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  1. Hello all! I'm new to the site, but not to rp. I used to have a board with several friends 8 years back, over 3 years we accumulated thousands of posts, but we all went our separate ways with separate schedules, and its been a year or two since I've had a place to post. I joined a different board recently, but the members seem to post only once in a blue moon (some literally), so I arrived here looking for a much more active board :)

    I like to be descriptive and lengthy in my posts (all the better to make use of the time between posting between members), often starting from more apprentice-level characters and building them up, unless otherwise required for the role.

    Anyway, look forward to chatting with all of you and i'd love to answer any questions or suggestions for rp's to start in, I need to get the 6 posts out of the way for full functionality in the site anyway :p

    Templar Hunter like Templar in Assassin's Creed or something else? >:3

    Also, welcome to the community! <3
  3. Why thank you! <3

    So, the name comes from my Xbox Live Tag (and many other things when I could grab it.)

    I used to independently study historical government archetypes, including the Templar's and their structure. Shortly after I made the name, and then two months later Assassin's Creed 1 was released, and now everyone thinks I'm some fanatic of it D: (though it is a good game, im just glad they made the sequels significantly better than the first which was... lacking.)

    So it stems from a political and moral standpoint for myself :)

    I should mention I'm also a very avid gamer (LoL, Dota 2, Mass Effect 3 -in 3 days- Squeeeeeeeee, etc etc)
  4. I see, I see!

    I myself am a quirky weirdo who sings to herself, acts turbo girly, and all around weird.... and now everyone things I am trying to act like Zooey Deschanel on The New Girl, ever since the show came out. t___t So sad!
  5. Oh bizarre. I watched the episode of bones she guest starred in yesterday.
  6. welcome to iwaku :)
    Hope you find some good roleplays soon ;)
  7. thank you Red <3
  8. Templarhunter,

    Welcome to Iwaku. You seem incredibly nice. Be sure to take a look at the Roleplay Signups if you are looking for a game. Our general area is also awesome, and if you are ever in need of something to do between posts, we have some great challenges going on all the time! Here is one you might like if you enjoy music. I look forward to getting to know you more!
  9. Thanks! :D

    That's awesome actually, a site that supplies something to do in between, i'm shocked and already becoming attached.
    I was just reading the Meta-Shade guide on Class Archetypes, this place is wonderful!

    And thank you, I will make a post over there :)
  10. We also have board games and so many wonderful blogs and groups. There is a food group, one on world building, several interest based ones, the list goes on!
  11. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Also, since you have xbox, do you play Gears of War 3!?!?!? O_O
  12. thanks :D

    and no, I don't :<. The second was the last I played, and it wasn't as compelling to me as a series >_<

    I only recently got over my MW addiction, wishing I had only rented the third.
  13. Nooo D: But thats okay! =D I also play that game called MW3 (Even though it should be burned D:) But i play gears mostly XD
  14. MW3 O_O plays it too- Anyways! Welcome to Iwaku Temp! I am Satrina, nice to meet you
  15. Hello Templarhunter! Welcome to a very active RP site. (Maybe we should switch and I should go to your one where people post once in a blue moon...) You're at the right place for writing a lot. Go have fun!
  16. Satrina: play a real game BF3 sooo much better and realistic. =P


    Also WELCOME TO IWAKU, Templarhunter. Do you mind being called Templar? Yes, we are very active. There is a sign-ups section for roleplays and rule of thumb is as long as it is not in the closed apps part, it is open for you to join. Also beware of Diana, she is pretty cool but much crazier than most of us.
  17. Her deadpan is fantastic!

    Welcome to Iwaku! Revi covered all the basics, so I just came to say hi!
  18. Bones happens to be one of my other favorite shows. 8D

    ...and I am NOT crazier than most everyone. D:< I am the most normal well adjusted person on this whole site!
  19. Thanks again everyone, i feel very loved :D

    I'm just looking through the sign ups for a good place to start.



    OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES *deathstares*

    See you around! ^^