Just looking for an RP bud!

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  1. I new on here, and I'm anxious to get into the rping! I'm mostly up for anything whether it's adventure, horror, romance, or even yuri. Message me and I'll be happy to reply. I love to get intimate, not necessarily sexual, with my rping partner so just tell me some ideas you have and maybe we can swap. Message me and I'll get back to you quickly!
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  2. Hey I'm open for an rp! I try to get on as much as I can but I am a decent roleplayer.
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  3. Okay! That sounds great! I'll message you!
  4. Hey there, sweetheart! I checked out your profile and I think you and I could have a swell time together. I'd definitely be interested in roleplaying with ya, if that's of interest to you.
    (Also, is that you!? Because if so, good lord, you're gorgeous.)
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  5. Awe!! Thank you! It is me!! Haha. I'll message you!!! ~~~
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