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  1. Hello everyone! (皆様、こんにちは!)

    I'm Yuurei (幽霊, a Japanese word for 'ghost'), an experienced roleplayer of over 10 years [bit of an oldie!], and a big fan of the art and creativity that comes from roleplaying! I love making new characters, worlds, settings, plots, and talking about RPing and writing in general. :) I'm also a big fan of languages and language-learning; I speak English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

    I've been a bit out of practice lately (haven't RPed actively in about a year or so due to being busy with other things) but I found this site on Google and, after reading through a few topics, thought it seemed really interesting! Not to mention I very much agree with this creativity-focused approach. Very nice! Roleplaying should be fun and hassle-free for everyone!

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'm open to a wide variety of genres, characters, and worlds, so please feel free to poke me to join stuff! I very much want to get back into RPing again. ^_^

    Excited to meet some cool new people and to dive into some cool new worlds!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I'm October nice to meet you!
  3. Hi October! Nice to meet you.

    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Hello Yuurei! Welcome to Iwaku, we don't hunt ghosts I swear. :D

    It's always good to know that even after so many years have passed by us, people still return to do what they love. Write.

    So with that being said, you should totally creep in on our Creative Challenges forum! Lots of people use this for inspiration or just for plain ol' fun! And as a special treat, there's an Art challenge for the small community of us who do love to draw as well as write.

    Hope to see more of you, :).
  5. Hey there, Yuurei and welcome to the site!

    You know what they say, once a writer, always a writer. I don't think anything, really, can match up to the experience of writing. Just simply being able to conjure up entire worlds, civilizations, histories at a whim... being able to bring to life these people, these actual people who are more than just words on the page that actually live in the worlds you put them in... but alas, I digress.

    I hope you enjoy it here! I'm not just saying this because I'm part of the staff, but Iwaku has an amazing community. If you ever need any help, just ask! RPs aplenty are to be had, and *whisper* if you ever need an extremely detailed high-fantasy RP, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you!

    Since you mentioned a love for creating worlds, The United Guild of Worldbuilding sure could use a little bit more activity! We also have a chatbox just for hanging out with other members, and it's one of the best places to meet new people.

    I really hope you enjoy it here! Keep being creative!

    P.S. The rampaging plot bunny herds will sacrifice you to the RP Gods if they catch you. Refrain from carrying carrots around.
  6. Why hello there! =D Was quite happy to see this nice, long welcome after having neglected this topic for a little while. :P Nice to meet you, Malkuthe!

    I absolutely agree with you on that philosophy. Writing, and RPing itself, is quite the thing once you foster a real appreciation for it. Which, I guess, is why I can't tear myself away from it, even after all these years. There's just something about crafting new lives that keeps things... invigorating!

    And, I may very well take you up on that high-fantasy RP offer. ;)

    Thanks kindly for the very warm (and lengthy!) welcome!
  7. Welcome to the site Yuurei! You seem to be a big fan of Japanese! You should check out Iwaku's groups to see if there is anything there that sparks your interests! http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/group.php

    Welcome again and I hope you have tons of fun!