Just need a passionate and experienced player

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Hi, I am new here but not to role-playing, I am skilled player who knows what he wants. I love to write in third person and my plots are heavily smut driven with a descent story line. The ratio would smut/story, 30/70.

Just a mild warning I have had learnt my skill a hard way so respect me my threads and requirements and I will do the same in returns :)

I have this rough idea which we can develop together or you can help me to develop it.

You are a newly wedded wife to my son...it had been 4 months for your marriage. In first 3 months only YC has realized that she had been married to a wrong guy, a man who loves his work more than his wife and for the same reason just in 3 months Yc and the husband have had couple of fights. This doesn't mean that YC's husband had beat her or had abused her but a general husband -wife fight.

MC ( Father-in-law) knows about the nature of my son. After his mother and my wife died 10 years back he was the same, lost to himself...as he was very close to his mother.

For a month now MC was in the same city for some work and was staying with the couple. During which Our characters came close and since a week back, physical affair has started between our characters...From here we would be starting the play.

I want our characters and the play to be payed in very silence, there won't be much of talk between our characters just few needed whispers. The feeling of the plot, our characters will be very mature, subtle, secret and introvert. Apart from that I want to start the plot from where our characters have had involved for a week now.

There will be many twist-turns and drama in the story.

I have this kink for tight spandex/yoga full pants which gives the perfect shape for your lower body and wedges in ass and crotch as well. Apart from that I have this fetish of dry humping a lot lot lot in my play...any time or every time specially from behind...slowly or rough...say you are busy work in something MC...would just walk in grab you by waists and start to dry hump you from behind and for the moment you will get still like a female dog and let me do it. :)

If any of you have watched Japanese erotica you will connect more firmly to what I am looking for from this plot. Interested Can PM me and we can discuss more in there. Thanks.