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  1. So I just joined this site and I need to get some roleplays going on. Here are the ideas I have so far...

    1. A vampire with pure hatred for humans finds a teenage girl in a car wreck. Instead of finishing her off her takes her in, there was something about her he couldn't resist. After she wakes up and ask to leave he tells her no keeping her a prisoner. Little do they both know that there starting to fall in love with each other and she's changing him for the better.
    (The vampire should have a personality like Damon from Vampire Diaries. He doesn't have to be exactly like him, but have that bad boy. I don't care about anything but blood kind of feel). CLOSED!!!

    2. A prince finds out that the princess from another kingdom has killed his father. The prince know has the princess from the other kingdom capturing her and taking her back to be hung for her crime. Although the princess is innocent she follows him to his kingdom. She tells him her secrets and although he's not buying it he's starting to feel like she's innocent and isn't sure what to do next.
    (This roleplay is more about the journey back to the prince's village)

    I would like to be the female for both roleplays. I'm not the best at playing males.
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  2. Welcome to iwaku!! : D

    I would gladly do an rp with you and really like your 1. rp idea but I don't watch vampire diaries so I don't know what type of person Damon is : O
  3. Thank you!! ^^

    Damon is basically a vampire acts like he doesn't care for anyone. He goes around and kills innocent people for the hell of it and buries their bodies in the woods. He will kill your best friend and not give it a second thought. Until the right girl comes along and then he slowly starts to find his soft side etc etc.
  4. Sounds like my type of guy! well character type anyway haha.

    yay not caring! In that case, I can play as the type of character that doesn't give a rats ass about anyone and then turn him into a big softy.
  5. Yay!!! Sounds like fun. Would you like me to PM you with the other details?
  6. yes please ^^ that would be wonderful
  7. Ok I will do that as soon as I get the chance.