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    Ashton Blanco
    Age: 17

    (Please don't rp if you cant handle my characters emotion or him being suicidal.)

    You and Ashton have been childhood friends. You both even made a promise to each other that you would both stay together forever. But you doubted that he would remebr that. You both were never seen without each other. Dispite the difference of you gender, you guys did Everything together. (except showers and bathrooms and stuff) Ashton always try to make you happy but sometimes he tries to hard you get really pissed off. You two would get mad at each other by it would only last under an hour, you twpd eventually make up.

    But somethings been bothering him lately. Hes been getting on you nerves more often but you couldn't notice that.

    Ashton was on his way to school, but he went to your house first.... As always. He knocked on your door waiting for an answer and while he was waiting he was lost in his thoughts. Thinking about all of his problems... The he snapped trying not to be depressed again today. He had to be happy.... For his best friend.... He was wearing baggy pants and a sweater, because he was too lazy to put on cool clothes. He leaned against the door frame as he waited for the door to open
  2. Denise Jackson
    Age: 17
    appearance (open)


    Denise opening the door, already suspecting who's at her door smiled when she saw Ashton there, he was always there, waiting for her to come to school with him... He seemed happy today, but at the same time she felt something was wrong, though she didn't think much of it too much yet, though that didn't stop her from getting a little worried on the inside. Ashton was wearing clothes he practically just threw on like always, he seemed to be wearing something unique each time he showed up at her door like this, it always made him stand out in a way. To be truthfull with herself Denise wasn't too interested in seeing the same "cool" clothes commonly worn by the majority around the school, she was glad that Ashton was there to break the same old pattern of clothes she's seen on pretty much everyone else. "Hey Ash, how are you this morning?" Denise asked in a rather cheery tone, acting as she normally did every morning.
  3. "Eh, nothing much same as usual" he said in a bored tone "but... I guess... The only new thing is... Its Monday? Eh what the hell nobody likes Mondays..." "Let's go?" He asked before he started to walk expecting her to follow
  4. Denise nodded, practically skipping as she followed Ashton looking around occasionally at the other students heading off to school, some gave them a friendly wave which she waved back to, of course she got a few strange looks here and there and even some jealous ones. She just responded with a more menacing look, deterring too much negative attention from gathering around them too much, this was how life for them usually was these days, walking to school was enjoyable, but a little stressfull sometimes when others started staring.
  5. "Hey Daniel...." He started "There this letter someone sent me... I think its a love letter and since you usually help me with stuff, can you help me with this...?" He asked completely oblivious of what she might feel. He took a piece of paper and showed it to her
  6. Looking over at the love letter Ashton was holding, Denise felt a a sort of fearfull sensation for a reason she wasn't sure about as she started to read it, was this what had been bothering him? In either case she wasn't entirely sure what to think about it, she just continued to read it in silence for the time being not saying a word just yet.
  7. Ashton started to reread the letter beside her it said

    "Dearest ashton,
    I've kept my feelings for you contained as long as I can. I am in love with you, and true, honest love should not be contained and kept quiet forever. There is so much about you that most girls don't see. They only see the physical. They see your body, but my love for you is more than skin deep. My feelings for you grow every day, and my love grows deeper with every passing minute. You mean so much to me. Just seeing your smiling face or hearing you heart-melting voice brightens up my worst days and makes them more than just bearable. Just having a hug from you makes me feel warm and cozy inside. I dream of you day in and day out; you're the only one on my mind now. I am in love with you and have been in love with you since I can't remember when!

    With great love,
  8. That feeling Denise had in her chest was growing as she finished reading the letter, but she acted as if she was fine and spoke "I guess... Follow your heart, do what you feel is right." she said, even if it did sound rather cliche, even for her. She looked around for a moment to make sure others weren't listening into their conversation.
  9. Ashton scratched his head "Do you really think so..?" He said as he started blushing, realising that he could just make her jealous by this. His heart started to slam against his chest as he waited for her to answer, she seemed so calm...
  10. Denise just smiled a little awkwardly and nodded "Yeah... After all, it's your decision, not mine." she said with a small shrug, playing off how uncomfortable, and maybe just a little jealous she was feeling about this, of course she wasn't going to show it; that just wouldn't be like her at all...
  11. "Well, okay then..." He said as they came near the school "Sorry, this must be awkward for you..." He said as he started to play with his fingers like he does when things get awkward
  12. Denise shrugged "Don't sweat it." she said, reaching over and patting him on the head a little, her voice seemed a bit quieter than it usually did though.
  13. Ashton gave her a small smile "Thanks.." He said as he continue ued to play with His fingers "So... Anything new...?" He asked trying to break the awkwardness
  14. Denise shrugged once more "Not much I guess... You're the only one who keeps me from going insane with boredom these days." she said non-challantly, smiling brightly, she figured she'd try to lighten the mood or something.
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