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  1. Hello, peeps! You can call me Missy. I am new to this site, but not to role playing...I guess. It has been a while since I have last role played (almost two years, I think) so I am a little rusty. However, a friend of mine recommended this cool looking place for me to kind of just get back in to the awesomeness that is role playing. As long as I don’t get side-tracked or distracted by other…things (Attack on Titan).

    My favorite genres are fantasy, romance, modern, and high school. I do prefer 1X1 role playing, but a couple of the groups on here look really interesting. Hope we can start our own amazing story soon! *flails* :D
  2. Hi there Missy, welcome to the community! :3
  3. Oh, hi! Thank you very much for the warm welcome~! x3 Tee-hee
  4. I'm sure you'll enjoy this site!
    *flails with you*
  5. Lawl, thread making, such a chore.
    Welcome to the site and roleplay lots!
  6. Well hey there, cutie! Love your name! Very creative.If you would like we could start up a 1x1 RP combining all of your favorite genres. Or not. Hope you have a good time here!
  7. Lol thank you so much and I absolutely will roleplay as much as possible! :)
  8. Hiya! :)

    That actually sounds awesome and I would love to roleplay with you~! Thank you so much for the warm greeting and the compliment.
  9. Haha, it seems awesome so far even though I'm really slow at trying to figure out how things work. Other than that, everyone seems very kind and helpful! :)
  10. Yeah. Everyone here on Iwaku is eager to help and patient as well. You'll get the hang of it sooner then you think!
  11. So... I just noticed your Signature... Insta-Friendship.
  12. FINALLY! A Kingdom Hearts fan~! I also like the GLaDOS quote in your signature, haha.

    "Who's gonna make the cake when I'm gone? You?"

  13. -kisses your hand-
    Welcome to iwaku my dear
    I hope you have a grand time
    Feel free to message me at anytime​
  14. *blushes* Thank you very much and I hope we can chat sometime.
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  15. Welcome to the site!
  16. Welcome to the site, Missy! Have a great time roleplaying and hopefully making new friends too! :D
  17. Bwahahaha. Sora and Kairi, the most ironic "Hey, let's tempt fate, what could go wrong?" moment in gaming history.

    On a completely unrelated note, welcome to Iwaku.
  18. Feel free to message me as much as your heart contents. -smiles gently-
  19. Ello beautiful. *hands you flowers* Welcome to the website. I hope ye will enjoy it here. Would ye like to start a roleplay, love?
  20. To those guys who have already and those who inevitably will: