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  1. Hello!

    I'm Posledniy -- or Bravo, if that one's too hard, haha. I'm just about to turn 24; I'm female and happily married. We have two dogs, Nox the Malinois and Naya the hound/terrier mix. As I am employed full time, I don't usually have much time for many hobbies. I do enjoy reading, roleplaying, and playing video games when I can. I aim to manage replies at least every other day, but sometimes I really am just too tired. Sorry in advance!

    tl;dr version
    • Experienced roleplayer with firm grasp of spelling and grammar
    • More about quality than quantity, tends to match partner/s for length roughly
    • Small group or onexone preferably
    • Casual roleplays are just as (if not more so sometimes) fun as super-serious longterm ones
    • High fantasy is the bestest, especially with action and adventure
    • Elder Scrolls roleplays are the bestest fandom-wise
    • Avoids romance-for-the-sake-of-romance
    • Thoroughly enjoy light-hearted and humorous roleplays

    Longer version after the break, haha.

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    I just discovered Iwaku today, and hopefully I'll be able to fit in here somewhere. I have been doing the whole roleplaying thing for about twelve years now off and on. I've done post-by-post in forums, email, instant messengers, and even pen and paper. I started out on Neopets back then, graduated to Gaia, and lurked on various proboards, but all of those have mostly lost appeal to me. A whole lot of censoring and snobbery out there -- not really my thing. I'm a really laid-back person, both IC and OOC. I am always up for a conversation!

    I have filled out my roleplaying preferences here, but feel free to ask for more information! Overall I prefer small groups, but bigger groups and onexones are fun, too! I'm a fan of loose and flexible plots -- and even no set plot. I enjoy the casual, walk-in style of throwing characters together and seeing what comes to pass! I am also always up for short-term, character development kind of RPs of that nature.

    I try to create realistic characters in the sense they have varied personalities, cultures, races, species, and give them reasonable strengths and weaknesses. I absolutely love high fantasy -- the stranger the better! I am particularly itchy to employ one of my naga characters and a certain forest deity fellow, so hopefully I can scratch that itch. Definitely not into pairing or romance only roleplays; I also don't do smut. Just not my style, folks.

    I don't tend towards many fandoms or series, but I do love a good Elder Scrolls or Fallout rp. I only use ocs myself, and I really prefer to avoid the main questlines and such. Society kind of falls apart if everyone is dragonborn or Nerevar-reborn, you know?

    Hopefully that didn't bore anyone to death ... I figure a first impression should be as representative as possible, but I really wish that could be a lot shorter. Thus, two versions!

    If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask!

    Thank you for your time!
  2. Hiya! You have a neat username, can I call ya Pols? Why did you choose that name?
  3. Hellllloooooooooo there new person! Welcome to the Iwaku website!

    I hope you have a good time and I approve of your skyrim tendencies! =)
  4. Thank you, folks!

    Call me whatever works for you, haha. I go by Последний Свет, but a lot of sites have issues with Cyrillic -- and there's a whole world of contention about how to romanize Cyrillic. I think "poslyedniy svyet" is the current acceptable transliteration, but I highly doubt anyone will know much less care ... Posledniy is just the easy, simple option. xD
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