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  1. I can't explain why, but at the moment, I'm really craving some romantic role plays.
    No sex, just love and romance.

    I don't even have any ideas, but I'm always open for listening to yours.
    I've created a bunch of role plays lately, but they aren't satisfying my cravings.

    I want romance with an "emo boy/skater/goth/cool guy".

    I just can't even explain myself.

    Ahh, anyway. I'm mostly looking for one x one role plays, just two people in a cute little romance <3
    So, if you have any ideas, please let me know.

    But I do have standards for my partner(s).
    (As most of you know by now, since I post this on everything)

    ~I only play females. I'm sorry about this, but I just can't seem to play males. v-v And I'm mostly looking for male parts as a lover.~

    ~Please be able to spell correctly, use grammar and punctuation correctly, and don't spek liek diz plzzzz!!??!?~

    ~If you want to add any type of sexual scenes, you MUST be 18 or older, since I myself am 18, and we will have to take it to the mature (A) forum. But let me know.~

    ~If you want to / have to quit, please at least tell me~

    Please fill this out if you'd like to make a role play with me:

    Role Play Idea:
    Character Name:
    Appearance: (Please try to use a real life image, if possible. And an emo/skater/cool guy/goth guy if possible.)
    Background story:

  2. Im interested! :)
    I have a character in mind but do you want him to be sweet and nice or can he be mean with of course a giant heart hidden deep down?
  3. I like the mean types ;O
  4. oh, great! :D

    Character Name: Adrian Moretti
    Age: 19 or at least one year older than your character.
    Height: 5'8-5'9
    Appearance: (Please try to use a real life image, if possible. And an emo/skater/cool guy/goth guy if possible.)
    Likes: Money, Being Manipulative, Intimidating people, Fighting, Being in control, Drinking
    Dislikes: Whiners, People who show weakness, Dwelling in the past
    Background story: Ill have a better idea on my characters background after I get an idea of yours, But, it will end up being a dark one.

  5. Character Name:
    Atropa Trist.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Cute, cuddly things, animals, pink, butterflies, sleeping, making friends, candy.
    Bullies, jerks, cheaters, liars, people who think they're better than others, sour things, being dirty.
    Background story:
    Atropa lives with her abusive grandmother. Her grandma hates her, and doesn't think of her
    as her grandchild. She beats Atropa if she does anything wrong, never lets her anywhere except school, the store, and home,
    and makes her work for everything, even a meal.
    She is very strict, and makes Atropa wear certain clothes, and constantly reminds her how much she hates her.
    Atropa, despite all this, still keeps a good outlook on life, and smiles a lot, and is happy, on the outside at least.
  6. Background Story/ Quick Intro: Adrian lives alone. His parents are very distant and stop by the home from time to time but they are the workaholic type. He's grown up in a beautiful luxurious home and attended to by the house servants. He's grown up use to being on his own and prefers it. He doesn't like people much and keeps them away by trying to make them despise him by causing chaos in their lives. He tends to have a twisted way of enjoying pain and distress at other peoples' expense. One of his house maids recently quit after being heartbroken by Adrian who played her like he does most girls. Telling his mother the house maid quit and leaving out his part in her reason for quitting he insists she hires someone around his age so he wont be so bored alone at home all the time. 'Guilting her is always the easiest way of getting to her.' He smirks. She sighs on the phone and agrees and soon says goodbye. Adrian lays back down in his bed imagining how the new maid would look.