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  1. Welcome to the Guild

    Accepting New Characters: Yes
    Rating: PG-13 for violence, vulgar language, and mild intimacy (no naughty crap, take it somewhere else)
    Atmosphere/Mood: Can be serious with some comedic encounters to lighten the mood. Dungeons can get creepy.
    Basic Plot: In an era of uncertainty, the Northern Continent of Earisse has come under siege by a dark force. In the shadows, beasts of seething malice have crawled into the light bringing with them a fog to cover their assaults upon the living. Their origins unknown, only a handful of innocents have escaped the claws of the damned to rely what they saw. Creatures tainted in shadow wearing stone masks akin to skulls on their heads and eyes like burning hell blazing from their sockets.
    For a few centuries, these beasts have terrified the land with no rhyme or reason other to inflict death and terror. However, like all who are oppressed there are those that stand up and take matters into their own hands. The birth of the Hunters Guild has come and for the past century, the men and women of this experience group have been the vanguard of this world against the evils that have come to strangle the light.
    The Hunters Guild reside in citadels doted over the land, acting as safe houses for their members for when they travel. Their members carry a metal emblem on their person to identify themselves to authorities such as Constables, City Watch and the like. This does not guarantee that they would help in the member’s endeavors. Some missions must be carried out in quiet.

    The World of Earisse is populated by humans and the spirits. As the spirits are not of this plane they do not busy themselves into the affairs of mortals.

    General History:

    Shadow Beasts
    Ursal: Giant Bear
    Worg: Like a werewolf
    Roc: Giant Raven
    Scorpion: Giant
    Naga: A serpentine humanoid
  2. This actually sounds like quite a bit of fun! I'd be interested in playing a character for this.
  3. Can we make up or own City in which we were born as long as it is somewhere in Earisse?
    The idea is great, my brain is already thinking of a character.
  4. I could play the spirit if you want...
  5. @ Eve lilith Angelson, Sure you could come up with a city, that'd be easier on me. Just give me details on the city.
    [MENTION=2430]Gicofokami[/MENTION], explain to me how you want to play the spirit so I can make a decision on yay or nay.
  6. I would absolutely make up a character for this! It sounds very cool!
  7. Also ; what sort of magic exists in this world?
  8. Hmm, good question. Let's see Elemental, Transmutation and Necromancy sounds like a good start as long as no one tries to be god with it.
  9. Elemental would be the Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Ice and Lightning.
    Transmutation would be like for example needing a chair and all you have is a log. Presto, a little magic and the log is now recreated into a chair of the same mass as the log. Equivalent Exchange
    And Necromancy can be controlling the dead and negative energies or using positive energies to say heal wounds.
  10. With the whole elements would you be able to control just one or would it be all of them to an extent? I'm really liking the sound of this :)
  11. Would a watcher of sorts work? He'll only step in when everything is in danger of becoming FUBAR.
  12. I'll probably just end up playing a character that's very different than all the other characters. :P It's a vice.
    Also, Gods/Religion?
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  13. Yeah, I'll probably see what happens with a couple others before cementing a character concept. I have a pretty similar vice.
  14. Sorry, had dinner.
    [MENTION=4880]Eve lilith Angelson[/MENTION], you will have a major element while the others will be minor in comparison of strength and application.
    [MENTION=589]Sir Basil[/MENTION], Was thinking a trinity of sorts that are normally worshiped together. The trinity being of Light, Dark and the Gray-zone. Haven't cemented down any names yet.

  15. Are these three the only deities worshipped - and if so, are there heretics? Or are there numerous cults and cultists?

    Is the guild religiously affiliated at all?
  16. [MENTION=589]Sir Basil[/MENTION], The guild is not religiously affiliated with anyone. I would say that the Trinity are the major religion of the continent. There probably are old back woods villages that worship the spirits. A heretic in this world is someone who aligns themselves with the Shadow Beasts, like someone kidnapping children and feeding them to the creatures to protect their ass. Something like that. These are really good questions.
  17. [MENTION=2430]Gicofokami[/MENTION], not sure how active you would be able in the storyline like that but I will allow it. Just have to see what you have for them.
  18. I'm probably going to a play a spirit worshipping something or other.
  19. So, if these beasts are wreaking havoc on the world and have been for the past century or so, does civilization still exist in any large degree? And if it does, why would there be any need for the Guild to remain secretive? It seems to me that unless the beasts have taken up some sort of tyrannical overlord positions and the Constables are expected by their masters to take down Guild members, they would be pretty universally viewed as heroes, fighting the good fight and such.
  20. [MENTION=5562]The Piper of Pipers[/MENTION], Not really secretive. What I meant was that they may not help because they might believe they can handle it on their own and want glory for themselves, or don't want to appear weak and needing to call for aid. Civilization was on the brink but after a century its coming back. Alot of the population is holing themselves up into cities while the stubborn continue to live in the villages.
    I hope this helps, I sometimes suck at explaining things but I do my best.
    [MENTION=589]Sir Basil[/MENTION], lol okay.