Just doodles of my usual characters

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  1. I like these a lot. I particularly like the use of color, and the attitude in each of these! You are very good. Your ability to draw hands and poses is impressive to me, though I still see some anatomical errors here and there. (Still much better than I can do xD) It's important to learn the basics of drawing bodies realistically and drawing the face on the correct curve before you dive into developing style, color, story, etc. Even stylized drawings rely upon an understanding of anatomy.

    I'm no saint on the subject, but that's why I'm telling you this. I never learned how to draw bodies and faces correctly. I just dove right into my own style, and drawing anime like "yay, I can draw anime, who cares about realism." While I got the anime part right, I got the proportions, the bodies, the perspective, the balance all wrong. Years later, I am paying for my mistake--- I'm having to go backwards! I can already draw at an intermediate level, but I'm having to learn the basics of realistic bodies from the beginning like it's my first day in art school. I want to be professional, so it's no longer acceptable for me to not learn how to draw correctly.

    *shrugs* You've got a lot of talent, and I'd love to see where you take your talent. : D
  2. Thank you for even taking the time to comment! I have the pictures up on dA but no one ever takes the time to right out a well thought response. I have been practicing a more realistic style, but personally, it doesn't interest me to have them look realistic unless that's the intent. But I suppose that's the wrong way to think. You have to proper proportions before diving into stylistic and purposeful distortion. When I do traditional style, pencil and paper, my progress is much more apparent...I can't get it to translate over to my tablet though, I'll get it eventually!

    Hands have always and will always be a problem for me. They look nice here, but trust me, they don't always look good.
    I think you're the first to ever comment on my use of colour! I was always worried that it was always too dark or there was too much contrast!
  3. Ah, it's all understandable. There's no need to make them look realistic if you don't want to draw realism, however, the point is that you know how a body looks, so you can portray it correctly. Even cartoons have an underlying structure of realism. When a cartoon body is drawn out of proportion, it still looks incorrect even though it's a cartoon...if you catch my drift?

    And trust me, you are so much better at hands than me. TT>TT
  4. Trust me, I do catch your drift! And I try, its just not working...Oh well.

    Hands are just hard to draw because you can draw them in such a variety of ways, but getting the joints and even just the shading in the right place is what makes it really hard for me.