just got here



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in other news im new here and would like to get some tips on how this works.
I'll send you some of the basic know-how in a bit. I'm glad that you joined, welcome to the site.
No problem!

If you need any help, just ask.
Hola! Welcome to Iwaku! TK already gave you the basics that's great! My normal word of advice be careful of the Cbox, it seriously is one of the craziest places on Iwaku! Enjoy!
hi i kinda need some tips too -lips turn up to a bashful smile-
This welcome is too mild The best way to learn is to jump down the bear's throat, grab the bull by the bals, go skinny dipping with pirahnas! And so, I present to you, this jockstrap, so as to provide better support! Anywho, now that official business is taken care of, I'd also like to welcome you to Iwaku! This goes for you, too, Ninian. I am TheNeverThere, aka TNT, also sometimes referred to a Mabu by some of the older members. I deal mostly with RPs that invovle using dice, so if you're into that, or would like to learn, drop me a line! And now, I've got to bolt before Carl shows up and drops arty on me. TA-TA! *dissapears in a cloud of bacon*
Hello and welcome. Its fun here just look around and ask if you arent sure about anything. *Gives cookies* have fun