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  5. Hola! Welcome to Iwaku! TK already gave you the basics that's great! My normal word of advice be careful of the Cbox, it seriously is one of the craziest places on Iwaku! Enjoy!
  6. FEBRUARY 8, 2017

    A tent was set up at the docks with cars encircling it. Inside the tent, technicians were fitting together a round disc of layered metal and circuitry. It was three meters across with a porous metal top. Off to the side, three harnesses were being readied. Outside the tent, Sam was finishing his cigarette.

    "How close can you get us to Boston?" he asked.

    "Outside Salem," Jade explained. She had gotten some clothes from Eckard and was now in a pair of black slacks and a shirt from some Thai vendor. On her feet were terse combat boots. "After that, we've secured a rental car and we can drive to Boston from there. We should still get to the city before Lorentz. Personally, I'm impressed it's in the same state. Hushcobb's established jump sites are pretty far between, and you have more than Specter."

    "We don't get a lot of cases in cities," Crossfire replied simply. He was the only one standing straight, not in a relaxed position.

    Sam looked over at the pad being built. "I never liked those things. There's not even a sensation of movement. It's like you're being pinched and...then you open your eyes and you're somewhere else."

    "That's why Philadelphia tech is proprietary," Jade nodded. "It's uncomfortable. Well, one of the reasons."

    "At least we'll get there first. Those harnesses will fit me, right?"

    She smirked. "Gain a few inches, and it won't be an issue."

    FEBRUARY 7, 2017

    Natalia muttered a quiet "thank you" to the cafeteria worker who gave her her dinner. She looked down at it. Salisbury steak, massed potatoes, and peas, with a little cup of pills and a bottle of chocolate milk. She shook her head as the plate changed in her eyes. She saw spheres with varying weight, with little sparks of like orbiting around them, then sharing intertwining patterns. Instinctively, she began identifying these spheres - carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen...

    She shut her eyes and walked away, looking for a place to sit. She blinked, and her imaginary friend appeared floating in front of her. He was a diminutive little thing, with pointed ears and eyes like a starry field. He smiled at her and patted the seat he hovered near.

    "You can't hide, while your eyes are wide," her pointy-eared friend quipped in his singsong voice. It reminded Natalia of wind through the trees. "Why stay here, I wonder?" he continued, gesturing to the drab institution -- no, prison -- that held them. "When a snap of your fingers can bring you yonder? A poor little Alice are you, trapped in your Wonderland with the mad ones, too."

    No one acknowledged his presence. Natalia wasn't surprised. No one noticed the Puck. No one except her.

    He disappeared again and reappeared at a table further off. It was right next to Erika Hennessy. her hair was shaved on one side and a natural ginger, but with green and purple streaked throughout. She was also covered in tattoos. Erika was a new arrival, and was causing trouble just about every day. From what Natalia heard, she was just found on the street one day, and had been diagnosed with split-personality disorder. She'd talked to her a couple times before, and didn't like every aspect of her. Some of them were overtly sexual or dangerous. She shook her head at the pesky figment. Unfortunately, that's what drew her attention.

    "Natty! Over here!" she called in her thick Irish accent. She was a case of considerable frustration for the doctors. The drugs meant to take the edge off her didn't seem to work. But then, she claimed to have control of her body. More than once, she showed off to Natalia the ability to give herself tattoos at will. They were always sexual or threatening. They were also possibly delusions of Natalia's own mind.

    She sat down on the opposite side of her and started eating. Erika reached over and started poking at her pill cup. "Can I trouble you for one?"

    "I thought these don't work on you," she replied.

    Her response was incredibly candid. "Nah. I save up my drugs for the day then pop 'em all at once and jill myself before going to bed. Such an awesome high!"

    "You shouldn't do that. You've damaged your brain enough already." She blinked. What did she mean by that? It was sounded like one of those things the doctor wanted her to suppress. Those errant thoughts. "I'm sorry. That wasn't right. Or...maybe...no, I'm sorry."

