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  1. I've been really itching to start an RP, a lot of the ones I'm currently a part of are moving slowly. I'm looking for an active player with decent grammar and spelling. As long as I can understand you we're good to go.

    Ideally I'm looking for a minimum of a couple paragraphs, maximum...wherever your mind takes you. No one liners PLEASE.

    In truth I have no ideas, or plots I'm just itching to play. I'd love to work on something with someone and have a good quality game going.

    I tend to stick to fantasy, supernatural and a bit of sci-fi.
    I don't like realistic games, the reason I RP is to get away from the real world. That being said I'm not interested in random things happening throughout the game either. I'd like it to make sense.

    Things that strike my fancy are:
    Genetic Experiments

    Just to name a few things.

    I think that covers it all...if I forget anything I'll edit this post.

    If you're interested shoot me a PM or respond here, a PM would be preferred, I'll probably respond faster.

    Thanks for your time.
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  3. Vampires are always fun.
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  5. Werewolves.....I have a character in mind if you wish to hear about her.genetic experiments has my eye too
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  6. As I stated, I don't have any plots in mind, I'm looking for people to work on plots with. If you're interested send me a PM.
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