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  1. So there's a good chunk of homework I can't do at home due to complicated port issues and internet and blah blah you don't care but I'm saying this all anyways. I need something to fill up the time that would NORMALLY be used for homework. I like fantasy, a bit of sci-fi, a bit of modern, stuff like that. I like a bit of drama here and there. I prefer to play at least a main character that is female. I can play male but I don't like it very much. I'm looking for ideas though I'm sure I've got a couple written down somewhere. I'm not picky on length of posts because it can be hard to write long posts (at least for me) I'm fine with either a thread or through PM's. So this has all been one long wall of unformatted text and I think this is enough. As long as it's under partner request I am open for roleplaying.
  2. I'm open to pair with you! It is all really depending on the rp. I do all rps except supernatural, including mature. But as for a plot, I'll let you tell me what you enjoy.
  3. O_O that's the fastest reply ever. Umm I gotta go find a plot. *starts whistling* here plot! here ploty plot!
  4. It's because I reply to threads the moment my alert bar goes off! And I have to say that your picture is interesting.
  5. Why thank you! The picture I actually made from what was a possible design for a character in an upcoming game called Mighty No. 9. This is my third or fourth of this design alone. I changed a few things on it from the original like her boots and the button on her hat. And I usually do the same....unless I need to think XD
  6. Well you're a much better at drawing than I'll ever be!
  7. I didn't draw it. I only took the original and copied over the lines using paint.net so I could color it. I can't draw XD If you ever have a picture you'd like to see in color or in different colors I might be able to do it. I get pretty bored. Did this in about two or three hours tops. Anyways I've got a couple characters in mind. Would you prefer a modern setting or something in the future? Past? I'm feeling a bit of time travel. depends on the time and other characters. I like to craft a plot around mutual setting.
  8. Time travel?
  9. I have either a modern person who could get thrown into the past or future or stay put. And I have a more medieval character who is used to being pulled around in time and space. However I am more than happy to forgo the time travel XD just a random thought that came into my head.
  10. I actually meant that in a I'M TOTALLY WILLING TO DO THAT RP!
  11. XD lol okay so where would you like it to take place? in the present? the past? or the future?
  12. Perhaps it is the people of the present getting lost in the future after their time machine is destroyed.
  13. Alright! that sounds like a good idea to me! plot found! XD would you prefer pm or thread based?
  14. I do both, agian up to the partner. Sorry I'm submissive when it comes to these types of decisions. xD
  15. I'm still looking for more roleplays peeps!
Thread Status:
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