    She took the pills and heard the Puck's voice fade, along with the rest of him. "Don't swallow the lie. They don't know what's best. if ye'll never fly, ye won't pass the test..."

    "I don't want tests," she said softly. "I just want this to stop."

    Erika looked up from her chicken patty-French Fry sandwich, oozing ketchup and mayonnaise and mumbled past a mouthful of food, "Mhat?"

    FEBRUARY 8, 2017

    Natalia sat curled up in a ball on her bed, head against the wall. Another bad dream. Always the same one. She was trapped in the hospital, the orderlies were chess pieces with arms, and they would chase her through a maze of memories. But the memories weren't as she remembered them. Her feats of magic were just of her waving her arms around. Her parents - blood leaked from their orifices as they spoke.

    She ended up in a field of chains scattered across the floor, and at the center: a round stone Seal. Her clothes were white, and growing on her, transforming into a straightjacket. The orderly chess pieces began to close in on her. A voice, feminine and soothing, told her to peal back the stone so she could escape. But accompanied with that voice was a deeper, growling one that quietly spoke in harmony with the woman. Every time Natalia knew it was the only way to escape. But for some reason, she always refused, crying "No! No!" over and over. The chains would spring to life and wrap around her, squeezing her, strangling her like iron boas...

    And then she'd always wake up, shouting no again. She wondered why her dream self always refused, why she wouldn't take the only way out. Maybe next time she would be able to peal the stones back, and she could escape...

    She perked her head up as she heard voices coming from the other side of her door. It shouldn't be possible for her to, but she often heard stuff from far away. During her sessions with her doctor she confessed to thinking she heard things from clear across the hospital wings, but when she clarified it wasn't with her ears that she heard these things, she was reminded of her psychosis.

    "I really must insist. You don't know her current mental state. She's not ready to interact with the outside world." Natalia recognized that voice. Dr. Sternit, her personal doctor. She curled in on herself as she heard those words. She was right. Everything was still so hard to understand. She wasn't ready. She might never be ready. Unless maybe she got past that stone floor...

    "I don't really care what you say. If she's troubled, you've only been making her worse. Did you really forget I come to visit her? She's been falling apart under your supervision." She recognized that voice, too. Her Aunt Cherie. Just last week she'd given her a box of her favorite homemade cookies and whispered to her that she was working on getting her out of there. But the next day the box was gone and Dr. Sternit insisted that no one had come for her. She was alone. Alone with only the doctor to understand her. Only she understood.

    But Cherie was right, wasn't she? When she'd first arrived at the hospital she was confident in herself, and determined to prove to the doctors here that she wasn't crazy. She impressed them with feats of magic...but Dr. Sternit said they didn't see anything. She was sure of it, though. She knew what she could do. But as the years went by she got confused...

    "She fights back against reality. The fact that she's confused is a sign she's no longer trusting her delusions blindly," the doctor retorted. Yes. That's what she'd told Natalia.

    "It doesn't matter what you say, anymore. I have legal custody. Open the door. I'm getting my niece out of here."

    The heavy door gave a solid clunk and swung open. There was her doctor, Emily Sternit. The two had been fighting, yet getting along, ever since Natalia set foot in the hospital. Everything she said Natalia initially disagreed with, but over time it got harder, more confusing. When the tall 30-something redhead took off her glasses and showed her warm green eyes Natalia got a sense of deja vu she couldn't explain. She contested against Emily's arguments, but it was impossible for her to take things personally.

    Rushing past her and kneeling in front of the scarred girl was her Aunt Cherie. She'd went through a phase where she wanted to be a wiccan, and her hair was still dyed a dark black even to this day. It contrasted strongly with Natalia's mother and her honey blonde hair, but just about everything about Cherie marked her as a black sheep. It was one of the reasons Natalia loved her so much.

    "Natalia, I'm here to take you home. I've managed to get a lot of your things..." she leaned close and whispered to the girl, "including your book."

    Book? No, that book was just part of her imagination, another symptom of her delusions. But, if it was real...

