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  1. Trixfit was running, and running and running. She ducked and dodged through the forest. Panicked breaths escaped her lips as she looked back trying to see if her pursuers were catching up. 'faster, I need to go faster!' she thought to herself. Her long light light brown hair flowing behind her as she was looking for a way to escape. Finally she started to see and end to the forest she was running through but she had no idea where it led to. She had no idea weather it would lead to a safe hiding place or a dead end. None the less she ran to it hope so hard it would be a place of salvation. When she reached the end of the forest getting to the opening she looked around seeing that it was a large garden like backyard of a VERY large and fancy looking white house. She panicked looking anywhere to go next not sure which direction to head next would be best but knowing she didn't have much time to decide. In her panic she didn't even notice the boy already in the garden.

    (the picture attached is Trixfit ((obviously when she had wings right now she's the same just without the wings))

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  2. Kaijan Trimora listened politely, but he really wished Dolan would shut up. "...So I went to the barracks to see if he was there, but of course, he wasn't there and I ended up asking one of the soldiers where he might be and he didn't know and so I left and went into town and checked all of his favorite places and he still wasn't anywhere! I even asked that mean dwarf lady with the mushroom stand, but of course she made up some joke about stewing him and......"

    Oh my gosh, when will he just stop talking????

    "....I guess I had been running around for so long that I had forgot to rest, but how could I with him missing??? So I went home, but I had one of the servants go out and ask around, and I bet you're wondering how I did that---with money, of course! They'll do anything for that! And after soaking in my tub and taking a nap, the servant came back, and lo and behold he had the wrong cat! I could have immediately asked for my 2 gold coins back, but I'm just generous that way, you know and...."

    He's been going on and on for an hour already!!! Where's the off button on this guy?!?!

    Just when Kaijan was seriously beginning to think about "accidentally" stabbing himself, a loud crash from near the estate was heard, and everyone went rushing to the scene, including Dolan. Kaijan exhaled deeply and walked away from the party. If it wasn't for his father, he wouldn't have ever showed up. He wasn't too big on parties anyway and having schooled with Dolan as a child, he knew what a chatterbox the human could be. The garden was exceptionally big and after passing a row of petunias, he could see a strange girl running out of the forest as if something were chasing her....

