Just kind of a chat about emotions (Not a rant as much as curious situations)

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  1. Do you ever have a moment when you have a very random wave of a certain emotion? What about a primary emotion, even when you should have felt differently?

    I get these all the time. I'm a happy person, not really a downer. Yes, I post in the rant section (more often than I should) when things get to me but the emotion lasts for a half a second and then it's gone. Been that way for since I can remember. My main emotion is happy. I go outside and enjoy the sun, the fresh air and everything despite what is going on in my life.

    But from time to time, out of absolutely nowhere, I get hit with an emotion and follows a certain memory in my past. But at the time those memories were being made, I was completely calm or distant from the emotion that I should have been feeling.

    A very close friend and relative of mine was in an abusive situation once. They came to me for help and I did all I could, even facing down the person hurting them. Back then, I handled the situation calmly and without any show of anger. i didn't even feel it, I just wanted to help my friend. That was like five years ago? I think somewhere around there.

    And anger is just hitting me. I look back to it and it makes my blood boil. I hear her abuser's name and I get set off. It was out of nowhere, I have no idea how my mind could have blocked that out for such a long damn time. And the same thing happens when I get sad. Yes, this emotion is a bit different; when I lose someone, yes, I am sad. It tears me apart but I don't feel the strongest wave until later. It took me forever to feel my grandmother's death up until a little while ago. Trev and Jess are taking a bit longer. With me, emotions are deep seeded. there are things I become numb to for a while and I can't explain it.

    Happiness is something I feel instantly and throughout my day to day goings. Even through my worst fights with depression, I still find joy.

    I don't know if it's normal or not. I mean I have an appointment with a therapist next month, so i'm covered with the whole 'get some help' thing but I'm just wondering who else reacts like this? What's everyone's primary emotion, if there is such thing?

    (I wasn't sure if I should put this in Counseling or Discussion so I just chose one off the bat)
  2. That is completely normal. It is a survival instinct of your subconscious. Many times is sad situations, or situations where we may get very angered, our subconscious with numb us from thay emotion till it finally comes out from being held in for so long. It's probably unintentional and you don't even know it's happening.

    My mother finally grieved over my deceased father after twenty years. Yes, twenty years. She never cried, never dealt with the emotion till then. Unfortunately, I take after her. When my grandfather died I didn't cry. I didn't cry at his funeral either even though my sister was bawling. Thus was 2 years ago. I don't know how long It will be till my emotions surface, but when they do I know it will be catastrophic.
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