Just like the master?

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Pets and the people who raise them tend to say a lot about one another, according to most people. But do you agree?

If so,
How do you and your pet mirror one another?
Why do you think this is?

If not,
What impact do you think an pet's upbringing has on it and how it resembles its owner?
:/ yeah I guess my dog does mirror me in things..he is hyper as hell and quirky....a bit stupid at times, yet sweet and loveable.
My last dog would adapt to my sleeping habits, which used to be sporadic as all hell. After about a week or so of a set routine she would have it down.
My cat is exactly like me,

She likes to lay around, but gets in moods, she like the be cuddles but only from me. She rejects the company of strangers but is deeply devoted to those she likes and let then get away with anything untill she gets in a biting mood.

He's a little shit. Barges out the door when he wants to go outside... won't eat the food he's given unless HE feels like it... won't come when called until HE feels like it... will only fetch maybe once or twice before looking at you with a, "Well you threw it dumbass, you go get it" look... loves to go for car rides... and loves his family very much.

He lives with my parents now... when I left home I couldn't take him with me, and he loves my mother and father enough that I simply don't have the heart to move him. So he's my parents' dog now. But yeah, as for mirroring the owner... I didn't want to put myself on the spot like that, but yeah, pretty much.

Here's a funny thing that happened:

Neighbor: "See, the funny thing about dogs is that you can say whatever you want to them. You just have to sound really happy while you're saying it!" *Starts cooing at Max* "Right? You're just a little moron, aren't you? Aren't y--"
Max: *Growls.*
Neighbor: "... Oh ho."
I have no pets. I hate pets.

I like animals, but I hate pets.

I had a rabbit once. It's gone now.

I bet Asmo ate it... put it in a stew. Ground it's bones to make a scone or something too.
That rhymed.

I have no pets. My parents have a pug. Its really ugly. Its really hyper. It goes gay for my dad. A lot.
MY CAT IS A LITTLE SHIT. I think he reflects both me and Gibs. c____c

He loves Gibs. Just like Gibs, if you go in the kitchen he says "What's for dinner?"

You are only allowed to touch him in the "pre-approved cat petting zones". That would be on top of the fridge, in the bathroom, or at the very end of a movie when he decides to lay on you.

Anytime a stranger comes over, he hides. Just like I do. c__c
But Diana, I thought Gibs was your pet.
You could just picture Diana, Gibs, and their cat hiding in a closet when the pizza man comes.
I totally agree. Then you'd have Isaboo answering the door and since he's a trap, he'd totally be hitting on the pizza dude.
What kind of dog, Khang Krom?

Prostitute Jack Russell Dachshund Pug with a bit of Khang-aroo(TM, All Rights Reserved by Asmodeus).

(EDIT: I just re-read that and realized how much that sounded like bestiality. I was referring to her jumping like a fucking trampoline.)

See? It runs in the family. The cat we had was a two-bit slut as well. Nine babies, two litters, and counting(I think, from our friends house).