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Who do you think would win in all out brawl?

  1. Jason statham

    5 vote(s)
  2. The Rock

    5 vote(s)
  3. Vin diesel

    1 vote(s)
  4. Bruce Willis

    0 vote(s)
  5. Terry Crews

    4 vote(s)
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  1. Who Thinks seeing The Rock, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, And Terry Crew's just full out brawl be fucking legit.

    Bets who would win

    keep in mind

    Bruce Willis is 20 years older then the other's he is 60

    The rock was a Wrestler and MMA fighter and Samoan

    Vin Diesel and Jason Statham Body builders

    Terry Crews ex Line backer

    If you need to know who some of these guys are here we go.

    The rock

    Vin Diesel
    images (5).jpg

    Jason Statham
    images (6).jpg

    Terry Crews
    images (7).jpg

    Bruce Willis
    images (8).jpg
  2. Easy one. Statham.
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  3. Hello. This guy actually knows how to fucking hurt people. Everybody else just looks nice.

    No matter what though, the spectators win.
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  4. Statham. Practicing martial artist since childhood.
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  5. Terry Crews. His muscles have muscles and he easily wins for loudest and most terrifying war cry.

    He would also smell the best the whole time too because of Old Spice. Lures the others into a false sense of comfort and security, while filling him with insatiable bloodlust.

    Plus, being a former linebacker means he's used to destroying the bodies of lesser beings.
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  6. What is Bruce Willis doing there? Go home Bruce Willis.
  7. vin diesel kicked his arse in furious
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  8. He made a vrong turn, between movie-posers lineup, and real fighters lineup. Frankly, I'd add Vin Diesel to that other lineup too. And put Wesley Snipes in, in his place.
  9. I was debating between The Rock and Vin Diseal... And then I saw Terry Crews. :3

    Nothing beats the power of Old Spice!

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  10. Bruce Willis beat dat ass, So would Vin diesel, Terry Crews is just funny but against the rock now. no way in heck, boy go down in seconds the rocks like a tank.
  11. Only because The Rock did not give a Fuck that day. Do you know how many Fucks The Rock has? Here's a hint.


    This man has so few Fucks left to give that each remaining Fuck is gold plated and dated back to when Americans were men and the British ruled the world. When he merely spends a single Fuck, it shatters the global economy and causes yet another African country's inflation rate to skyrocket 10,000%. This man's legendary ability to unceasingly, unflinchingly not spend any of his Fucks is so incredibly rare, that the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1% of the patriarchy takes notes on how not to give a Fuck from this man.

    If we hypothetically had a battle between all of the available candidates, his complete and absolute security in his masculinity would make his defenses impenetrable. Then, all he would have to do is give a Fuck, and no amount of Old Spice Body Wash would save Terry Crews. No number of super Hondas sports cars would save ole Vinny. Jason Statham's gravely voice would be left mute under the sheer pressure of the Fuck given, crushing him underneath it. Bruce Willis can yippiekaiyay himself all the way back to the Fucks bank, it won't help him, they're closed due to the Rock spending one of his gold plated George Washington certified Fucks.


    In all seriousness though I like Vin Diesel because he was in Iron Giant. He was also Groot. He's also played D&D with the DM from Critical Role. Vin's fuckin' awesome. They all are, but I happen to like Vin the most.
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  12. If I recall correctly Statham is the most qualified for a fight, with the Rock coming in at a close second. Another thing to consider is how much "fight" each person has, their determination to win could be greater and give them an edge.

    Still though. Statham.
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  13. Vin diesel for sure
  14. Wrong about Terry.

    You ever try to wrestle and pin down a half naked giant of a man lathered up with Old Spice? You fucking can't.

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  15. Have you seen the fast and furious movies they joke about the rock covered in baby oil all the time. actually in most of his movies they do
  16. Only saw the first one, wasn't a fan. Street racing doesn't do anything for me.

    And I know the movies evolved into fun action romps with some crazy over the top stuff, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be the same if I started there as it would be for someone who watched the whole series.
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