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I'm really getting turned away from group rp's, so I'd rather focus on intimate and close group things instead, they tend to last longer and possess more creative quality in my long time on here. To be honest I just want to have another lasting rp that can go the distance, as I've only had (still have) one that's lasted over a year. In any of these rp's my character would be female and would need one male for a 1x1, and at least one male for a knit group. What I had in mind was an rp that focused on a chaotic neutral / dark emotion based male that would serve as some sort of vigilante or conflicting ideology character that my female character would stumble upon and start to try to bring him back to the human side, albeit while facing action and adventure in some respect. That's just the base premise, but the rp ideas are below:

This rp would focus on my female character who would come across Red Hood during his days of re-emergence, and would try to quell his vengeful and destructive ways of doing whatever it took to bring justice and finally get back at the Joker for what he did all those years ago. This could be a mix of canon and AU, following the same storyline as Under The Red Hood and A Death In The Family, but could also be Dick Grayson instead of Jason Todd, maybe even Damien Wayne or Tim Drake....or even Bruce himself. Together they'll submerge into the gritty Gotham underbelly and fight for justice, or either redemption depending on choices.


This rp would focus around the time after Episode VI. When the Republic is just beginning to become prominent once more, and the Empire is falling by the wayside at the defeat of Darth Vader, but here is where the 30 years between VI and VII will be created in the rp. This will see the rise of the Resistance and The First Order and the revolution of the New Empire. It can take place in any of the 30 years between VI and VII, from right after VI all the way to right before VII. It would focus on a male character being inspired by Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi, but wanting to be the first Jedi in history to master the dark side without turning over to it (lookup Dark Jedi). This naturally will result in a conflict of emotions and ideals as the knight will face adversity from all sides, but upon meeting a force sensitive female character she attempts to slowly balance him as she's heard of his cause and his legendary goal.


19 years have passed since the Dark War, and now peace and prosperity is at it's brightest. Aurors and more desired than rockstars, The Ministry of Magic has stopped more injustice in the past 19 years with such precision that no one could ever anticipate, and the students....the light of the school's history, they dwell about with distinction. Prowess. Potential. That potential will be molded and shaped by them in their own destiny as the magic realm continues on in promise and hope. Things couldn't be better. Life couldn't be better. That's why things will go wrong. In this rp it could be either the female or the male character that will have a dark fate tied to them at Hogwarts, having been the descendant of a Death Eater. They will be alone, isolated, lonely, which will compel them to delve into the dark arts in order to feel powerful. This is where the other will come in to stray them from the darkness of their families' past, as an ever bigger threat will consume Hogwarts from the inside out.


This one is a Marvel based rp, where the male character will have had a past in either SHIELD and was left for dead when they were infiltrated by HYDRA, or have been in HYDRA and escaped with his life during the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Either way he was known as Agent 616 (Marvel fans will know that number), not a powered person, nothing special about him, just a capable field agent. He'd have been off the map ever since those events and decided to try to live a normal life, rejecting the world's problems and monsters. He would of course come across the female character, who's also just a regular person. His secretive and isolated lifestyle compels her to find out more about him and draws her to him, but when a particular organization finds out about him, he'll be forced back into the world that nearly killed him. There's also the choice to play an Inhuman that retreated into the world after the events of Agents Of Shield season 2 finale. Or have the Agent 616 be an inhuman and not know it until the emergence.


And those are just base ideas. If anyone else can come up with a fantasy, sci-fi, modern, or other type of story based on the premise I layed out I'd love to talk about more possibilities and such! I'm a pretty open rper, but my limits are on my resume. I do accept romance elements and other themes, as long as the plot and story are adhered to.

If anyone is interested then feel free to respond to which you're interested in. Any other concerns/questions can be inboxed to me :}

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