Just looking.

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Duke Ferret

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I just need something that is a bit quicker pace then the group rp's waiting for people to post and such.

Nothing specific but feel free to bounce ideas off of my head, I'm open to just about any ideas.
I would love to RP with you. Anything specific in mind you want to do? I'm up for anything right now, horror, romance, supernatural, sci-fi...Whatcha in the mood for?
Meh nothing really pops into mind in particular. Just about anything really. You have any ideas?
Well, Kinda thinking of something. Tell me if you like it.

A girl is framed for her father's death. Her father is a scientist, a famous one who's discovered a new world beyond our own. She is framed, other people claiming she did it to claim her father's research as her own and leave the planet. One of those would be true soon if she could find a pilot to take her to the newly discovered planet. She searches for a while till she finds someone who is willing to take her, but at a price. What price could he possibly want for her joining his crew? Will he hold up his end of the bargain if she gives him said price? Is he after her father's reasearch? Is he after her? She doesn't know, but she is willing to take the gamble in order to leave this planet where no one wants her. (I'd rather not do smut if at all possible...but this is one of my ideas. Tell me what you think)
Hmm. Sounds interesting. Im up to it. o.o

And I can keep the smut level turned down for you.
Touching here and there is ok, but no full blown smut. And should I place it under sci-fi or one on one?
Place it under onexone since it will be just the two of us.
You're into fantasy? Have a look at my resume, if you think we'd get along I have some plots and stuff to run by you =)
Mini, I am honesty very pleased with your Resume. I like it, so, bounce some ideas off of me, lets see what we can come up with. 8D