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  1. http://f-l-i-t.deviantart.com/favourites/?offset=48#/d3yd74e
    Kid in the back, red hair.

    Great, today was just another day where Lesander had to pretend to be Alexander so that the stupid owners could try and sell him.
    Did you know kids cost one thousand dollars a piece?
    Why couldn't they just hand him 1K and let him go?
    Well, about thirty minutes later the perspective parents left with none-to-happy faces.
    Darn right.
    All the kid had to say was that he steals cigarettes and drinks and they were gone.
    They were probably the easiest to get rid of out of the last five.
    Hell, all those people just wanted him because he had natural reddish-orange hair and was cute.
    Tch, he'll show them 'cute'.

    When he was finally let out of the room he went straight up to his own tiny one.
    There was supposed to be another person in there with him but they'd gotten adopted last week so right now he had the entire room to himself.
  2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_EPtQhNlFwXc/TQCLQsWQnAI/AAAAAAAAAMg/1ckYldty97E/s1600/Animeboy-1.gif

    Did have the room all to himself.
    Not anymore now.
    One of the people who ran the place knocked on the door.
    "Hey, Red Head...Still have the extra bed in their?
    Get it cleaned up-
    We got you a new roomie...
    You have half an hour...OR ELSE!"
    Yeah, that was Ox- Oscar Xavier-
    Who was a bit...
    Drill Sargent loud? Yeah...
    Anyways, Ox left to go torment others...

    Down in the parlor, a little kid was waiting. Reports say he had a case of lice before he showed up...
    To take car of it, the people who brought him over had dunked him in chlorine... Now his hair was blue and so was patches of his skin. They're calling him Blue for now.
  3. Uhhhgh. Great.
    Another annoying kid to dolt about him and whine that he smelled like cigarettes.
    Well, he cleaned off the bed and took down a few posters above it.
    They were just of his favorite band, Foster the People.
    The bed was cleaned about ten minutes later.
    "There, the brat will probly pee in it tonight anyways. Crying about mommy and daddy leaving him in this hell hole."

    He relaxed on his bed with ear buds in once the room was decently cleaned.
    Hopefully he wouldn't have to help the kid with anything and he would just leave him alone.
  4. Just in time for the kid to be shown into the room.
    The door opened and the kid was herded into the room, his stuff tossed onto the floor.
    Wasn't much...An adult size backpack with clothes and a book-
    Wizard's First Rule.
    "This is Blue-
    Now I'll leave ya to the rest." Bye Ox...

    Blue was quiet, huddling there on the floor, hugging his backpack.
    I'm not wanted here...I am unwanted...I am a pest...I am scum...I am like a cockroach...
  5. The boy noticed the door opening due to the light difference in the hallway.
    When he glanced over at the kid he sighed and rolled his eyes.
    Blue hair?
    An emo attention whore then.
    "Listen, kid.
    I know your gonna be all 'boo hoo' parents don't want me yadayada.
    I've heard it all, seen it all.
    So why don't you rinse out that hair dye and grow up, K?"
    ...and what the hell smelled like chlorine?
  6. The kid looked up at the red head...
    And glared.
    "Listen, kid.
    I know you're going to be a major pain in the rear, yadayada.
    I've know all that...
    But what you need to know is that my parents are dead and I'm glad they're gone...
    And this isn't dye, it's chlorine...They dunked me in it to kill the lice I had."
    That said, he turned his attention to his backpack and book.
    The only things he wanted...or rather, could save...
  7. Eh, the kid had a pair?
    Imagine that.
    And creepy little brat.
    "Your glad your parents are dead just because they dunked your in chlorine?"
    That was a bit sick, maybe the kid was beyond emo.
    "So what happened to your parents anyways?
    Mine left me and probly went to Vegas to celebrate."

    Les took out a cigarette and started to work on lighting it up.
    His darn lighter was low on fluid, go figure.
  8. "...They died in a house fire...Last night.
    The chlorine was done by that drill Sargent guy..."
    He looked at the cigarette and the lighter.
    "...I'm going to laugh on the day you die from those..."
    No sympathy, eh?
    Well, in his mind, you seal your death when you smoke.
    That was that...no question.

    He looked at the book and opened it.
    Guess he should just read til dinner...
    Not like he was going to be sold anytime soon...
    He was an arsonist after all.
  9. Lesander laughed at the cigarette joke and gave up on his lighter with a sigh.
    "It's the only thing that's actually mine.
    They can't stop me from doing it because no matter how many or my stashes they find I still have more."
    Tossing his unlit smoke to the side he sat up a bit, trying to see what the book was.
    Sure he didn't read much but that was mainly because there wasn't any left in the place he hadn't read.
    Ox wasn't much for keeping around 'crappy dream writing'.

