Just For Fun: A Survival Game RP

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  1. Hello, fellow roleplayers, and welcome to my Interest Check. It's been a while since I've posted here, but bear with me.

    The basic premise of this roleplay, to save a lot of roundabout talk, is that someone in Sapporo, referring to themselves simply as "Master of Games", has invited eight people, revered as master of their own art, to partake in high stake games for the ultimate prize - whatever they wish.

    One thing I'd like to clear up is that this game is set in a realistic setting. There is nothing in this roleplay that doesn't exist in the real world. With that out of the way, I'll give a little insight into each of the phases.

    First, you'll obviously be creating a character (character sheet to be typed up if enough interest is garnered). Your character is so good at something that one might call them a master at it. My character, for example, is a renowned detective. He's been dubbed "Master of Mystery". Before anyone even asks, yes, anime avatars are preferred, but not required (though it is weird to mix anime and real avatars, so there's that).

    Second, the actual events within the RP. It will naturally start with each person finding their invite within the first one or two posts. After that, everyone will make their way to the designated meeting location and the games will begin (after the Master of Games explains them of course). The first phase of each "round" is a game, where there will be an objective that each participant will need to achieve. In most cases, only one participant will be able to achieve the objective first. This participant is granted invincibility (i.e. exclusion from the Elimination Phase). The Elimination Phase is a battle royale where participants duke it out. The phase ends when at least one participant is killed, and the Round ends.

    By the end of the games, the last man standing gets to partake in a game with Master of Games and, should he or she win, will receive the ultimate prize. As anyone might've guessed, there WILL be character death, but, given the nature of this roleplay, there's a chance for multiple iterations.

    Just reply to this thread if you'd be interested in joining. I'm looking for seven people aside from myself, but I'll settle for less if it takes too long to get that much interest (meaning multiple characters for some people, yay).

    On another note, feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'd be delighted to answer!~
  2. Sounds interesting o.o
  3. Rev it up.

    So, battle royale formate?
  4. The elimination phases are, yes.
  5. I'm interested ^^
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