--something that does not fit quite right. No ones going to be looking for a rock.
  12. Well, the best place to hide a tree is in a forest, they say.
    However, it would have to be something that is not easily displaced - a small stone can be kicked into a river, thus leaving plans for it scuppered. How about something like a piece of a wall, or a tree stump frequently sat upon?
  13. That's perfect! If the necromancer enchanted a tree stump by the river, the roots could produce a toxin that makes the water sweet. (Sort of like what the Greeks used in the Siege of Kirrha in the First Sacred War.) As I said, it would make the water sweet to taste--but its effects even in small amounts could lead to diarrhea which would greatly dehydrate the human body. Dehydration alon, especially if prolonged can have many, many negative effects. But rather or small or amounts, the ending is still the same--death.

    It would look natural, like pstilance. Becaue evn the animals have to drink water.
  14. Right, but you have to keep in mind that, while effective and easily spread, disease is a slow method of killing someone off. At least, compared to thrusting cold steel into their gut. The poison, as such, would have to be applied and distributed in select areas. perhaps the slums, where people would think it was a fairly common occurrence, and where nobody would bother taking notice? After all, they're just beggars and vagabonds.
    It's not as if their souls are fuelling machinery that, as some would say, puts a man on the level of a god.
  15. I have THE perfect picture for the necromancer. :P

    Click the images to get bigger more clear versions. I was thinking one would be the second form for the other.



  16. At a glance, I'd say the second would be more suited for his second form. Maybe removing the hood acts as a catalyst for augmented powers?
  17. I don'tknow. That's a tough one. Faceless hooded figure with green energy flowing through his weapon and his armor or...white haired guy with a a soul....
  18. What I mean is, that the first one as his first form - then, by removing the hood, powers he is forced to limit are unleashed. Haven't figured out the exact reason, but it's in the works.
  19. I realize I had been discourteous. I had forgotten to ask you if you had wanted a sample of my writing for evaluation to see if our writing would coincide with each other. I will ask you now; would you care for a demonstraton? Please note, however, I am extremely graphic when it comes to violence or sex. With sex being out of the equation, being that we are both male and this isn't a gay porno--violence would be the logical conclusion. That is, unless you set me up for a third scenario which I would be happy to oblige.
  20. You need not do such a thing, for I have the habit of looking over a person's resume before approving them, if they have a resume to start with. While my post lengths are two paragraphs at a stretch, I am undergoing extensive training to extend the length of my writing, if need be.
    However, should you feel you wish to post a scene where violence is rife, I have no qualms.
    I need to give my resume a complete overhaul, anyway - a lot of the information is outdated.