    "What are you reading kid?"
  10. "Wizard's First Rule...
    I told Ox that if he didn't let me keep it, I would burn down his mother's house.
    He didn't argue."
    'Blue' continued to read the book.
    He didn't care if that just gave up what he was...
    He just wanted to read at the moment.
    He liked reading...

  11. "Arsonist then? You don't seem the type."
    Heck, the kid looked like an angry smurf, not a cold blooded killer.
    The boy slid off his bed and went to sit next to the other on the floor.
    "So...don't play with my lighter, k? I barely get enough fluid for it as is."
    That was a slight joke but he really didn't have many chances to get more.

    "What's it about?"
    Yes, he was being a nudge, might as well, nothing better to do in this hell hole.
  12. "...I have my own lighter...
    And it's about a man named Richard who finds a magical sword and that he has to stop his father from enslaving the world.
    But I don't care about that...I just read the section where he is tortured by a crazy lady...
    They use something that they call the Agiel...looks like a thick baton that causes great electrifying pain just by a simple touch..."
    Okay...Even more of a creeper.

    Blue continued to read, not caring if that information would cause reason to panic.
    He just wanted to read...
  13. "Hmm. Well, I guess that's interesting.
    Um...please don't light me on fire, okay?"
    He laid back on the hard wooden floor with a calming sigh.
    It was nice and cool and definitely felt good considering the place's air conditioning sucked.
    "So...what's your real name?
    Mines Lesander but I'm sure they said Alex when they told you your roommate."
  14. "...Louis...
    Louis Baskerville."
    Yes, his last name was rather like some book...
    But hey, he was who he was...
    "And whether I set you on fire or not depends on how life goes here..."
    He just was a creepy camper.
  15. "Oh?
    That isn't really something I can control all that much."
    He stretched out a bit, his old shirt riding up a bit to reveal a belly button before he relaxed and it went back down to the hem of his black shorts.
    "Well...what do you like to do besides read weird stuff?
    We do get one day outside every week and because of our room number tomorrow is that day."
    (They should totally meet Zile and Greg lol)
    "There's a really cool arcade a few blocks down...or a bookstore right next to it."
    Yeah, Lesander wasn't a fan of getting lit on fire so might as well make the crazy kid happy for now.
  16. Oh, trust me...
    His breaking point was very far from a simple bad day...
    More like not getting anything to go his way within five days.
    So if you kept him from not getting what he wanted for four days then let him have things go his way on the fifth, you'd be fine.
    "...I don't usually go outside...
    Not unless I am to go shopping..."
    Not his best friend.
    (Sounds like a plan... :3)
  17. "Well...um..."
    He shifted a bit to look at the other, uncomfortable when unable to see him.
    "There's the book store...you seem to like to read and I have a bit of spare cash on me from before I came here..."
    Yes, he'd been saving it but the only thing he really ever got were cigarettes and those were stolen.
    So, might as well make the new pyro kid happy?
    Raising an eyebrow he eyed the kid.
    "So then...tomorrow, bookstore?"
    It was getting to be pretty late and he wasn't exactly hungry for the slop the orphanage served.
    Maybe he'd use the extra to buy them some real food to stash in their room.
  18. Louis gave him a blank look.
    "You're only suggesting these things in order to have me stay in a happy state of mind...
    As much as it's nice to have an offer like that...
    My answer is no."
    He looked back to his book, continuing to read.
    Tough one to please...
    That or he needs very little to please him...
    Beats me.
  19. Les narrowed his eyes and sighed.
    "Fine then."
    He got up and grabbed a towel from his dresser.
    "I'm going to take a shower, enjoy your creepy book."
    Then he was out the door and down the hall to the bathroom.
    There wasn't a lock on the door because it was set up more like a small locker room with three showers next to each other, just separated by a curtain.
    There were also three sinks so a bunch of kids could be in there at once.
    Of course there was one for the boys and another on the other side of the place for girls.
    Lesander quickly claimed the only open shower and started to get undressed before scrubbing up.
  20. Louis waited until the other was gone...
    Then pulled out his lighter and a scrap of paper.
    He set one corner on fire and watched as it burned...
    He tossed the paper into the air as the fire fed off it.
    It had burned away before it touched the ground.
    Louis sighed and layed back on the cool floor, thinking of his parents death...
    He was glad they died...
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