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  1. Pets and the people who raise them tend to say a lot about one another, according to most people. But do you agree?

    If so,
    How do you and your pet mirror one another?
    Why do you think this is?

    If not,
    What impact do you think an pet's upbringing has on it and how it resembles its owner?
  2. [​IMG]

    Raghnall "Bloodhound" Conleth

    Effective Biological Age: 25
    Conscious Age: 420

    Year Born: 1009
    Year Sealed Away: 1429

    Species: Dhampir (Vampire father, Human mother)

    Allegiance: The Round Table

    Various Central, Southern, and Eastern European Princes and Kings
    Various now dead European Vampires
    Fought against numerous Mongol invasions for the fun of it
    All the English kings since William the Conqueror until 1429 when Raghnall was sealed away.
    Joan of Arc, defeated by and sealed away in the dirt of a barren battlefield in 1429

    Weapons: Longswords; currently makes use of his trusted steel longsword that was sealed with him; Oathkeeper.

    Equipment: Raghnall wears only torso plate armor along with pauldrons as he has always felt full plate to be far too confining considering his inhuman agility and strength.

    Skills: Speaks Latin, Old English, Old French, Germanic, Spanish, Celtic, a few minor Eastern European languages, and has quickly picked up Modern English. Four centuries of training as a swordsman and fighting in battle, combined with his vampiric strength and agility, make him incredibly deadly in melee combat, and he has few qualms about fighting "dirty" when necessary. He is most prominent when facing an opponent one-on-one.

    Magic: Raghnall's half-vampire blood allows him to perform blood magic on a scale close to that a vampire, but he is unable to create other vampires, and he has extensively studied the use of both iron and silver magic during the course of his vampire hunting days. He has a particular spell that he has affectionately called Bloody Silver, wherein he cuts himself, coats his blade in his own blood, enchants that blood with silver magic, enchants the blade with iron magic, and then cuts into a monster (usually a vampire). The silvery blood acts like an incredibly potent poison that spreads throughout the veins and arteries of his target, usually resulting in horrifically painful death.

    Personality: A surprisingly warm man for someone who should essentially be dead, Raghnall delights in smothering himself with women's (and sometimes men's) affections, always believing a good joke is appropriate for any situation, even the battlefield. Of course, there are times when something seems to come over him, and all happiness leaves his face, replaced by an intense stare and scowl. Many bodies often follow in the wake of such a scowl.

    Backstory: Raghnall was born in Ireland in 1009 to a pair of noblemen, one who was a vampire. The pair raised him together, mainly keeping his father's vampiric tendencies secret as well as his own dhampir blood, for years in the region that would later become Dublin, raising him from a young age to take up his father's minor throne as either a count or duke, Raghnall doesn't really remember which. In time though, his father was discovered, resulting in his father's eventual murder as well as his mother. However, before they died, they shipped Raghnall off to England.

    His history becomes extremely murky at this point and when asked, Raghnall simply waves the question off, stating simply, "I ended up becoming a vampire hunter and a mercenary, roaming Europe, murdering vampires, bopping ladies, learning to control my blood magic, learning iron and silver magic to better fight monsters, and fighting with various armies. Do I really need to detail four hundred years of my exploits? Let's get to the point - my defeat at the hands of the Witch Bitch."

    Despite his travels, Raghnall always held a connection to Ireland and England, in particular whomever ruled the throne of England at the time. Participating in the Hundred Years War, he eventually found himself fighting in France and staring down Joan of Arc. The pair fought for hours, and somehow (a way that Raghnall will not detail), Joan managed to defeat him. As he laid bloody, bruised, and beaten to a pulp in the dirt of the battlefield, bodies of both sides all around him, Joan stood over him, seemingly gloating, and declared that he would never torment Europe again. She buried him deep with magic and sealed him away, until the Round Table decided to dig him back up and set him free...
  3. Well, the out of mission area will be Wartburg Castle for the most part. As for in mission areas, they will be various places all over the world. So I may do a thread per country? That way if we go to Paris, we play in the France thread. And later on if we go to Rouen we return to the France thread. But I would like a clear indicator on where an old mission begins and a new one ends if we use the same thread
  4. Yay. Finally a vampire-human hybrid character. So amazed that one wasn't made earlier.

    @Ascendant Cool character. He's accepted. And the Bloody Silver spell is a good use of mixing both types of magic.
  5. Show Spoiler

    He's a little shit. Barges out the door when he wants to go outside... won't eat the food he's given unless HE feels like it... won't come when called until HE feels like it... will only fetch maybe once or twice before looking at you with a, "Well you threw it dumbass, you go get it" look... loves to go for car rides... and loves his family very much.

    He lives with my parents now... when I left home I couldn't take him with me, and he loves my mother and father enough that I simply don't have the heart to move him. So he's my parents' dog now. But yeah, as for mirroring the owner... I didn't want to put myself on the spot like that, but yeah, pretty much.

    Here's a funny thing that happened:

    Neighbor: "See, the funny thing about dogs is that you can say whatever you want to them. You just have to sound really happy while you're saying it!" *Starts cooing at Max* "Right? You're just a little moron, aren't you? Aren't y--"
    Max: *Growls.*
    Neighbor: "... Oh ho."
  6. My dog is an attention whore too.
  7. Well...first of all, Zeta is suppose to be big. Though she kept be too big where having sex would be impossible with a human. Though my girl was not exactly small herself. But something up the lines of a tiger or bigger would be alright. The other enhance dogs...would be like a small dog growing to above average 'large' normal dog, and the other large dogs with the 'normal' enhancement becoming bigger also, but still smaller than Zeta. Like a small tiger/panther vs a large/huge tiger. (Or some other large animal in comparison)

    As for the 4-way rp. Just to be clear. I meant that ruin would take most of that year of the class to go through. Not a week or month. I figured between its 'unknown' size, and the fact there is going to be threats/weak spots to move, and teaching going on...that it take an outrageous amount of time to clear.
  8. Not gonna lie, I would love to see that happen o.o
  9. *raise hand*

    Can we do a thing in Australia, nobody ever does anything with Australia
  10. Which bit?
  11. Shichika is both physically incapable of using bladed weapons (though I guess that would just add to the sloppy part) and, while fast, is certainly not fast enough to do all that so quickly lol

    you'll never implicate me
  12. Well he does think he's a child.
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