    She didn't have time to think on the contradiction as her Aunt Cherie helped her up. She stared back at her and blinked, her wide, empty eyes seeing through her, past her, and into her. When Cherie took her hand she limply held it back, before the grip suddenly became much stronger. This was something real. Something definitely real and not just in her head. She never wanted to let it go.

    As she was led out they passed the "game room" of the hospital, where a lot of the patients were free to intermingle and relax. It was something Natalia so rarely got to do because Dr. Sternit insisted she take time to herself.

    Music was playing much louder than normal, and they could see why: Erika had put it on a pop song and was dancing and grinding against things and people like she was in a nightclub.

    "Oh, yeah, I love this song!" she moaned sensually. "Diggin' the refrain in the subliminals! Total MC. - Oh, hey Natty! You getting out?"

    She looked at her Aunt Cherie, somewhat surprised she was still by her side. "Y-Yeah. I think so."

    "Bitchin'!" the punk lunatic replied. "Thinkin' about stepping out myself. It's a real snooze fest here. I'll look you up, yeah?"

    She gave an imperceptible nod and looked back at Aunt Cherie. Emily was trying to hand off a bag of prescriptions Natalia needed, while Cherie politely insisted she shove them up her ass.

    "I'll take them," she conceded. "When things get...too real. Or fake. Or...why does it have to matter? When I can't take anymore. When I just...don't want to think."

    After Cherie reluctantly took the medication she led Natalia to her car. Natalia looked out the window as they pulled away from the hospital. As soon as the place was out of view she breathed deep and sighed. She felt those chains off her at last.

    The Puck was sitting unseen on one the windowsill of one of the hospital's upper-story window, smiling mischievously as he observed Natalia and her aunt driving off.

    "Oh, dear, sweet Alice," he intoned rhythmically, "walking away from one prison and into malice. Think ye free of Wonderland? No, only into the knives, lies, and cries of man. Destiny will swirl and twirl, fate on the coin's edge. Let yours unfurl and leap off the ledge. See I do, one who will shape you. Scarred both inside and out, together whole you shall be, but shattered without.

    FEBRUARY 8, 2017

    At the top of a high-rise skyscraper in Tokyo were the offices of Noyzee Production. Stephen Noyes, CEO of the enterprise, hung up after booking an event for his latest teen idol. He turned to his computer. Maybe he could play some Minecraft for a few hours before taking his next call.

    Suddenly, he lurched forward and clutched his chest. It was like a vice was crushing him from the inside. A heart attack! But he kept himself so fit! His vision began to tunnel...then as quickly as it started the attack was over. He looked up to see a redhead in a blood red blouse staring at him.

    "Took your dear sweet time snipping loose ends," he panted. "Unless that's not what you're here for. I find it hard to believe that girl's parents remember her. My methods are infallible."

    "When you get everyone," Emily corrected, her glare stopping the blood in his veins. Or maybe that was just her. Her eyes were deep red. "You forgot her aunt."

    "You didn't tell me she had one," he retorted, sitting up now that the pain was over. "That's on you."

    "Well fix it," she demanded. "Break the fat bitch who thinks she's family! I'm days away from getting her the way I want."

    "Brainwash her in a couple of days?" He shook his head. "Can't be done. And I'm done helping out a pedophile."

    "Of all the hypocritical..." Emily shot her hand out and Stephen was thrown into his wall, knocking over a painting. The blood began to pool in his arms, legs, and back as the tissue tried to follow the flow. "First of all, she turns 18 in nine months. Second, her soul is older than you can possibly imagine. Thirdly, you're one to talk about exploitation. Your clients are what, 14? And it's not about sex with me. I want...I want her to stop fighting me. I want things to be how they used to be..." She trailed off, her eyes fading to their natural green. Stephen could feel himself sliding back down the wall. Emily blinked, then let him go. "You're sure you can't fix this?"

    "I'd need weeks, maybe a month to do what I did to her parents. You're going to have to improvise something else."

    Her eyes turned red again. "Then I will."
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