    kaijan.jpg (This is Kaijan)
  3. Trixfit Couldn't make out what this guy looked like she immediately though it was one of the men after her. But there was only one right now. Maybe...just maybe if she attacked she could win and still get away. She knew that she could only run for so long at this point. So that exactly what she did. She charged at him and when she got close enough she flew up her leg aiming to kick the mystery man right in the head, but when she heard no connection what so ever., again and again and again she tried to get her foot to connect with the man but it was useless ... and she froze. Her aim wasn't off he must of dodged all of them. Her body tensed and she dropped to her knees waiting for a retaliation blow. This had all been such a bad idea : trying to escape, running all the way here, charging at someone she had no chance at all of beating....she was weak... and she knew it from the start. She closed her eyes waiting for a foot to connect with her gut or a blow to the back of her head or neck to knock her out.
  4. As she got closer, he noticed she looked to be a fairy. Before he could even say "hello" the girl started charging at him and then proceeded to try and kick him in the face! Thankfully, he was 6"4 so dodging her was easy. When she finally gave up, Kaijan backed away. "What the heck are you doing?! You know, kicking someone isn't a very good way to greet a stranger!" he said. Usually girls didn't come just charging out of the forest to kick some random guy either, so he was very confused. Unless she was like his sister. Then it would make a lot more sense. "Did your boyfriend just break up with you or something? Cause there are better ways of venting your anger!" He looked behind her to make sure there weren't any more violent girls coming this way. Maybe I should just walk away.....
  5. Trixfit eyes widened as the realization that he wasn't one of them started to click into place. She reached out grabbing him by the shirt panic all over her face her hands trembling "please!! please hide me!!" he looked back over her shoulder and though she heard a stick break . "I beg of you please don't let them find me!!! if they find me....if they find me" she started trembling hard all over her breaking started to become quick and panicked and if he would take a good look at her, Kaijan could see dirt and bruises all over her. Something about all if this it just screamed out that this was a very serious and more than dangerous situation.
  6. Now the fairy was grabbing him and acting hysterical! Wow, she really is being chased. Kaijan grabbed her by the shoulders. "Alright, alright! Calm down! Luckily for you, there's a party going on 50 feet away and I have skills in combat. Just stay behind me. I'll protect you!" he said. He couldn't help but wonder what the heck he was getting himself into. Promising to protect some girl I don't even know! What if this is some trap to steal my money?!-- Oh wait...I didn't bring any money... Well, anyway, this better not kill me or I'm gonna be haunting someone from the grave!!! The half-elf watched the forest, waiting for whoever these guys were to come out.
  7. She shook her head fast still holding onto him "no please I.. I need to hide!" she was holding onto him frightened and shaking "we need to get away before the-" before she could even finish a man walked in searching the areas he walked when his head rose his eyes meeting hers and he got a dark grin on his face. He whistled out four quick bursts and one long one a signal to the other guys he had found her. She let out a small sound of fear and shrunk back. The man headed forward towards her "excuse me sir ..but you see this woman had caused us quite the problem running away from home a such an important time... that you for finding her and keeping her for us"
  8. Kaijan raised his eyebrows and looked at the men coming towards him. Pretty big fellows, but he figured he could take them down if he tried. Still, it seemed better to try and talk their way out of this first than to threaten them. "You're welcome! It was a piece of cake. You know how all weak and clueless females are," he lied with a smile, "but, before you take her, I just wanted to let you know that you've got the wrong person. She is most definitely not a fairy." At the moment, he wished he had his sword with him, but he had left it in Dolan's father's mansion hundreds of feet away. It was considered impolite to attend such a special party with a weapon on hand, or at least that's what his own father told him.
  9. Trixfit's eyes widened hugely when had insulted her and made it sound like he was just going to had her right over. The man frowned stepping forward "well I never said she WAS, I'm just saying that we need to acquire her and take her back to her home. She's just a simple run away is all and we would really like to take her back. IF I don't my boss will get very angry with me and her so please I would love it if you would just hand her over nicely." She trembled and shook her head 'he's a lyer!!! he's a dirty filthy lier!!" He snapped his teeth clenched 'SHUT UP LITTLE BITCH!!"
  10. When Kaijan heard that his fist connected with the leader's nose in a spray of blood. "Don't TALK TO GIRLS LIKE THAT!!!!" he yelled. Screw talking! I'm just gonna have to kick their butts! The leader looked very shocked at his sudden reaction, and came charging at him. Kaijan wasn't surprised, and he dodged his fists and punched him hard in the stomach. Once the larger man was down, he made sure he stayed down with a blow to the back of the head. The half-elf looked up and noticed the others had fled. "Not so tough as they look, so I'm guessing they must be thugs. Are you okay?" he asked the fairy. He could only imagine what they must've been planning to do with her.
  11. Trixfit looked up at him amazed and bewildered. She was speechless for a while but she nodded "y-yes...I'm okay....for now at least...t-thank you" she seemed shook up and still very panicky as her eyes darted around. Something was off about it all even though she was impossible small framed for her height and had an aura that screamed she was something out of the ordinary, she had no wings. Fairies have wings. "a-anyway....I-is there somewhere we could go...I.. I don't feel safe out here...t-they could come back at any moment...maybe even with more people.... I...I.. I just don't....I don't wana get brought back there...."
  12. "Alright," Kaijan replied. He was a little worried they would come back himself, "Hmmmm....I guess I could take you to join the party until you figure out where you need to go. First you would need to get cleaned up though. I don't think everyone would take well to a bruised up girl with torn clothes. C'mon!" He led the way through the garden and as he got closer he could hear the party resuming. He wondered what had happened when everyone ran off at the sound of a crash. Once he thought of that he remembered something important. "I'm gonna take you inside, but we may run into this guy named Dolan. Whatever you do, DON'T ask him any questions. If you do you'll regret it, trust me!" he said to her glancing back for a moment. Kaijan made sure to take her around the side of the mans. That way, no one could see her.
  13. Trixfit's eyes were darting around taking in the area as they went along. she got a confused and worried look on her face as she let him lead her "w-wait I'm going to a party??? wont someone notice some random new person!?" She panicked more as the went along wondering about how they we're going to pull this off. "Dolan??w-what will happen if I ask him a question?? will I Die???" Her head was reeling with all these thought 'y-you...wait are we gona do!?" she shook her head ""will they really not find us???" she pent every second studying the are even as they kept moving "where are you going!?" she was just confused all around about everything that was happening she couldn't even keep up with her own thoughts anymore
  14. Kaijan approached the white mansion making sure the fairy was following. A servant was just passing through the doors and paid no attention to them as he walked in. It was absolutely gorgeous inside, of course. Dolan's father was a governer so he could afford such an elaborately decorated estate. Servants were walking about and tending to things while the guests were outside. A few raised their heads to look at Kaijan. When their eyes passed over the fairy, they looked at her curiously, but said nothing. "This way," the half-elf said, beckoning the girl up the stairs. Kaijan led her to a guest bedroom where he had left his own things. A servant girl was inside changing the bed sheets. "Hey, Wenala, this here is a friend of mine. Can you help her change into something decent?" he asked her. The girl nodded and left the room to fetch some clothes and a wash basin.

    The young man then turned to the fairy and realized something. "Oh yeah! I haven't even told you my name! I'm Kaijan Trimora. Don't laugh! I know it's a girly name. What's your name?" he said extending his hand for her to shake.
  15. Trixfit looked around in awe as she continued to fallow the young man who helped her. She felt nervous as she saw how many people were there but realized that they we're paying her no mind at all. She also realized they weren't dressed as nice as the people of this house she imagined would dress. She fallowed close to him as they continued on stepping on a step behind him almost the second he left it. She jumped and backed up a bit when she saw the woman in the room. she sighed heavily when the woman left just as Kaijan had asked. She looked around the room looking at all of kaijans things he had left in the room.

    She blinked and looked up at him "eh??ah right" she smiled slightly "Nice to meet you...I'm Ella..." she hesitated for a bit before reaching out ad grasping his forearm. ''ahh but a name only holds the attributes the possessor allows it to. So, so far I don't see it as a girlie name at all."